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Change needed


It is time to vote for Chris Robertson, 16th Senate, to change the divisive politics the current senator embraces. I attended the Board of Education 9/22/22 and watched the antics of our current state senator with his extreme radical views. He helped orchestrate a made-up controversy that made its way into the national news, embarrassing the Southington and 16th district community over vocabulary words. Our current senator exposed his extreme radical agenda and views, even holding a sign to protest the teacher and vocabulary words. We need a change in the 16th. On election day vote Chris Robertson.

Margo Raymond, Plantsville

No choice


SuperPACs are attacking Jahana Hayes (D-5th) with millions of dollars of ads.  The picture they paint is nothing like the truth.


of her major pieces of legislation were signed into law, by President Trump and by President Biden. Her opponent, who was moved at the request of the national GOP, will vote the party line

every time

. Those who haven’t were drummed out of the party and out of Congress! 

So, you can vote for constituent champion, or for a party drone who will follow orders. There really is no choice! Vote for Jahana Hayes on November 8th!

Martin E. Cobern, Cheshire

Vote Democratic


Gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski and Congressional candidate George Logan are trying to put distance between themselves and the toxic GOP extremist brand. Voters shouldn’t believe it.

If elected, they’ll take orders from a GOP base favorable to violent far right militias, racist cruelty and authoritarianism. Stefanowski accepted the support of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who has exacerbated cultural divisions. Logan would vote to make Kevin McCarthy or another insurrection defender Speaker. Whether or not he’s a “traditional Republican,” he’d empower dangerous radicals like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Voting Republican in 2022 risks undermining democracy. Vote Democratic November 8 to defeat extremism.

Hank Hoffman, Wallingford

Support Hyland


We ask those residing in the 90th District to vote Rebecca Hyland on November 8th for state representative. The current representation isn’t worthy of this elected position.

He should have resigned after retweeting a racist meme and being condemned by his political peers. His views do not represent those living in the district. Let’s not forget his No vote on the insulin bill in 2020. Rebecca will focus on the issues that truly matter to the citizens of our district like improving healthcare, education, CT’s economy and addressing juvenile justice. VOTE HYLAND!

John & Diane Dirzius, Wallingford

Support Mushinsky


State Rep. Mary Mushinsky is campaigning door-to-door, asking her fellow Wallingford residents to let her keep working hard and smart for them in Hartford. Her opponent, Kerry Lentz, completely unqualified, is hiding behind social media accounts filled with wrong-headed cliches provided by her party’s state headquarters. She failed to show up for the campaign’s only televised debate. We don’t know why. Was she afraid she would be exposed for what she really is — a one-issue, anti-science, anti-vaccine extremist? Mary Mushinsky deserves your vote on Nov. 8.

Dana Camp, Wallingford

Vote for Hyland


Support Rebecca Hyland as state rep in the 90th district. She will promote safer streets and defend laws for gun safety. Her opponent is challenging CT’s post-Sandy Hook gun laws. But no one in the U.S. should be harmed by an AR-15 rifle that can rip a body apart. Our existing state laws for gun safety require permits, fingerprinting, safety classes. CT law also requires background checks for applicants for firearms. CT has the fifth lowest rate of gun deaths in the country.  Vote for Rebecca for our safety as well as that of others. 

 Robert Elder, Middlefield

Vote Mushinsky


State Rep. Mary Mushinsky needs our votes on Nov. 8 to keep serving Wallingford in the hard-working, productive ways that she always has. Over the past three years, Mary has worked to help our town overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. To boost our recovery, she supported aid for economic development and the town’s schools. Her opponent is an extremist, opposing vaccinations and other protections to prevent this deadly virus from spreading among school children, their families at home, and our teachers. We must reject an anti-science, single-issue candidate who offers the Wallingford community only dangerous nonsense.

 Alida Cella, Wallingford



Did you know there are taxes and fees which cost more to collect than the revenue they generate? Read that again. Yes, this is happening in Connecticut!  According to the Yankee Institute in 2021 Connecticut levied over 340 taxes and fees on its citizens. Enough is enough! Lou Arata is a candidate with the fiscal smarts to understand what is happening at the legislature in Hartford, and is in full support of repealing the taxes and fees which cost more to collect than the revenue they generate. Vote for Lou Arata to represent us for a better common-sense Connecticut.

Doug Noble, Cheshire

GOP governors


In 1991 I demonstrated in opposition to a state income tax. Gov. Lowell Weicker, a lifelong Republican turned independent to cloak his true party affiliation, referred to the demonstrators as ignorant blue collar workers. Weicker, a 20-year Republican member of Congress, signed into law the state income tax. A twice convicted felon, Republican Gov. John Rowland, had to resign as governor in disgrace and serve jail time. When Republican Jodi Rell left office Connecticut had a state income tax and a $3.4 billion budget gap.

John Rush, Meriden


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