LETTERS: Candidate support from our readers



With two weeks until the elections, campaign signs around town remind me how divisive we’ve become. The way we equate caring for our neighbors with weakness worries me.

Equally worrisome is when some candidates are too ashamed to own on their signs the ticket they’re running on, knowing, perhaps, that our community can’t be fooled.  It’s time to redefine strength as we go to the polls, or vote absentee. Strength is caring for and holding up our neighbors. Strength is owning our beliefs and values in public. Vote for strong Democrats.

Sharlene Kerelejza, Meriden



Mayor Dickinson’s young challenger, in a 9/17 interview on Mike Brodinsky’s show said, “Wallingford voters are afraid of change.”  I suppose he bases that insulting opinion on Mayor Dickinson having been elected 19 times, starting in 1983. 

For the young Democrat mayoral candidate, one question:  Should we assume that Wallingford voters who keep re-electing Rosa DeLauro (since 1990) and Mary Mushinsky (since 1981) are also afraid of change? (Yeah, didn’t think so.)

Bill Dickinson has served Wallingford with integrity and sound judgment.  The voters know he will continue to do so.  It’s no contest. Dickinson for Mayor.

Bob Parisi, Wallingford



More than a few times over the years, I have heard that people in other towns feel Walingford is very fortunate to have Bill Dickinson as our Mayor.  They see how our town and its finances are managed, and they wish their town could be as solid and stable as Wallingford is.

Those people do not have the opportunity to vote for Bill Dickinson, but we do.  So please vote to re-elect Mayor Dickinson.  The Republican Town Council candidates will help him keep Wallingford on its excellent path.  So please support them, too.  You’ll be glad you did.

Joan Ives-Parisi, Wallingford

More prudent


Ask yourself, would you invest your retirement savings with an investment advisor who has a well rehearsed sales pitch but lacks the training and experience to put you on a path toward financial security.

Or, would it be more prudent to hire someone who may at times be more conservative with your investments than you prefer but whose performance has resulted in very stable growth in your portfolio and set you up for long term financial security?

You might want to think about that when you cast your vote in Wallingford’s mayoral election. I’ll be voting to re-elect Mayor Dickinson!

Eric Moran, Wallingford

Public servants


I am proud to be the fourth generation in my family to live in Meriden. Our remarkable city has people who care about each other, vibrant neighborhoods filled with community spirit, good schools with dedicated teachers and eager children, renown Hubbard Park and neighborhood parks.

Thank goodness the Democrats were willing to address the flooding problem downtown. This year we have seen torrential rains which unfortunately may become more frequent with climate change. Some politicians focus on the negative, giving Meriden a bad name. Vote for Democrats for City Council and Board of Education — the CAN DO public servants!!

Donna C. Stimpson, Meriden

Support Democrats


I support Meriden’s Democratic candidates. They have many years of experience working on city committees, in official city capacities, and/or as volunteers benefiting the city. As Democrats (and one Independent), they act with devotion and integrity. They understand that good government is based on truth, empathy, and diversity. They trust science, know the importance of accurate history, and uphold quality education for all children. For the good of Meriden, elect Kevin Scarpati, Yvette Cortez, Larue Graham, Vanessa Hutchins, Ken Morgan, Bruce Fontanella, Chad Cardillo, Steven O’Donnell, Charles Johnson, Eni Lopez-Riddle, Nickimmy Hayes, and Sheri Amechi on November 2!

Lois Lake Church, Meriden

Support Williams


Wanted to share my support for Bob Williams as he is seeking re-election for another successful term in Meriden.

I have known Bob for twenty years and the same qualities that make him an outstanding individual are also responsible for making him an exceptional candidate…

Bob has unwavering integrity, compassion and a love for our country that runs deep.

You always know where you stand with Bob and he does not shy away from making the difficult decisions, qualities that serve him and the City of Meriden quite well.

I encourage all Meriden residents to support Bob Williams.

Greg Shpak, Torrington

Vote Hutchins


I recommend Vanessa Hutchins as City Councilor for Area 3 in Meriden. Vanessa is a vibrant newcomer on the Democratic ticket to add to the city-oriented, family-friendly team on the Council.

She’s a very active woman: Vanessa is Dean of Students at Eli Whitney Technical H.S. in Hamden, was co-chair of the City of Meriden’s Human Rights Commission, and served on the Board of Directors of the Women & Families Center.

She knows how to communicate effectively. After all, in her early years she hosted a late night radio show! Vanessa has energy, ideas, and commitment. Please vote for her.

Steve Volpini, Meriden

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