LETTERS: Readers endorse candidates for office

A simple question


On November 8 Wallingford will elect a new probate judge. The question Wallingford voters must decide is a simple one. Attorney Nicole Barillaro is an excellent probate and estate attorney. Attorney Birney is an excellent bankruptcy litigator. If you would not call Attorney Birney to handle a probate matter, nor would he accept such a matter, why would you vote for him to be probate judge. Not really a hard decision. Vote for Attorney Nicole Barillaro. Wallingford deserves a judge who knows and understands probate.

William V. Gambardella, Hamden

Best candidate


I am writing this in support of Nicole Barillaro for probate judge. Nicole has meaningful and measurable experience with probate law. It’s the vast majority of her case load. Alternatively, her opponent says he has many years of experience in a number of different areas. Only one probate case has been referenced. Would you want a master in probate law to preside over a case for you and loved ones in a time of need, or, someone with experience anywhere but probate? This isn’t a popularity contest and the best candidate should be elected.

Leslie Williams, Wallingford

Enormous effort


I’m proud to endorse Craig Fishbein for his re-election to the state legislature. I pay fairly close attention to all the candidates that represent Wallingford, and I am aware of how serious Craig is regarding his duties as state representative. He puts an enormous amount of effort into representing Wallingford’s (and hopefully soon too Middlefield’s) citizens, both in committee, and in the House Chamber debating policy. Craig has a tremendous desire for the facts, an incredible work ethic, and takes great pride in knowing all he can before he votes. That’s the type of continued representation we deserve.

Barbara U. Riotte, Wallingford

True compassion


After a successful 14 years on the Wallingford Planning & Zoning Commission, Patrick Birney has been vice chairman of the Public Utilities Commission for the past 7 years. As chairman of the commission, I can truthfully say that it has been a pleasure working with Patrick. His service and dedication to the people of Wallingford has been outstanding. 

Now, as a candidate for judge of probate, his wide-range of legal experience along with his true compassion for all people shall make him an excellent judge of probate.

Please join me in voting for Patrick Birney for probate judge.

Bob Beaumont, Wallingford



Patrick Birney, with almost a quarter of a century of expert legal experience at the local, state and federal levels, possesses the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to be our next judge of probate.

As a parent, guardian and conservator with frequent business in the Wallingford Probate Court; Patrick’s commanding presence coupled with his exemplary interpersonal skills, objective demeanor and caring nature will provide those seeking guidance and direction from the Probate Court with a level of sensitivity, comfort and confidence. On November 8, 2022, please join me in voting for Patrick Birney for judge of probate.

Karen Hlavac, Wallingford

Sound decisions


A probate judge must be well versed in a wide spectrum of the law and be able to make sound rational decisions on very complex issues. Therefore, I am supporting Patrick Birney for probate judge.

Patrick has a diversified legal background with 24 years of experience in both state and federal courts and probate courts. Patrick is a lifelong Wallingford resident with a lifetime of service to our community including focusing on those who rely on the probate court. For those reasons I'm voting for Patrick on November 8th.

Christine Socha, Wallingford


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