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Letters: Readers write in to support their favorite candidates

Hear your concerns 


Residents of Area 3 Meriden!!!  I got a candidate for you that we need for our council….Michael Zakrzewski!  Michael is not your typical politician who gives you promises that they don’t keep. He has Meriden in his heart. He will do what is right for us and hear your concerns … and make Meriden a better place to live!  A vote for Michael is a win for Meriden!!!

Lisa Bednarz, Meriden

Positively Meriden


With what we are currently seeing unfold in Washington, D.C., it is more important now than ever to elect individuals who want to govern and are ready to govern on Day One. The Democratic endorsed candidates for mayor, City Council and Board of Education fit this bill and are worthy of your consideration on November 7th. 

Please join me in supporting all of the Row A candidates — Scarpati for Mayor; Cardillo and Rohde for Council At-large; Jelks, Scaramuzzo, Blake and Misner for area seats; Cardona for City Clerk and Hayes, Hernandez, Lopez-Riddle and Scarlett for Board of Education.  Positively Meriden!

Michael D. Quinn, Meriden



Kristi Doerr's lifelong commitment to serving others is evident through her various volunteer roles. She presently serves as the treasurer on the Wallingford Public Library Board and leads Sammy’s Closet, a charity offering support to local foster families. As a lifetime member of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, she's provided guidance to multiple chapters following her graduation. When her community calls for assistance, Kristi Doerr consistently steps up. I firmly believe that her unwavering dedication to others will make her an outstanding town councilor for Wallingford.

Victoria McNeil, Wallingford

Downtown Meriden 


During the City Council Forum several of the Republican candidates unveiled a disturbing strategy to abandon the development of downtown. Have our politics become so contrarian that they are now questioning the value of a healthy and functional downtown?

As has been widely documented, America’s urban and downtown areas began a long period of decline in the ’50s and ’60s. The popularity of the automobile changed individual and commercial behavior, and the focus of commercial activity shifted from the cities to the suburbs. During the late ’60s and ’70s, cities declined further as urban sprawl accelerated. The result was a vicious cycle in which downtown businesses closed because of population declines, which increased the rate at which residents and visitors left downtown areas.

Despite these trends, research shows that a healthy and vibrant downtown boosts the economic health and quality of life in a community. Specifically, it creates jobs, incubates small businesses, reduces sprawl, protects property values, and increases the community’s options for goods and services. A healthy downtown is a symbol of community pride and history.

Municipalities across the entire United States have been working hard to revitalize their downtowns, yet here we are on the brink of ignoring every expert, sociologist, and economist.  Ignoring downtown because Democrats were integral in progress made there is foolish. So is approaching continued downtown revitalization with a blank check mentality.

We don’t just need to move Meriden forward; we need to do it while maximizing the value of every cent invested. The amazing thing is Meriden’s problems are not unique. The issues we face have been solved elsewhere and the data and use cases are all out there for us to learn from. It’s time for us to check our politics and egos at the door and to become more resourceful.

Joe Scaramuzzo, council candidate, area 2, Meriden

Clear Choice


I am supporting Vinny Cervoni for mayor of Wallingford because he has the legal background needed for this important position. As a longtime attorney, member of the Town Council for 14 years, and chairman of the Town Council for 9 years, Vinny has earned the respect of people across the political spectrum. He knows our town very well, and understands what policies will keep Wallingford a vibrant and successful town.

Rarely is there such a stark contrast between the experience of political candidates as in this year’s mayoral election. Vinny Cervoni is the clear choice.

Tom Corrigan, Wallingford



I have enjoyed walking our Area 4 neighborhoods with City Council candidate Kirsten Misner as she engages residents about their ideas for a better Meriden. By talking to our neighbors, she has sparked debate on ways to improve Meriden, including how to utilize the mall, how to encourage downtown development, and how to better support our students and teachers. Even when she disagrees on an issue, Kirsten always comes from a place of respect and civility.  She is listening to our ideas and is ready to bring them to City Hall.

Ron Weller, Meriden



Campaign literature approved by Wallingford mayoral candidate Vincent Cervoni stacks his qualifications to become the town’s next mayor against those of Riley O’Connell. Cervoni’s candidacy is based, primarily, on being one of nine town councilors for 14 years. He sees O’Connell, due to his lack of involvement in town government, as a non-candidate. O’Connell, in 2021, lost to Mayor Dickinson by only 428 votes. The defeat hasn’t discouraged him. With courage, resilience, resolve and endurance, also qualifications required to be mayor, he tries again. May he defeat a presumptive-on-paper Goliath. That would be heroic!

Alfred Mueller, Wallingford

‘Mr. K’


It is my honor to write this letter to the editor for my son, Rob Kosienski, Jr.  Rob has invested his life into being the best possible Bd of Ed member that our schools need. He knows the issues that our parents, schools, teachers and students are facing. Rob is hardworking, dedicated and caring. He gets the job done through his positive leadership of the Bd of Ed. Students love and appreciate “Mr. K” for all he does on their behalf. Please, vote for Rob Kosienski, Jr., Tony Martorelli and Elmer Gonzalez on Nov. 7th. Meriden needs proven positive leadership!

Retired Police Chief Robert Kosienski, Sr., Meriden

Energetic, diverse


Meriden is an energetic, diverse city. The Democratic candidates represent that dynamic. Our Board of Education candidates call themselves "Moms on a Mission." As parents of children in our schools, they see great work being done and where the district can use help. The Democratic City Council has the experience and wisdom to balance the financial realities of Meriden with the investments we need to grow. City Clerk candidate Miguel Cardona has done an outstanding job and deserves our support. Mayor Kevin Scarpati works with all sides to lead Meriden forward. Please join me November 7 to support this team.

State Sen. Jan Hochadel, Meriden



As a lifelong Meriden resident, I have always had a passion for public service and have been fortunate enough to be entrusted by the residents of Meriden to serve this city in various roles. This year, I am asking for your support for Meriden city clerk. My previous experience working with the State of Connecticut as a parole officer and hearing examiner has given me the necessary skills to manage this position. I understand the responsibility of a city clerk and am ready to take on this role proudly for the city. In my years serving as an elected official for Meriden, I have seen first-hand how people utilize the city clerk’s office. I see everyday the importance of having access to the critical paperwork and how people rely on it for vital services. The citizens of Meriden deserve an easy, convenient experience whether it be in person, by mail, or online. My goal is to take what I’ve learned by researching other city and town clerk websites across the state and streamline the process by improving our resident’s online experience. The city clerk position should provide a positive “customer service” experience for all, which is exactly what I would ensure. Another key aspect of running the city clerk’s office is to achieve and maintain compliance, which is built into managing city services with consistency and transparency. I feel I have the leadership and expertise to follow through on these goals and I would be honored to have your vote for city clerk on November 7th. Vote Row A.

Michael Cardona, Meriden



As November 7th approaches, I want to thank you all for allowing me to chat with you at your doors, place my signs and banners on your lawns, and show up in your social media.

A lot is on the line this November, and you have my pledge to do what’s best for the town and to listen to the concerns of each and every member of our community. Whether your concern is about our infrastructure, schools, taxes, Community Pool, or the Electrical Division, I will use my voice to help my fellow town councilors achieve the results you’re looking for. 

There is so much to appreciate about Wallingford while acknowledging that there is also a lot of work to be done to move our town forward. I pledge to be a part of the process that assesses our needs and prioritizes the solutions in a manner that is responsible and responsive.

My professional background, experience working in the community, and reputation as an open-minded and measured voice will make me an asset to the Town Council. I have a keen eye for detail and will be sure to keep in mind all of what I have heard this year from you. I have appreciated the feedback, questions, and healthy discussions that have been had in a true marketplace of ideas, where all opinions are welcome and equally important.

I look forward to working for all of Wallingford. “People over Politics” is more than a slogan. It is my promise to the voters of Wallingford. To learn more about me and my campaign, please visit: www.JesseReynoldsTownCouncil.com . I hope to have your support on November 7th and please vote Row A.

Jesse Reynolds, Wallingford

Rule of law


Each Meriden voter can choose three council candidates and four school board candidates when they vote on November 7. With the lack of commitment to the United States Constitution being shown in Washington D.C.  by one party, and the chaos that has generated, it is vital to vote for the other party. Exercise your right to vote and vote in favor of democracy, equality and the rule of law: vote for Democrats.

Allan Church, Meriden

Fiscally responsible


In a search for leadership, no business or corporation would look to the least experienced individual to lead them. Do not vote wrong. There is only one candidate on the ballot that has spent the last 13 plus years learning what it takes to develop the qualifications, experience, and capabilities to fill the upcoming vacancy. He is fiscally responsible and has the integrity, devotion, and fortitude to lead Wallingford into the future as its chief executive officer. Please join me to elect Vinny Cervoni for mayor in November to make Wallingford shine even brighter.

Marc Landow, Wallingford

Creating jobs


Elain Cariati is running for City Council of Meriden. It’s about time a strong, intelligent executive-minded woman took the helm of this city! Elain is a mother of two and born and raised in Meriden. For generations, her family has employed people here. Her energy and resourcefulness will serve her well as she leads Meriden with pride! Vote for the entire Republican slate of candidates; Mayor Kurt Hourigan, Elain Cariati and Sean McDonald, At-Large, and City Councilors Isabel Rosa- Kaiser Area 1, Dan Zaborowski Area 2, Michael Zakrzewski Area 3, Michael Carabetta Area 4 and City Clerk Denise Grandy. 

Donald Logodicio, Meriden 

Poor judgment


Fact Check: Mayoral candidate Cervoni said his opponent's charge that he exchanged tax dollars for votes is basically desperate and mischaracterized because United Concrete made a mistake. More facts:  Cervoni has been supportive of an administration that has: raised taxes yearly; brought no major tax-paying companies in while others left; kept Wallingford technologically behind; allowed the pool to become an eyesore; left sidewalks crumbling.

Shouldn't he recognize that not abstaining in the vote to lower UC's tax assessment was a mistake because of possible conflict of interest? Maybe it's more poor judgment.

Nancy Fabrizi, Wallingford

Dedication, commitment


Rajan Doering is completing his first term as a Wallingford Board of Education member. He proved his dedication and commitment to face many difficult decisions ahead.  Sheehan High School and Quinnipiac College graduate, Rajan is enrolled in law school. I met Rajan in 2014 at the Coalition for a Better Wallingford. The Coalition was created in response to rising drug overdoses. Rajan was active providing the student perspective. Rajan indicates his passion for our community by volunteering and leading the GLOW Food Pantry, Wallingford YMCA and United Way. I urge you to re-elect Rajan Doering.

Ernest Mrazik Jr., Wallingford 

Politics aside


My name is Rob Kosienski, Jr. also known to our students as "Mr. K"and I'm running for re-election for the Meriden Board of Education. I've been honored to be a part of a team of people who put politics aside and do what is best for ALL students. We (Tony, Elmer and I ) have a solid record of accomplishments over the past several years, and our district has been touted as one of the best in the state. When Covid-19 shut down the state, the Board  worked together to make sure that our students were fully remote in 48 hours. When the state cancelled sports, and music we found ways to give our student athletes and musicians opportunities to play through safe alternatives and garner the skills that they needed to be successful. We have award winning curriculum, highest test scores in district history, and truly the best administrative, teaching and support staff in the state. We were able to bring Edison Middle School back to the Meriden Public Schools, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

I'd beware of those on the top line who say we need reform. Radical political opinions have no place on the Board of Education. We don't need their message of radicalism, we need to continue to respect All students and give all of our students the same opportunities to be successful. It works, and we're doing it right now, in the Meriden Public Schools.  Thank you for your consideration and support on Nov. 7th.  Check 5B or 5E.

Rob Kosienski, Jr., Meriden

Ageism tactics


The ageism tactics by members our town is disappointing. Our current mayor had no political role and only a few years older when elected? Young people are rapidly leaving town due to its HCL, we should embrace them not shame them. Wallingford is made up of many parties, I want my elected officials to serve us all not just a party.  We need change. I do not want candidates that go along with bad ideas and later say they were not fully informed on a situation. You were elected to be informed before a vote not after the backlash.

Marie DelGreco, Wallingford

Perfect choice


I am proud to endorse my wife, Nickimmy Hayes, for the Meriden Board of Education. As a loving husband and teacher, I know she is the perfect choice for this role. Her 20 years as an AFTCT union organizer prove her dedication to educators, parents, and students. As a mother of our four children in Meriden public schools, she understands the challenges parents face. Her commitment to education transcends political affiliation, making her the right candidate for all. Nickimmy's active involvement in school functions showcases her dedication. Please join me in supporting Nickimmy Hayes for the Board of Education.

Jason Hayes Sr., Meriden

Experienced candidate


Mike Cardona has a wealth of experience in city government. He has served on the City Council for eight years and currently is the deputy mayor. He has done a great job as chair of the Public Safety Committee, as well as serving on the Finance and Personnel Committees. He is by far the most experienced candidate for the office of city clerk, the primary liaison between city government and the public. He is also a person who gets along with everyone. On November 7, please vote for Mike Cardona for city clerk.

John M. Talbot, Meriden

Experience counts


Vinny Cervoni is the logical person to lead Wallingford as our next mayor. He has the experience needed to jump in on day one and start handing the tasks at hand to keep our town government running smoothly. His 14 years on the Town Council have prepared him well for the future challenges that face Wallingford. As a business owner, Vinny knows how to run a business effectively and how to budget; skills which are essential to being mayor of a large town. Cervoni is the one candidate with the experience, character and integrity required for our next mayor. 

Cate Beaumont, Wallingford


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