LETTERS: Readers endorse candidates



As the election campaign period comes to a close, please don’t be misled by last-minute mailers with misinformation about candidates. All the candidates have put their contact information, including web page, Facebook, emails and phone numbers on their mailers. They should make themselves available to answer your questions about their positions on issues. Candidates who send a negative message with misinformation a couple of days before election often do so because they cannot defend their own records. Please vote November 8th.

Edward Rosenblatt, Southington

Support Hochadel


I attended the recent debate between Jan Hochadel and her Republican opponent. I was shocked at his behavior. He loudly declared his grievances, insulted Ms. Hochadel, and misrepresented her positions. Despite his constant complaining, he failed to offer any constructive solutions. In contrast, Ms. Hochadel calmly and thoughtfully gave her responses. We did learn that the Republican candidate opposes gun safety measures and would limit a woman’s right to control her own body. Jan Hochadel has the temperament to be a successful advocate for her constituents. Her opponent, based upon his disposition and views, disqualifies himself for public office.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

Vote Democratic


My award for the season’s silliest campaign slogan goes to “no taxes,” promoted by a candidate for state legislature. In other words, say goodbye to the police and fire departments, street repairs, public schools, sewers, the library: what was good enough for prehistoric humans is good enough for us. Sadly, a major political party cannot come up with a single positive idea, instead serving up fear, division, and a steady diet of lies. We cannot risk electing any of their candidates. For sanity, truth, compassion, personal liberty and the rule of law, vote Democratic, up and down the ballot.

Jocelyn Linnekin, Meriden 

How they’re doing it


Democrats are trying to buy this election in Connecticut. It’s so obvious to see. Kudos to Stephen Knight (RJ 10/02/2022) and his article specifically outlining how the Dems are doing it. Connecticut residents really need to think twice about continuing the status quo of one-party control here. For anyone who feels that their vote doesn’t count, shame on you. It does count. We need everyone to vote and this time, vote out the bums! We need fresh minds in Hartford. Vote for Lou Arata, Republican and Independent Party candidate for the 83rd House District. Lou will work for you!

Scott Berling, Meriden

Thoughtful representative


Bringing her voice into the conversation will increase inclusive legislative priorities. She is a thoughtful representative that leads with compassion, not defensiveness.  Fishbein has not represented all the people of his district, let alone the whole state. What has he actually done?  NO votes on banning conversion therapy, safeguarding abortion rights, codifying common-sense gun laws. 

Our judicial system has been historically unfair to those who look differently and are from other cultural backgrounds. Rebecca outlines a way to a more fair and just society as an advocate in the legislative process. 

Scott N. Amore, Wallingford

Deserves your vote


State Rep. Mary Mushinsky of Wallingford is one of Connecticut’s leading advocates for improving the lives of our children. As co-chairwoman of the legislature’s Committee on Children, she became an expert on children’s issues.

While most members of her party voted to legalize recreational marijuana, Mary voted no because of her concern for our youth. She has been an active leader for 10 years with the Coalition for a Better Wallingford, the organization working to stop the terrible death toll among teens and young adults from fentanyl overdoses and other drug use. She deserves your vote on Nov. 8.

Kristi Doerr, Wallingford

Time for a change


For years CT has been sending the same Democrats back to the House and Senate, and they have done nothing to help our country. We have open borders, rising gas, oil and energy costs, and inflation that keeps growing. Biden has used all our oil reserves to lower gas prices. After the midterms hang on to your wallet. Gov. Lamont’s political ads are misleading. No one I know had taxes lowered and if elected, you can bet tolls are coming. They are not the party for the people, just try writing your reps. Time for a change. 

Howard Park, Meriden 

Fiscal mess


It’s time to give Republicans the opportunity to represent and clean up the fiscal mess the Democrats have created. As part of the “Contract with Connecticut,” Lou Arata signed with other candidates to cut the income tax from 5% to 4% for families making less than $175K/year. The residents of CT need representatives like Lou Arata, who is running for the 83rd House District to roll up their sleeves and work on common sense tax relief proposals to ease the burden for everyone. VOTE Lou Arata (Meriden, Cheshire, and Berlin) Make Connecticut Affordable Again.

June Daly, Berlin

Excellent choice


Patrick Birney would be an excellent choice for probate judge in the Town of Wallingford. Patrick has over 24 years of legal experience representing various size groups.

On top of that, he has also volunteered his time on several nonprofit boards and town committees including the Planning and Zoning Commission, ZBA and WPUC.  Patrick has followed in his late father, Bill Birney’s footsteps with an unwavering service and always putting others first. He is one of the kindest, fairest people I know and he would be a great fit for the position.

Frank P Apuzzo Jr., Wallingford

Protect democracy


I hope that when people go to the polls soon, that everyone will think long and hard about our democracy. We have tended to take it for granted that elections are sacred and the outcomes are accepted. 

This year, many Republicans are saying, if the outcome is not in their favor, then they will fight to overturn the results.  This is in opposition to our democracy. Please support our Democrats, who respect our democracy and are working to prevent another insurrection like January 6th. Please support Ned Lamont, Jahana Hayes, Jan Hochadel and Jack Fazzino to protect our democracy.

Elaine Donovan, Meriden



As I’ve watched State Rep. Mary Mushinsky campaign ahead of this fall’s election, I have been impressed once again at her wide knowledge of the issues that are important to us in Wallingford.

She is ready to go back to Hartford to take more action against crime, improve our schools and fight the tragic drug abuse crisis among young people. She favors more tax relief and funding for economic development as Connecticut works to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the inflation it has caused. Mary deserves your vote on November 8th.

Dawn Thomas, Wallingford

Vote Arata


Every week for the past two years or so, it seems as though the juvenile crime rate has skyrocketed. CT Republicans, like Lou Arata, are in support of expanding “the circumstances under which juveniles charged with certain violent crimes are automatically transferred to the regular criminal docket.” I am in support of that and want those representing me to also support this change.

Lou Arata does and signed the “Contract with Connecticut” which details The Protecting Our Communities Act. (Contractwithct.com) Vote for Lou Arata for CT House district 83 and other like-minded Republicans on November 8, 2022.

Edward Como, Berlin

Support Barillaro


I can’t wait to cast my vote for Nicole Barillaro on November 8th for probate judge of Wallingford. She is ready to lead on Day 1. Nicole has the background, drive, and passion that is needed to best serve this town. With years of probate experience, she is the right person for the job! This position is not political — it’s critical to elect someone who has an extensive probate background. Vote Barillaro for proven experience.

John Mooney, Wallingford

Support Hyland


I can’t wait to cast my vote on November 8th for Rebecca Hyland who is running for state rep of the 90th District. She will be a voice for everyone in Hartford. She is ready to work across the aisle to get things done for Wallingford and Middlefield. I have no doubt in her ability to serve us. I hope you will join me in supporting this amazing, qualified candidate on November 8th.

Chelsea Tripp, Wallingford

The future


Our local elections have become a popularity contest when we need to think in terms of a job interview. Vote for a candidate who has the experience necessary for the job. Nicole Barillaro is this candidate. She made probate law her career qualifying her to be our next probate judge.  

Mary Mushinsky and Liz Linehan have proven records of support for our towns. Rebecca Hyland is dedicated to working hard to bring needed bipartisan support to the 90th district sorely missing with the current representation.  

These candidates are the future of our community and deserving of your vote.

Fran LaFrance-Proscino, Wallingford

Vote Linehan


On November 8th, vote to re-elect Liz Linehan as state rep of Wallingford, Cheshire, and Hamden. Liz is a strong and passionate advocate who wrote CT's children's mental health law, which adds hospital beds, puts more mental health professionals in schools, recruits psychiatrists to Connecticut, and more. She also wrote laws addressing keeping our kids safe from predators online, in schools, and in sports. This work is pivotal post-pandemic. I can't wait to see what she does with another term! Vote Liz Linehan on November 8th!

Liz Schacht, Wallingford

We must work together


I recently spent two days on the picket line at Windham Hospital talking to healthcare workers. The conversations there were similar to the conversations I have had while talking to voters. People feel that they made sacrifices to get us through the last two years but are falling behind.

We must work together to ensure no one is disenfranchised. I am running for state Senate because I see it as an extension of my advocacy as AFT CT President. If elected, I will listen and fight as hard for you as I am for the workers on the picket line.

Jan Hochadel, Meriden

Significant ties


Patrick Birney has no significant probate experience. He does however have significant ties to the community including being a member of the board of trustees and executive committee at Masonicare. While these are admirable activities, they create a clear conflict of interest that cannot be ignored. If elected, Birney would be disqualified from hearing hundreds of cases each year. Wallingford residents would be heard by a neighboring judge, not their elected official, and court staff will suffer a huge imposition. In my opinion Patrick Birney should not be elected probate judge.

Jacqueline McFarlane, Wallingford

Vote Hyland


Craig Fishbein has not done a good job in Wallingford and I hope he is not going to represent Middlefield as well.

He has been controversial in Wallingford because of retweeting a racist meme and has alienated a number of voters. His last win was by a scant handful of votes. Rebecca Hyland is also an attorney — and has been a public defender, as well as a teacher. She includes everyone in her ideas and plans for representing Middlefield as well as Wallingford.

Please vote for Hyland and let’s be proud of our representative.

Susan Nathiel, Middlefield

Qualified candidate


If your house needed painting, you wouldn’t hire a portrait artist, you would hire a house painter. If you want a portrait painted, don’t hire the house painter, employ the portrait artist. Both paint, but each specializes in painting something very different.

Wallingford needs a judge of probate. Both candidates practice law. One practices many areas of law. Very commendable, but not the most qualified to be a probate judge. Nicole Barillaro is the qualified candidate for probate judge. It is what she has practiced since her legal career began. On November 8, elect Nicole Barillaro. Because expertise matters.

Tara Gorvine, Wallingford

Strong advocate


On November 8th, vote for compassion and drive. Vote for Rebecca Hyland for state rep of the 90th District. Fishbein has served in his seat since 2017 and has very little to show for it. What does he have? A list of no votes on critical bills like banning conversion therapy, safeguarding abortion, and common sense gun laws. We deserve a strong advocate in Hartford. Vote Hyland on November 8th.

Whitney Mooney, Wallingford 

Strong record


CT-5 District voters should consider voting for Congresswoman Jahana Hayes based on her strong record of lowering prescription drugs and infrastructure funding. Former Republican lawmaker Kevin Rennie in his latest newspaper column states; “Two Republican campaigns. One’s inspiring. One’s nauseating.” The latter reference is to George Logan, Hayes’s opponent. Rennie explains, “Logan appears to have concluded that the road to victory is lined with 2020 election deniers, and that is his tragedy….” 

Rennie describes Logan’s campaign an “embrace of the atrocious,”  so let’s vote for someone that will stand up for working people and that we can be proud of; Jahana Hayes!

Steve Schrag, Waterbury 

Attentive to details


I have had the privilege of having Attorney Nicole Barillaro represent me on more than one occasion. She is very knowledgeable of the law and is attentive to details.

She goes over and beyond to ensure her clients’ matters are resolved properly.  She conducts herself professionally, while using compassion and empathy with her clients during difficult times

Through her experience, she has prepared herself well for the position of probate judge, and Wallingford will be fortunate to have her serve. She has proven to be an exceptionally hard worker and I have no doubt that she will do an excellent job.

Margaret L. Plourde, Wallingford 


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