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Lettters: Readers back candidates in upcoming election



I agree with the consensus that Wallingford is in need of new direction and updating and those changes should begin with electing Vinny Cervoni as our next mayor.  Mr. Cervoni will move this community forward in a well informed, graceful manner without losing the integrity of our beautiful town.  

Through his many years of service as a councilman and council chairman not to mention his decades of practicing law, he has gained the skills, experience and respect needed to move Wallingford forward. Vote for experience! Vote for knowledge! Vote for integrity! Vote for Vinny Cervoni!

Elizabeth Rascati Landow, Wallingford 

Experience, knowledge


I would like to take the opportunity to endorse Michael Votto for the Wallingford Board of Education. In the years Michael has been a member of the board he has always considered “children first” in all decisions he makes. He is an active member who serves on numerous committees and also served in many leadership roles. His career in education as a teacher and administrator has allowed him to use his experience and knowledge with Board of Education business to the advantage of the students in our district. I urge you to vote to reelect Mike Votto on November 7th.

Lisa Turano, Wallingford 



I am writing this letter of recommendation for Christina Tatta's reelection to Wallingford's Town Council. Her achievements during the past four years are commendable. Christina set herself goals and overcame several obstacles to achieve them.

A Sacred Heart Academy alumni has always remembered the school motto: "EXCELSIOR" (Ever Higher). Christina has truly lived that motto during her term serving on Wallingford's Town Council. She will continue her accomplishments  and we will look forward to her reelection serving the Community she truly loves.

Katherine Birney, Wallingford

Failing infrastructure 


I have been a Wallingford resident for 32 years. My children grew up in the Wallingford school system. In that time, I’ve witnessed the intentional neglect and closure of the Community Pool. I received my first direct deposit paycheck 40 years ago, yet every town employee has been intentionally denied this convenient and money-saving option for decades. 

Failing infrastructure, antiquated administration, disrespect for town employees, this is my experience with the Dickinson/Cervoni leadership. Mr. Cervoni ignored this for years while on the Town Council. I’ve seen enough; that’s why this Republican is voting for Riley O’Connell for mayor in November.

Ken Russell, Wallingford

Michael Votto support 


Upon moving to Wallingford 16 years ago, I learned that the most exceptional teacher I had ever had, who set me on my career path, served on the BOE in Wallingford.  Now, as the mother of an 8- and 9- year old in Wallingford, it means more to me than ever to know he is advocating for our students. Beyond his impressive record as a teacher, principal and BOE leader, he will always have my vote for the indelible mark he left on my life, and I am grateful for the impact he will now have on my children’s education.

Jennifer Turner, Wallingford

All children innocent 


This pediatrician knows that an Israeli child is as innocent as a Palestinian child, and conversely a Palestinian child is as innocent as an Israeli child. I also unequivocally condemn the heinous murder by Hamas of over a thousand Israeli civilians, including young children. Terrorism against any one group is a crime against all of humanity. Unjustified, however, is the blanket reaction by the Israeli government of displacing hundreds of thousands more Palestinians, half of whom are children and who have nothing to do with Hamas. Widespread bombings have already destroyed hospitals, refugee shelters, and places of worship in the Gaza and have killed many more civilians.

The spiritual head of my Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, his Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has appealed to all parties to follow the sage advice of the Muslim holy book the Quran, which is that even if bitter enmity exists between one another, act in a manner that is just. If for no one else, do it for the sake of the innocent children on both sides.

Sohail Husain, MD, Muslim Writers Guild of America, North Haven

Our future 


As past vice chairman of the Town Council I'm supporting Riley O’Connell. Riley has a design for the future of our town, cutting taxes, renovating and reopening Community Pool, which has decayed for years. He will work closely with our Building Maintenance Committee to improve our failing roads, sidewalks and buildings. His opponent had ten years as chairman of the Town Council to address these issues. He also voted against the establishment of the Building Maintenance Committee. Today, tomorrow and for our future, we need a plan. With his leadership, Riley O’Connell our next mayor can deliver this for us.

Edward R. Bradley, Wallingford

Effective leader


An effective leader has a plan reflecting a mission and vision. It includes short and long range goals based on identified needs of the community. The leader utilizes resources: local, state, etc. to implement the plan. Identifying strengths and needs of the plan is part of its success along with allowing meaningful input from residents, businesses, etc. Important qualities and skills of an effective leader include: ability to listen, use the strengths of others, negotiate, compromise, communicate clearly, demonstrate knowledge, confidence, and energy to move forward. Wallingford, it’s time for effective leadership in our mayor. It's time for Riley O’Connell!

Patricia DeRenzo. Wallingford



I would like to take this opportunity to ask all voters to vote for Dan Zaborowski. His attendance at council meetings along with other committee meetings gives him knowledge of what is going on in Meriden. Being retired he has the time to address voters concerns. A former commissioner on Aging and Disabilities Cemetery and Parking and now serving on the ZBA. He will bring transparency and accountability to everyone Public Safety as well as other departments, especially our seniors. Please give him the opportunity to serve our city. He is endorsed as a Republican We The People and Independent parties.

Donna Caponigro Zaborowski, Meriden

Results oriented


During Christina Tatta’s time on the Town Council she has voted to lower the mill rate and keep taxes affordable and has worked on many bi-partisan initiatives.  Why?  Because Christina believes a good idea is a good idea, no matter who it comes from!

She is a results-oriented leader, who spends her time actively working toward solutions. Did you know that her resolution to install air conditioning in the animal shelter passed unanimously, and it didn't cost taxpayers a dime?

Come November I will be voting for Christina Tatta and encourage the voters of Wallingford to do likewise!

Karen S. Harris, Wallingford

Master plan


The advancement, growth, prestige and gains made by the city of Meriden over the last dozen years can be attributed to one thing. That being a strong, dedicated, and always positive Democratic City Council majority and a Mayor with the same vision.

In the next two weeks it is imperative that we make sure we continue this trend. When you cast your vote this November, remember how proud you are of their accomplishments. Each Democrat running, as well as the Mayor, still has a master plan to make Meriden the envy of the state.

Vote in the Democratic team.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

Forward looking 


I'm a temporary Meriden resident soon returning to Wallingford. I’ve had the privilege of frequent contact with Riley O’Connell and the whole Democratic slate. They’re forward looking and will end government stagnation initiating a much brighter future.

Steven Alexander, Meriden

Hard working volunteers 


We would like to thank all the hard working volunteers at The Trail of Terror. We went Saturday night & they somehow managed to make us laugh, scream & cry (sometimes all at the same time) and it was fabulous! Thanks again! See you next year!

Donna Condon, Marie Wild, Kassy
Boucher, Wallingford 



I am writing this letter in support of 2 candidates.  First one being Elmer Gonzalez, he is a lifelong resident. He went to local schools and he truly cares about education for our future generations. The second candidate is Chad Cardillo another lifelong resident. Chad is a teacher here in town and he would be a great asset to the city council. 

Susan Niemczyk , Meriden

Working collaboratively 


Vote Palmieri for Town Council. Chris Palmieri prides himself in making the needs of our residents a priority as evidenced by his record. His participation in numerous civic groups helps keep him engaged in our community. As a retired educator myself and unaffiliated voter, I think his experience as a middle school principal is an asset to his service on the council. He sees firsthand the needs of students and their families. Chris has a record of working collaboratively in a bipartisan manner. I believe Chris can use his knowledge and experience to move our town forward.  Please re-elect Chris Palmieri. 

Carole Mendygral, Southington

Fire Department initiatives


As a former Fire Chief of Wallingford, I strongly support Vinny Cervoni for mayor. In his role as Councilor and current Chairman of the Council, Vinny has been supportive of Fire Department initiatives including voting to purchase new apparatus, approving wage and benefit packages for our Fire Fighters and ensuring our employees always had the best equipment and training opportunities. During the recent pandemic, Vinny quickly approved funding to procure protective equipment for our first responders making their safety a top priority. Wallingford needs an experienced leader in Town Hall. That’s why I encourage you to Vote for Vinny Cervoni!

Richard Heidgerd, Wallingford fire chief (retired)

Fact check


United Concrete Products Inc. has been a Republican supporter for many years. They even hosted Republican governor candidates in other elections. Does not everyone have a right to ask for a re-evaluation to their tax bill? How dare the Democratic candidate insinuate the company’s support was a trade of tax dollars for campaign aid. Fact check your info, Mr. O’Connell before tarnishing your opponent’s character. My vote is for Vinny Cervoni.

Roberta Kania, Wallingford

Uniquely qualified 


I would like to add my voice to those who have spoken up for Vincent Cervoni and his campaign for Mayor in Wallingford. Mr Cervoni is eminently, perhaps uniquely qualified to be our next mayor. His experience on the Town Council and his outstanding citizenship in Wallingford will be an ongoing blessing to Wallingford, a town that has been so well managed for so many decades. What's not broken, ought not be fixed! Vinny Cervoni loves Wallingford. Me too.   

Bob DeCarlo, Wallingford

Cares deeply


As a Meriden educator and resident, I am proud to support my brother-in-law, Tony Martorelli for the Meriden Board of Education. As a lifelong resident, a product of the Meriden Public Schools, and a parent of two Meriden Public School students, Tony cares deeply about Meriden! He visits classrooms and attends school events. He truly wants every student to succeed. Please consider Tony Martorelli for the Board of Education!

Debra Schumacher, Meriden

Positive change 


Crumbling town buildings, community pool deteriorating, outdated technology in Town Hall. That’s what Wallingford has with 40 years of the same mayor and 17 years of Republican majority on the Town Council. Wallingford is a great town and has so much potential. Let’s bring our town into the present and let’s look to the future by electing Riley O’Connell for mayor and a Democrat Town Council and Board of Education. Be sure to vote Democrat on November 7th. It’s our chance to finally have positive change!

Susan Pierson, Wallingford 

Proud parent


As a Meriden resident, I’m asking you to support Tony Martorelli for the Meriden Board of Education. He is a product of the Meriden Public School system and the proud parent of two MPS students. My niece and nephew. Believe me when I tell you, Tony listens, and he cares about Meriden and its students. Consider him, talk to him, and elect him.

Mark Schumacher, Meriden

Character revealed 


As the curtain in front of Riley O’Connell is being slowly pulled back through articles and columns in the RJ, his true character is slowly being revealed. He is the master of misinformation. Despite the Electric Division having the lowest electric rates and highest level of reliability versus its competition, O’Connell, in an article in the RJ, portrays it as being on the brink of collapse. He gives the impression our streets are clogged with U-Haul trucks as residents are fleeing and claims our taxes are the highest in the area. Unfortunately, some believe No Experience Riley’s constant nonsensical drivel.

Bob Beaumont, Wallingford

Dedicated advocate  


With her experience as a parent, Kristi Doerr intimately understands the challenges that our youth face. She's deeply committed to making strategic investments in our town's schools. Our children have persevered through numerous hardships, enduring outdated facilities and technology. Kristi Doerr is determined to drive the changes needed for the success of all Wallingford's children. Vote for Kristi Doerr for Town Council and let's usher in progress for our children.

Michelle Cucinelli, Wallingford

Diverse slate


The Southington Democrats put a diverse slate of experienced candidates together known as Team Southington. Once elected, the Town Council will ensure open government, stronger ethics and transparency and roads will be taken care of. The Board of Finance will concentrate on the needs of the town and Board of Education. The BOE will take politics out of our children’s education and the PZC will ensure proper development in our town versus overdevelopment. Team Southington is about, “People Over Politics and Town Over Party.” On November 7th, please vote row A for a better and stronger Southington for all residents.

John P. Moise, Southington

No qualifications 


Vinny Cervoni is a very capable and qualified leader for the town of Wallingford. Vinny has served Wallingford on the Town Council since 2009 and as Town Council Chair since 2014.

Vinny's opponent, on the other hand, left his internship with the U.S. Department of Justice, returned to Wallingford three years ago, and has done nothing but talk and squawk about the town. He has no qualifications for an executive position - no administrative, management, or financial experience - only talking and squawking.

My vote is for Vinny Cervoni for Mayor of Wallingford.

Rocco DiGenova, Wallingford

Supporting businesses 


Riley O'Connell understands the issues facing Wallingford and has developed plans to lead Wallingford into the future with a reasoned approach to controlling taxes, balancing the budget, supporting our businesses, and addressing our deteriorating infrastructure. He has the character, vision, and temperament to work with all officials, departments and organizations to bring Wallingford into the twenty-first century. I am pleased to endorse him for mayor of Wallingford.

Vinnie Testa, Wallingford


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