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Letters: Support for candidates in the upcoming election

A mistake?


Recent letters have stated that a candidate for mayor cannot be successful without first holding a local political office. If my memory serves me correctly, young Bill Dickinson was elected without previously holding an elected position. Are Republicans now suggesting that his election was a mistake? I find Riley O’Connell a man of integrity, intelligence and common sense regarding the issues. I‘m confident he will deal effectively in updating technology and the many infrastructure issues we face. People know our town government has become stagnant and stale and I’m more than ready for Riley O’Connell to become our next mayor.

Donald Wailonis, Wallingford

Ideal candidate


I am writing to support Maria Scarlett for a seat on the Meriden Board of Education. Maria's passion, expertise, and exceptional character would contribute to the advancement of our community's educational system.  Her communication skills, leadership abilities and open-mindedness, make her an ideal candidate who can effectively collaborate with colleagues, parents, and students.  Maria understands the challenges educators face and actively seeks innovative solutions. Her commitment to inclusivity demonstrates her dedication to providing a nurturing and positive educational experience for all. I hope that Maria Scarlett's candidacy is considered favorably by the Board.

Gabriella Goldja, West Haven

New vision 


I’m writing this email in support of Sean McDonald, Sean is a credible candidate who is committed to the City of Meriden, he has a new vision to help revitalize the community, he supports transparency in city government. New faces and new ideas will help this community become a vibrant place to live and work. I am certain that Sean has the ability to work collaboratively with other city officials. Sean has been a mentor and a positive role model in my son’s life at Edison Middle School. I hope he does well on Election Day!

Linsey Walters, Meriden



Wallingford voters  vote for Jennifer Passaretti for BOE. Jen is currently serving her first term on the BOE.  During her short (but busy) time on the board, I have found her to be passionate about Wallingford’s students and staff. I have spoken with her on several occasions about some concerns/questions which I had this past school year. Jen responded promptly to my emails asking clarifying questions and has asked questions during Board meetings and on her own time. She has proven herself to be worthy of this unpaid position and truly cares. Vote Passaretti on Election Day!

Suzanne Sullivan, Wallingford

Stop and think


Please STOP and think how you are going to use your vote. Are you going to use it on someone who has never done a budget?  Has he ever negotiated union contacts? Vinny Cervoni has the experience to do all these types of things to keep Wallingford affordable and safe. Vinny will have my vote. Don’t allow Washington D.C. politics to Wallingford!!

Kathy Berry Prentice, Wallingford



For the upcoming election, there is no choice at all for the office of mayor. Vinny Cervoni is the only candidate with experience. Personally I do not want a person who does not have the experience setting my tax rate or managing our multimillion dollar budget.  Vinnie has years of experience on the town council, is a successful attorney, and has worked for other municipalities as well. He is the only choice  for me!

Karen Grana, Wallingford

Unique opportunity


I am writing in support of Maria Scarlett’s candidacy for a seat on the Meriden Board of Education. I have known Maria since 2021 in an Advisor/Advisee capacity.  During these years, I had the unique opportunity to learn of Maria’s life and career goals. Her driving force is community advocacy, especially in the advancement of education and representation of marginalized populations. Maria is creative, holds several college degrees, written a series of short stories, and has a funny sense of humor. She will be a strong addition to the BOE’s committee members.

Wanda Warshauer, New Britain

Unbiased broker


Greetings to our Meriden families, my name is Maria Scarlett, and I am running for a seat on the Meriden Board of Education. I am a minority and a mother of four minority children. I will serve as an unbiased broker for students, parents, and guardians in Meriden. It is said that language is one of the principal ways people define themselves.

Through language people establish alliances within their community. Many minority communities believe that educational institutions are the pathway for their children to economic opportunity. If our Board of Education is not providing the right programs for these communities, language barriers not being addressed, cultural diversity not being recognized, then we are failing our children and their families. It will be my mission to ensure that the Meriden Board of Education provides equal opportunity to all students regardless of race, gender, age, religion, language, ethnicity, national origin, and disability. Educational decisions for our students and our BIPOC families cannot remain status quo because some are afraid of change. It is the right of parents and students to make demands and to ask questions. The future of our students and our communities is at stake. The Board of Education must connect and sensitize with our minority students, met them, and learn about our different cultural perspectives. The demographics of the City of Meriden are changing which may create challenges, but it is the responsibility of the Meriden Board of Education to meet those challenges head on. It is imperative that the Board of Education change their assumptions on what diversity is in the schools and in the classrooms.

Change can only happen with a vote. Vote for change on November 7th.

Maria Scarlett, Meriden



In a search for leadership, no business or corporation would look to the least experienced individual to lead them. Do not vote wROng. There is only one candidate on the ballot that has spent the last 13 plus years learning what it takes to develop the qualifications, experience, and capabilities to fill the upcoming vacancy.

He is fiscally responsible and has the integrity, devotion, and fortitude to lead Wallingford into the future as its Chief Executive Officer. Please join me to elect Vinny Cervoni for mayor in November to make Wallingford shine even brighter.

Marc Landow, Wallingford

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My journey  


My journey to the Democratic Party began in 2017 when, amazingly, the Southington Republican Town Committee made it loud and clear that they were against stronger ethics. As I watched over the last few years, things within the Republican Party continued to deteriorate. Leaders left and “yes men” took their place. Republican leaders listened only to themselves and not to the people, resulting in bad town policies and decisions. One could not have their own mind. Joe Markley, I think, summarized the situation best. 

As a lifelong Republican, I had a difficult decision to make. What was more important, my party affiliation or working to put this town back on track? From the very beginning, the Democrats backed our ethical reforms. Not for political reasons, not for a “gotcha” moment, but because it was best for the town and the people who live here. Joining the Team Southington Democratic ticket was easy for me. They believe in honesty, transparency, and fair treatment for our citizens. Please support Team Southington’s effort to bring these values back.

Edward Pocock III, Southington 


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