LETTERS: A Wallingford election reaction, do something about the Meriden senior center

Bad shape


Has any of our city officials of “Meriden” been to the senior center lately?  Well, you are so concerned about the library and passing out all this extra money, take a few minutes and see how this facility looks! It is in bad shape. We, Meriden, should be ashamed of this facility. Just a reminder to the people passing out this taxpayer money and COVID money.

The people using the Senior Center have been taxpayers for years and years and years and this is what they get for paying taxes all those years. As the saying goes, “seniors built this city one brick at a time.”  So let’s get a better building where we, the seniors of Meriden, can be proud of and not have a old dilapidated facility (the old Grants building) where we are more embarrassed of.  

Ray Bednarz, Meriden



Congratulations Mayor Dickinson. Is this a world record? The race was a very close one indeed, which is a reflection of the town wanting change. I congratulate Mr. O'Connell too for running an impressive campaign.

Change doesn't come overnight. I don't dislike the mayor. We live in a fine town, however there are concerns that need to be addressed; why is he vetoing so many council budgets and proposals? I can see many symptoms of distress and undermining from the mayor in the guise of saving money. We need to come together and address these issues.

PS: I posted this on Facebook but I wanted the mayor to read my comments.

Ellen Paiva, Wallingford

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