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LETTERS: Voters express support for candidates

The right skills


I have knocked on a lot of doors with Patrick Birney this summer. From those experiences, I have learned that Judge Wright’s legacy will long endure and did not result from practicing exclusively as a probate lawyer. Judge Wright was a general practitioner before being elected. The next probate judge should have a broad range of legal skills, an understanding of trial practice and experiences that  ensure good judicial temperament, which are learned over a lifetime, including appearing in courtrooms across the state and country.  Vote Patrick Birney for probate judge. The right skills, experience, and judicial temperament!

Paige Birney, Wallingford

Barillaro support


We should all be thinking about the election of our next probate judge as a job interview where you focus on the candidate’s qualifications.

Nicole Barillaro has dedicated her career as an attorney to probate law. Patrick Birney’s professional bio touts all the work he does as a corporate attorney with a focus on bankruptcy and nothing about probate law. Voting for anyone other than Nicole Barillaro would be like asking your primary care doctor to perform your open heart surgery. Hands down, Nicole is the better candidate with the required experience and expertise to be probate judge.

Sandy Storck, Wallingford 

Time for change


Please vote Chris Robertson for state Senate. The current 16th District senator was the only no vote on making Juneteenth a state holiday (SB-350). It defies reason that out 36 senators, (Rob) Sampson was the only no vote. Additionally, Sampson was the only no vote on extending health insurance coverage for newborns (SB-377). I will leave it to my fellow voters to draw their own conclusions, but for me, I have had enough of the no votes and the 16th district not being represented properly. It is time for change. Vote Chris Robertson on November 8th.

Jonathan Gorman, Southington

Genuine interest


In my opinion, a successful probate judge will take an interest in others and build their confidence and self-esteem, make them feel important, valued and worthwhile.  In my opinion feeling important and feeling worthwhile will lead to the successful sharing of opinions, thoughts and recommendations.

Patrick Birney has a genuine interest in people. He really cares about people and listens to what they are saying. I have known Patrick for over 20 years and am honored to support him for probate judge. I have worked with Judge Wright for 10 years and wholeheartedly know Patrick will be a great successor.

 Kris Hultgren, Wallingford

Care and dedication


In Wallingford, we are lucky to have two great candidates for judge of probate. But as a neighbor, a business owner, and a fellow attorney, I have to give the nod to Patrick Birney — his care and dedication will serve our community well.

Anthony E. Parent, Esq., Wallingford

Exceedingly qualified


Patrick Birney is not just an attorney practicing probate law as he has an extensive legal background and was recognized as a “Leader in the Law” by the Connecticut Law Tribune. He has served on several boards and commissions rendering well thought-out opinions on important issues impacting our community. He has assisted numerous not-for-profits and received the “First 100 Award” from the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence for pro bono work.

He consistently treats everyone with courtesy, compassion and dignity. Patrick is clearly the most accomplished, well-rounded candidate for probate judge. He deserves your thoughtful consideration for your vote.

Jim Seichter, Wallingford


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