LETTERS: Candidate endorsements, sustainability fair appreciation

Vote Ray


Ray Ouellet … born, raised and schooled in Meriden. His 25 years on patrol as a Meriden police officer has shown him the best and worst of the city he loves. His daily interaction with the community gives him a view others may not have.

Like him or not, his honesty, integrity and devotion to the city are uncompromised.

Ray listens. We all need an honest voice. Add Ray Ouellet to the City Council. Go for the positive! Vote Ray!

Nancy “Tonk” Maclary, Meriden

Support Morelli


I am writing in support to re-elect Jim Morelli to the Southington Town Council. A lifelong resident, Jim is passionate and proud of his hometown and in the council seat he holds.

Jim has a vast knowledge of local and state issues. He will ask the tough questions, express his opinion and continue to make decisions based on what is best for Southington.

We, the voters, are fortunate to have Jim to represent us. Please cast you vote for Jim Morelli, who has and always will work for the improvement of our community.

Kevin Daley, Plantsville



Although I don’t like to tell anyone who to vote for, I’m so impressed with Riley and so disappointed in our mayor’s actions and deeds that I’m asking my friends and supporters to vote for Riley O’Connell. After speaking with Riley and reading his plans for Wallingford’s future I’m excited/inspired. I’ve known Dickinson since he was first elected. Riley actually has more experience and knows how government should work for people more than Dickinson did before he held any political office or any job managing a multitude of departments, assets, or people.

Please join me in supporting Riley O’Connell for mayor.

Peter Gouveia, Wallingford



Meriden is so fortunate to have Nolberto Gonzalez running for City Council from downtown Area 1.

Nolberto has been involved in the community throughout his adult life. As a local entrepreneur, Nolberto Gonzalez knows the pressures of running a small business and how excess taxes and excessive regulation can disrupt a profitable business. The Democratic-controlled City Council's thirst for more tax revenue is driving business away from our city as our cost of living continues to rise. People are still moving to areas that cost less. Vote Republican! Vote with me on your absentee ballot, Row B or E!

Ileanna Flores, Meriden

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted
in Spanish.

Build on progress


The Meriden Democratic Town Committee has brought together a strong slate of candidates for the 2021 municipal elections. The Democratic ticket represents our town’s diversity, which is one of our strongest values. The candidates put forth come from all backgrounds, some of whom have no prior experience holding public office. They are everyday people that love their community and want to build on the progress that makes Meriden a wonderful place to live. Please come out to support the Meriden Democrats this November 2nd!

Michael Rider, Meriden

Our focus


In my previous job as an emergency services dispatcher, one of my main priorities was ensuring the safety of police, fire, and EMS personnel. To broadly paint all Democrats as somehow anti-first responders is not only disingenuous, but is also contradictory to our constituents’ calls of oversight and transparency for all public servants, including ourselves. All city councilors support our police and fire personnel.

We wholeheartedly take on our duty to support them by funding the budgets they propose. However, we also know that this support is one part of Meriden’s renaissance, and our focus must be multifaceted and far-reaching.    

Chad Cardillo, Meriden city councilor at large

Honesty and integrity


I don’t blame people for being skeptical of government and politicians. Yvette Cortez is the antidote to that skepticism. Councilwoman Cortez is known for her honesty and integrity, bringing honor to public office. We had seen too little of that on the national scene.

She also understands that government has an essential role in meeting the needs of children, seniors, struggling families, and others who are vulnerable. Some candidates rail against government, but never tell us who they will exclude and harm with their promised harsh reductions. Yvette Cortez has both the head and heart we need on City Council.

Theresa Green, Meriden 



Dickenson says “Shine On”? Wallingford’s “shine” is tarnished.

Visitors entering from the Merritt Parkway to dine at one of our great restaurants will see:

■trash swirling around the Q Trail entrance,■buckled bricks and neglected weeds on Hall Avenue’s one-year-old project,■ a purposeless expanse of uneven asphalt behind the neglected historic train station,■an unshaded green leading to a gazebo in need of repair and paint,■numerous vacant, ever-changing, or struggling storefronts,■a hodgepodge of inadequate parking.

Vote for Riley O’Connell and the Democratic Town Council candidates for a BETTER Wallingford.

Whitney Mooney, Wallingford

Time to move on


It's time for a change in leadership in Wallingford. The current mayor has become complacent and is no longer responsive to the needs of the town.  The current mayor became mayor with less experience than his current opponent and runs the town like it is still 1984.  It is time to move on with fresh ideas and someone who will listen to the people. I encourage everyone to vote for Riley O'Connell for mayor of Wallingford on November 2nd.

Pat Nastri, Wallingford

A vision


From my high school years through most of my adulthood, I have spent over half my life in Wallingford.

It’s clear that, between Community Pool, the animal shelter, a surplus of parking lots, and any number of other issues, Bill Dickinson’s usefulness as mayor has long since passed. Riley O’Connell has a vision for bringing Wallingford into the 21st century, and building for our future. He has my wholehearted support and vote.

Adam Abbate, Wallingford

Vote Cortez


Over the past year, Meriden’s City Council Area 1 has been represented by Yvette Cortez. It’s been a pleasure to watch Yvette grow into the role, as she balances a sharp eye for policies promoting justice and fairness with a unique ability to build consensus. 

In her short time on council, Yvette has taken responsibility to chair the committee distributing over $36 million in federal funds in Meriden.  With the November election only days away, voters in Area 1 have an opportunity to return proven, energetic leadership to City Hall.  Please join me in supporting Yvette!

Rob Baril, Meriden

Support Cardillo


I am writing in support of fellow teacher, Chad Cardillo, for City Council.  When Councilman Cardillo says he will continue to support initiatives with a focus on education, equity, and diversity, they aren’t just words — it’s supported by a record that shows his commitment to this community. 

As an educator, Councilman Cardillo knows how to listen to differing perspectives, bring consensus among diverse views, and use that to move forward. This effective collaboration and communication has been key to his success on the City Council. He has earned my support this November. 

Sarah Taylor, Meriden

Change needed


For his 38 years of experience, why can’t Dickinson seem to make Wallingford “shine”? We never get state grants; money we do get from the state goes unspent. Our “Rainy Day Fund” goes unused, and is not vested, losing value, and doing nothing. Through downturns it sits untouched, residents suffer through funding cuts and tax hikes instead. Before we tarnish further, we need change. Riley O’Connell is the smart innovative leadership we need, he has a plan for our young and old, for small businesses, for our infrastructure; all items our current mayor can’t, or won’t, put together.

Alida Cella, chair, Wallingford Democratic Town Committee

New library needed


Do you remember your love for the Library Summer Reading program?  Do you remember how you enjoyed that book you held at the beach while on vacation?  Do you remember working at the library with your math tutor or study buddy who helped you pass Calculus? Have you enjoyed attending one of the many enrichment programs on a variety of topics?  Then we’re calling on you to VOTE YES on November 2nd!  No more pouring money into repairs.  A new library with efficient building systems and a welcoming space is needed to provide our residents with lifelong learning! 

Mary Baker, Southington

Support Cortez


Meriden Councilwoman Yvette Cortez has distinguished herself as a force for equitable care for all residents. As the chair of Finance and the American Rescue Plan committees, she has a commitment to ensure fiscal responsibility and management of the city’s most pressing priorities, including balancing the budget with no tax increase, while ensuring proper funding of city services. She has supported public safety with the resources they need to keep us safe and is working to assure that our businesses prosper. Please vote for Yvette Cortez and the rest of the Democratic ticket on Row A on Nov 2.

Sonya R. Jelks, Meriden

The writer is City Council majority leader.

Vote Scarpati


Throughout the pandemic, it seemed like no one knew what was going on, who to believe and/or where to get the facts from. Our mayor made it a point to find whatever information was available and keep the city in the know. As time went on and more information came out, he continued to update us. We are still in this pandemic, but with his leadership and collaboration with the Health Department, we are in an upward trend of vaccination rates and on a path forward. Vote for Mayor Kevin Scarpati on November 2nd!

Jayna Quilty, Meriden

Vote yes on library


Southington should vote YES on the new library referendum. Having the honor of being on the Library Planning Committee,  I learned firsthand that libraries are not just about books. Libraries are vital community centers that promote community growth, develop new skills for children, host activities, promote computer accessibility, and provide public meeting rooms. Voting YES would create multiple programming spaces for simultaneous events, acoustical separation, ADA compliant aisles, up-to-date fire codes, and a spacious design appropriate to the needs of our children and community. 

Join me in voting YES for the new library.

Jack Perry, candidate, Southington
Town Council

Public servant


Mayor Kevin Scarpati is a leader and true public servant. Elected Board of Education member, city councilor and mayor, he has continued to put our best interest in front of every decision. In times of crises, such as extreme weather or the Covid-19 pandemic, he’s there with the facts and information to keep us safe. He holds those accountable to ensure residents can reap the benefits of living in Meriden, attending public schools and shopping and owning local businesses. On November 2nd, join me in voting for our mayor, Kevin Scarpati, to keep Meriden safe, healthy and open for business. 

Anthony Kane, Meriden 



Our Democratic leadership over the past few years has led to an incredibly stable mill rate, improved infrastructure, and most importantly an investment in Meriden's future with the refurbishment of the Meriden Green. It's easy to get lost in the rhetoric of today's political ideologies and forget to look at the actual results of your local elected officials.  When we do that, the choice is clear, Democratic leadership has and will continue to improve our Silver City. 

On November 2nd, please consider voting Row A. It's a vote for Meriden's future. 

Patrick Johnson, Meriden

Strides taken


These are scary and dangerous times we are living in.  A sizeable portion of our population has been afflicted with Trumpitis, a disease which causes their brains to produce a cult-like stupor rendering them incapable of recognizing they are being played for fools/suckers by their idol.  

Here in the once Silver City we encounter the Republican Party, victims of Moan and Groan Syndrome,  a Trumpitis side-effect.  Longing for an irretrievable past, they ignore strides taken to improve our city's environment. Assuredly, any negative comment about Meriden likely has Republican origin. It's what they're good at.

Ray Gawlak, Meriden 

Always the same


Long before Kim served on the BOE, she was a parent volunteer at Ben Franklin, Lincoln and finally at Platt. Movie nights, BINGO, class trips, picnics, theater dinners, sports dinners, band functions. It’s always been the same. If the students, teachers, team, club or school needs it, “Let’s Make it happen.”  She cares about education, achievement and opportunities for all Meriden students.

With that same can-do non-partisan energy she has served as both a board member and the board vice-president.  No politics, just proven leadership.

November 2nd vote to re-elect Kim Carbone-Pandiani.

Lee Pandiani, Meriden



I just wanted to thank Fiona Pearson, Karen Schnitzer and members of the Coalition of Sustainable Cheshire for an educational, enjoyable, and enlightening day for the first ever Cheshire sustainability fair. Nothing was overlooked in the combined noble efforts, even with the inclusion of Jennifer Dillon and her yoga class! 

I never expected to see an original 1800's windmill from Ives Farm or experience musical entertainment by Hap Jordan of Boulder Knoll with his wood blocks, partially filled soda bottles, and vacuum hose, etc.  Additionally, it was great to visit all the diversified booths of environmentally minded organizations which ranged from protecting the rivers and sound to native planting where folks of all ages could be handed complimentary seeds for oak trees and sunflowers. 

I also want to express my appreciation to Josh Koppel and his high school group of students for working tirelessly to engage the community, while he spiritedly explained how small manners of conservation can benefit the world with its huge environmental impact.

Hope this beautiful, fall event launch is only the beginning in Cheshire as you move forward on your CT sustainability checklist to advance from Bronze to winning the "Silver!"

Breina Schain, Cheshire



Farewell to a wonderful educator and kind human being. He was tough, fair, kind and always professional. He understood and practiced what Longfellow said about dealing with kids. I will miss him and my memories of Mr. Fahey beating me one -on-one in basketball and being demanding of me in the classroom. 

"A  torn jacket is soon mended, but hard words bruise the heart of a child" — (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).

Mike Lopos, Meriden

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