LETTERS: Comments on the upcoming election

Continue the great work


Al Pronovost, Kim Carbone-Pandiani and Siobhan Maloney Bazinet, are candidates we need most on the Board of Education on Nov 2nd. Our district’s direction is at stake.

Our students don't need political rhetoric or hidden agendas, labeled as “progressive,” they deserve caring individuals who want to continue giving them opportunities to succeed and prepare for life. Please, I need Al, Kim and Siobhan there with me, to continue the great work we are doing. 

Rob Kosienski, Jr., Meriden

The writer is Meriden Board of Education president.



Working people have been taking it on the chin, facing economic upheavals aggravated by the pandemic. Every worker deserves a good job with decent wages and working conditions. The Connecticut AFL-CIO endorses Meriden candidates who share our dedication to the rights of working people: Yvette Cortez, Chad Cardillo, Nickimmy Hayes, Enileika Lopez Riddle, Charles Johnson and Steven O’Donnell. Whether or not you belong to a union, these individuals merit your support. They will stand up for struggling families. They will fight to assure no one is left behind. They will demand that America’s finest values are achieved here in Meriden.

Mark Nati, president, Central CT Labor Council of the AFL-CIO, Meriden

Casting that vote


Nobody is perfect. I know that I am not. In government, I am guided by the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. Your ballot instructions say you can vote for “up to” nine candidates. You are not required to vote for nine. You can vote for zero or nine, or any number in between.

You may not agree with every position I have taken, I just ask that if you like those principles, and you do vote for at least one, that you consider casting that vote for me.

Craig Fishbein, Wallingford

Vote Cortez


Over a year ago, Yvette Cortez was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Meriden City Council. Now she is running for a full term. This gives voters a special opportunity: as an employer, a test period for an employee. Councilwoman Cortez has passed with flying colors!

Yvette Cortez has proven herself an exceptional public servant, a fierce advocate for her constituents, and a leader with the wisdom and vision to guide Meriden forward. We have watched her perform for us and want to keep her on the job. This Election Day, I urge your vote for Yvette Cortez.

Lucy Diaz, Meriden

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