LETTERS: Readers write about the upcoming election

Protect wildlife


As humans, we have a natural affection toward animals. Over 45 species of land and marine animals live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These fantastic animals include polar bears, wolves, moose, mountain sheep, bowhead whales, and so much more. I could not imagine a world without the beauty of the Arctic and all of its organisms.

Not only is the Arctic magnificently gorgeous, but it is also ecologically important as all its species rely on it for survival. That is why I am encouraging Connecticut insurance companies to not insure oil drilling in the Arctic.  As of June 2022, the 6 largest banks in the United States, 5 largest banks in Canada, and 18 international banks have agreed to stop financing drilling in the Arctic Refuge. We must work to protect the wildlife in our natural spaces for years to come.

Maliah Ryan, Southington



As an educator and parent, I was appalled to see the made-up controversy over a vocabulary list for an assigned book appear on local and national news. Standing outside at the protest holding a sign against teachers, our current senator was part of orchestrating the controversy embarrassing Southington.

It is time for a change. Chris Robertson will work for his constituents, not the far-right groups our current senator is involved with. Chris Robertson will represent the district, not groups from out of the district. Please join me in voting for Chris Robertson for the 16th Senate on November 8.

Gloria Brown, Plantsville

Your vote


Think your vote matters? Does it make a difference?

Are local Republicans so different from national ones? If enough Republicans get elected to the state legislature/governorship, would they vote to ban abortions? Allow eighteen-year-olds to purchase automatic weapons? Would they eliminate/limit voting by mail/drop-boxes? Could they ban books from our libraries or schools? Could laws be changed to ban same-sex-marriages? Could African-American/American-Indian history be altered or eliminated?

European/German Jewish people woke up in the 1930’s to read they were now enemies of the state. Then, 6 million were murdered. Remember Charlottesville and white supremacy? Yes, your vote defiantly matters.

Dick Caplan, Wallingford

Requisite skills


Patrick Birney is a person I’ve known for 20 years. I have watched him develop an exceptional reputation as a lawyer, raise a terrific family, and contribute hundreds of hours a year serving on municipal committees. But I have also known him to be a compassionate, sensitive and sensible human being. These qualities are so important in a judge of probate. Patrick has those character traits in abundance, as well as the requisite skills to manage this office. Judge Phil Wright has big shoes to fill. Patrick will do so admirably. Please vote for him. Wallingford couldn’t possibly do better.

Steve Knight, Wallingford

Vote Arata


Lou Arata for state Rep, 83rd district.  I know Lou’s dedication to a quality public education system for all students is a top priority. Lou believes that our teachers are the best in the state and he also knows they need support, and pledges to always listen, learn and work with us to give students the best opportunities to succeed.

Lou has what it takes to help rebuild Connecticut , as well as protect and preserve our history while building a promising future for everyone. He’s a people person, a guy you can talk to and trust! Vote for Arata. 

Rob Kosienski, Jr. , president, Meriden Board of Education 

Support Hayes


I’m proud to support Jahana Hayes for re-election to Congress. She has accomplished a lot in her first two terms. She is already chair of the Nutrition, Oversight and Department Operations Subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee, an indication of how hard she has worked. In this position, she can ensure that the US Department of Agriculture supports Connecticut’s small farmers.

She has written legislation to end student hunger, including promoting the use of local farm products in school lunches. She led the Access to Baby Formula Act that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Send Jahana back to Congress!

John M. Talbot, Meriden

Vote Birney


I am a longtime owner of a Wallingford-based manufacturing company, husband, father and Wallingford homeowner. Patrick Birney has been my family’s personal and business lawyer, and trusted legal adviser, for more than a decade. His work for my company and family has included estate planning, too.

Within my first-hand experience with Patrick, his knowledge, experience, and demeanor make him the far superior candidate to fill the position of our retiring probate judge. On November 8th, please join me in supporting Patrick Birney for judge of probate.

Ron D. Hansen, Jr., Wallingford


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