LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Vote for Barillaro


I commend Patrick Birney for his civil duty. I was involved in many different organizations and it really helped my business thrive!  However, being a probate judge isn't a popularity contest. It's about who would be the most knowledgeable person to represent you in all of the many probate issues you may face in the future. Nicole Barillaro is the best candidate. She is presently an attorney who specializes in probate law and estate planning. Knowing her work ethic and compassion, I feel she would be the best person for this job. Please vote for Nicole Barillaro on November 8th.

Chris Brosnan, Wallingford

The leader we need


Attorney Jack Fazzino brings integrity, ethics, and belief in the rule of law to his candidacy for Connecticut’s 83rd District. As a Berlin town councilor, Fazzino understands the multi-faceted needs of the district. Jack will work tirelessly to improve our communities. He is an advocate for small businesses, affordable senior housing, lower prescription drug costs, accessible medical and mental health care, safe schools, and community-oriented public safety. He will work with residents of Berlin, Cheshire, and Meriden and


state legislators to fight for a better future for our families. Jack Fazzino is the leader we need in Hartford.

Katherine Yacavone, Cheshire

Vote Birney


Some individuals may not be aware probate courts not only oversee the administration of trusts and estates but may conduct hearings dealing with termination of parental rights, adoption, an individual’s self-governance rights and other complex and sensitive issues. It is important a probate judge possesses an extensive legal background and an in-depth understanding of the rules of evidence which are needed in order to render fair and thoughtful decisions. Over his extensive and diverse legal career Patrick Birney has acquired the experience needed to be an exceptional probate judge. I would encourage you to vote for Patrick on November 8th.

Jo-Anne Rusczek, Wallingford

Extremely qualified


Patrick Birney has 24 years of legal experience serving clients in all phases of the legal profession. I would rather have a probate judge who has expansive knowledge in many areas of the law, rather than one who focuses on only one area, given the diverse issues coming before probate courts. Patrick has been involved with numerous not-for-profit organizations and served on numerous commissions, all with distinction. He is extremely qualified for the position of probate judge and has the dignity and intelligence to become an outstanding probate judge for this non-political office. Please vote for Patrick on November 8th.

Joe Rusczek, Wallingford



I can attest to the factual accuracy of Patrick Birney’s campaign slogan that he has a “record of commitment to seniors.” Recently, Patrick represented two Wallingford senior citizens, pro bono, in a trial. His courtroom advocacy skills were impressive and his respectful demeanor was apparent. He also won on behalf of his clients. Wallingford would be lucky to have Patrick as our next probate judge.

Noah Baltramaitis, Wallingford

Vote for Democrats


As Meriden’s deputy mayor and a councilman, I work side-by-side with our legislative delegation to secure the resources our city needs. The state aid we get restrains our property taxes and strengthens our schools. Those state dollars made possible downtown flood control, an award-winning Meriden Green, a new transportation center, state-of-the-art high school renovations, library reconstruction, and countless other projects. Hilda Santiago and Mike Quinn already have proven they can deliver for our city. Jan Hochadel and Jack Fazzino are the best prepared candidates to join them, working with state officials to win future funding. Please vote for the Democratic slate.

Michael Cardona, Meriden

Vote Robertson


Chris Robertson is a Southington resident of 28 years, he was raised in Cheshire and has strong community ties in both towns. It is time we had a person who understands and will represent the 16th Senate District. Chris Robertson will safeguard women’s rights, support our schools, teachers, paraprofessionals, and students, work to make child tax rebate and elder relief tax relief permanent, champion opportunities for working families and small business and protect freedoms like paid sick leave and voting. Southington is the largest part of the district with over 43,000 residents. Vote Chris Robertson on November 8th.

John P Moise, Southington

Need for change


Chris Robertson, a Southington resident, will be a refreshing change for the 16th district. During the Southington Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum on 10/20/22 I listened to the answers from Chris Robertson. I found him to be genuine and a person who will truly represent the people. On the Fair Rent Commission question Rob Sampson was all about protecting the rich while Chris Robertson was caring of the residents who should be treated fairly. There is no doubt we need a change in the 16th Senate. Chris truly cares about the community. Please vote for Chris Robertson on Election Day.

Mary Ellen D’ Angelo, Plantsville

Best candidate


I’m writing to reiterate a point that has been made many times over the past few months on this page: that Jan Hochadel is possibly the best candidate in years for the state Senate. Creating a better life for working families is at the core of what Jan does every day as a labor leader. She has proven that she has the experience to help the 13th District, experience that comes from doing the hard work of collaborating with legislators of both parties for years already. Vote Jan for state Senate — real experience for real solutions to real problems.

Chad Cardillo, Meriden

Support for Birney


Being a judge means listening, evaluating, and understanding the arguments of the parties in front of you. I could not think of a better person to meet those qualifications for probate judge of Wallingford than Patrick Birney. His many years of practice undoubtedly has lead Patrick to develop the skills to listen, evaluate, and understand the broad variety of issues presented to a probate judge. Understanding how the legal system works from his prospect is exactly what the voters in Wallingford should be looking for in their next probate judge. Please join me in supporting Patrick Birney on November 8th.

Attorney Michael T. Vitali, Wallingford

Vote for Robertson


As a Southington Board of Finance member, I worked with Chris Robertson assisting with the budget when he was a fire commissioner. Chris Robertson’s number one concern and priority was the safety of the firefighters. During his tenure, he assisted in reducing overtime, hiring a fire chief, hiring new firefighters, and purchasing new apparatus. Chris Robertson fought to have the equipment and training to keep all fire personnel, volunteer and career firefighters safe. Public safety was and still is the number one priority for Chris Robertson. On election day please make it your priority to vote for Chris Robertson.

Kevin Beaudoin, Southington

True representation


I am a registered Republican but I have grown concerned that our current senator has lost sight of who he represents, and is chasing extreme issues from around the state and country trying to make a name for himself rather than representing the interests of the majority of his constituents.  Chris Robertson understands our community and district. He will support our schools, teachers, paraprofessionals, and students. It’s time we had true representation focused on the communities in the 16th District. On Election Day, vote for Chris Robertson.

Aaron Wade, Southington

Support Dems


Southington is fortunate to have an exceptional slate of candidates running to represent us in the upcoming election.  Chris Robertson, Chris Poulos, Denise McNair and Rebecca Martinez all have proven track records of service to their communities and will provide representation that is desperately needed for Southington on the state level. We need representatives that will listen to all of their constituents regardless of party and will work across the aisle to pass legislation that will benefit all of our residents. Join me in voting Row A on November 8th.

Erin Cowles. chairperson, Southington Democratic Town Committee  

Excellent candidate


Connecticut’s superior courts favor a variety of experience for judges. It is very common for an attorney who has practiced in one area an entire career to preside in a different area of law. A common example is an attorney who practiced civil injury to preside in family court. The track from appointment would include time handling criminal, foreclosures, housing, and civil trials. Just as our superior courts favor variety and not exclusivity, our probate courts benefit from the same. Patrick Birney’s varied experience makes him an excellent candidate for judge of probate. Vote Patrick Birney.

 Vinny Cervoni, Wallingford town councilor

True leader


As an educator in Southington, I enthusiastically support Chris Poulos for state representative for the 81st District. Chris has been a lifelong, dedicated leader for Southington. His commitment to battle the tough issues that face today’s educational system is just one of the reasons why I think he is the best person for this job. As a former Connecticut Teacher of the Year, and a recent inductee into the National Teachers Hall of Fame, Chris exemplifies what a true leader represents. We need more leaders like Chris to get the job done.

Bethany Solury, Southington

Superior candidates


Across the ballot, Democrats offer us the superior candidates, including Ned Lamont, Richard Blumenthal, Jahana Hayes, Jan Hochadel, and Jack Fazzino. The Democrats stand for us on the critical issues: outlaw military-style weapons used in mass shootings; defend a woman’s right to reproductive choice; build a strong economy that respects workers; demand accountability for the January 6 insurrection; protect our right to vote and the integrity of elections; follow science in climate change and pandemic response; control the cost of prescription drugs. Republican politicians choose loyalty to the mega-rich and profiteering corporations. The Democrats fight for the rest of us.

Jeffrey Freiser, Meriden

Go with Fazzino


Well-spoken, pleasant demeanor, reasonable positions. This is my impression of Lou Arata after the candidate forum in Meriden last week. Why then would he choose, in his page-long appeal in the Berlin Citizen days earlier, to lead in with the accusation that our kids are at risk of being force fed minority studies or CRT? Who would that appeal be aimed at other than the ill-informed? I found the Democrats positions on police accountability, taxes, and the role of government more nuanced, yet more balanced. Though both parties demonstrated passion and good points I’d have to go with Fazzino in this race. 

David James, Berlin

Vote for Hochadel


As a nurse, I passionately believe that all of us have a right to quality, affordable healthcare. I see too much suffering every day. That is why I am voting for Jan Hochadel to be our next state senator. She will be a crusader for us, to assure that we can readily access the medical services that we need and afford our life-saving prescription drugs. Republicans have steadfastly opposed the expansion of healthcare programs and policies, at both the state and national level. Please vote for Jan Hochadel as if your life depended on it. Because it may.

Bianca Ferguson, Meriden

Always there


Chris Robertson is my husband and father of out three children. Chris is honest ,respectful, and trustworthy with a moral compass. He is very caring family man who has raised our children and continues to be involved in their lives. Chris is always there for his family as he will be there for each of you. I know he will represent you with Sincerity, compassion , and complete integrity. Chris will work with both sides for the best results for the 16th district.

I’m asking you to please vote for my husband Chris on November the 8th.

  Nancy Robertson, Plantsville

Vote for Fazzino


I write in support of Jack Fazzino for state representative. Unlike his opponent, Jack will be a consensus builder stands up for his constituents, not party leaders in Hartford. During the Record-Journal's candidate forum, Jack's opponent mentioned signing the so called "Pledge to Connecticut," a pledge to Republican party leaders to support their top-down agenda that will reverse much of Connecticut's progress in recent years. I'm proud to know that Jack will stand for what his constituents want, and not party insiders. He is clearly the best choice for Meriden, Berlin, and Cheshire.

Billy Taylor, Meriden

Support Democrats


The Democratic candidates Jan Hochadel and Jack Fazzino offer thoughtful plans to improve our lives. The Republicans claim to care about crime, but fight common sense gun safety measures and voted against increased benefits for police officers. They claim to support personal freedom, but seek government control over women’s bodies. They claim to stand for fiscal responsibility, but opposed Democratic budgets that were balanced, paid down debt and lowered taxes. If you want trustworthy public officials who will make our lives better, please vote for the Democrats this Election Day.

Gina Manning, Meriden



As a new voter, I am thrilled to cast my vote for Jan Hochadel. Too many young people ignore politics. Ms. Hochadel is the kind of candidate who inspires us, who understands our hopes and fears about the future. She knows that many of us want to go to college but need help with those high costs. She also knows that some of us don’t want to go to college, and strongly supports vocational education so you can get a good-paying job without a college degree. That’s why I’m asking all my friends — and you — to vote for Jan Hochadel.

Caleb Ferguson, Meriden

Vote Barillaro


There are two competent candidates for Wallingford judge of probate, but only one of them is an expert in the area of estate law that is such a big part of the judge of probate's job. That candidate is Nicole Barillaro, whose legal practice is the perfect experience for this sensitive role. In addition to knowledge, Nicole also possesses the kindness and temperament to handle the difficult decisions concerning care for children and elders who may need conservators appointed by the court. Please give Nicole Barillaro your support on Nov. 8.

State Rep. Mary Mushinsky, Wallingford

Support Fazzino


November 8th is election day. I'm asking for your vote for Jack Fazzino. Whether your pro-life or pro-choice. I believe we can all agree that a woman's health decisions should be between a woman and her doctor. Jack will protect a woman's rights to decide what is best for her health decisions. Jacks will continue to move Connecticut forward. Jack is the most qualified to represent the 83rd district. Please vote for the democratic ticket on November 8th! Vote Hilda Santiago, Michael Quinn, Jan Hochadel for State Senate, and Jahana Hayes for U.S. Congress.

State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie,

Vote Birney


One of Patrick Birney’s biggest strengths is his family! Like so many of us, generation after generation have been raised in and served Wallingford. As probate judge, Patrick Birney will continue to serve our town to keep Wallingford a community both his and our families love to live in, just as his father did as a Wallingford police officer. That is why you see Patrick, his wife Paige, and daughter Emily, so tirelessly campaigning around town — it is in their blood to make our community a better place.

Tom Laffin, Wallingford town councilor

Complex issues


Today’s probate court is not our “grandparents’ probate court.” It does more than oversee the administration of trusts and estates. An individual’s self-governance rights and parental rights may be terminated in today’s probate court, where the Rules of Evidence and burdens of proof govern. The rights of the intellectually disabled are also protected by today’s probate court. Today’s probate court needs a judge with broad legal experience, along with expertise to manage an experienced staff of professionals and has a record of making decisions on very complex issues. Patrick Birney is the one candidate who checks all of those boxes.

Ruth Moran, Wallingford


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