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LETTERS: Blumenthal should resign, Plight of immigrants

Plight of immigrants


No one should ever have to choose between feeding their family and staying in this country. But that is exactly the situation many people will find themselves in if proposed changes to U.S. immigration policy are permitted to proceed.

According to the new changes, a person can be denied permanent residency if they have been a recipient of SNAP (formerly food stamps), Medicaid, federal housing assistance, or other anti-poverty programs. This is just plain wrong.

The administration must change course. And members of Congress and people across the country should stand up against this or any change that cuts families off from food and medical care.

Andrea Feig, Guilford

Blumenthal was wrong


Senator Richard Blumenthal should either apologize for his comments that he made as a member of the Judiciary Committee to Judge Kavanaugh and his interview on MSNBC concerning Judge Kavanaugh or resign. 

Jeff Grunwald, Wallingford


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