LETTERS: Readers support for the upcoming election

 Editor’s note: The following letters were all received before the Oct. 20 deadline to submit letters about the election. For various reasons there were delays in running them before today.

Public servant


I feel all voters should support Bob Williams for re-election.  He is a proven, dedicated patriotic public servant with the traditional values and thinking that made America great. He supports law enforcement, sound and proven educational philosophies, balanced budgeting and controlled immigration. People that do not support these principles should be asked what is their long term vision for America because  it is both unrealistic, financially unsustainable and a proven failure historically worldwide.  Thank you Bob.  Keep up the good work. 

Kevin Nelson, The Villages, FL

Support Williams


I have known Councilman Bob Williams, Jr. for many years.  Bob has always worked for the citizens of Meriden.  He has always worked to improve Meriden’s image.   

Bob will not defund law enforcement, not support any housing on the Meriden Green.  Bob has always been a public safety advocate. He has also been a voice for senior citizens. I encourage you to vote this election day for the re-election of Bob Williams, Jr. (Area 4) to the City Council. 

Thomas M. Cirillo, South Meriden



I’m famous! In the eyes of GOP chairman Sean McDonald, anyway. Rather than use his chance before the election, (R-J 10/09/21), to promote GOP accomplishments, tout policy initiatives, or even support his candidates, Sean decided the space would be better employed by calling me names. And I’m not even on the ballot this year.

Why?  Does GOP/WTP have anything to offer besides name calling? Obstruction? I haven’t seen it. Their national platform only says “obey Trump.” If Sean is to be believed, they want “wicked change.” Well, if by “wicked” he means immoral, wrong, or unpleasant, I’m now inclined to agree. 

 Mike Reynolds, Meriden



Although this is the first time residents will be able to vote for John Milone, many are aware of his leadership and integrity. John is a genuine individual with the highest moral character and is committed to the community.

Cheshire is fortunate have a candidate like John who is willing to run and serve. We need councilors who are willing to make tough calls and John Milone is that candidate. His expertise and levelheaded approach are invaluable.

I urge you to vote for John Milone on 11/2. I am confident in John’s ability to bring real dedication to Town Council.

Krista Hilzinger-Ostuno, Cheshire


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