LETTERS: Candidates thank voters for support

What is best


Thank you to the voters of Wallingford for electing me to the Board of Education. I appreciate the trust they placed in me to do what is best for our students and community.  

The mission statement of Wallingford Public Schools is “to inspire through innovative and engaging experiences that lead all learners to pursue and discover their personal best.” 

I look forward to working with my fellow board members to continue that mission.

Donna Regan, Wallingford



I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to our citizens/ businesses/ first responders who have continued to believe in me as a voice for the people, not a party!

As promised, I will never support defunding the Meriden Police or Fire Department. Factually it has been proven that we do not need a Citizens Review Board in Meriden. We have a Public Safety Committee in place. I shall not endorse cancel culture nor critical race theory in education. No apartments on the Meriden Green. Stronger state laws are needed on the books for violent youthful offenders.

I support a referendum vote on all large ticket items in Meriden & a new senior center is needed. Greater support is a MUST for our veterans and our veteran organizations.

Thank you to my friends who made the time to send in your Readers Opinion letters to the R-J — along with the residents and businesses who placed my campaign signs on your lawns — “For God & Country.”  

Thank you to Meriden Police Local 1016 for your endorsement — along with our firefighters and 1st responders who supported my campaign. I salute the American Legionaries, SAL members, friends and neighbors who supported our campaign on election day. Proud to be an American & represent you!  

Bob Williams Jr., Meriden



I want to take a moment to thank the town of Wallingford for supporting me in the 2021 Board of Education election. While the campaign was exhausting and time-consuming, it allowed me to meet many wonderful people who taught me a lot about what is important to our town’s residents.

Education is at an important crossroads as we are looking to accelerate student learning coming out of the pandemic while ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment for all. I look forward to working with parents, students, teachers, and administrators to address these matters in a way that keeps us united in a vision to prepare all students, starting with our youngest learners, for the future. I will always make the best interest of the town my top priority - ahead of party politics or any personal agenda.

Wallingford elected nine wonderful individuals to the Board of Education. It will be a tremendous honor to serve alongside these fantastic people. I congratulate everyone who was elected to all three positions this past election, and I want to thank everyone who is serving in office this past term for their dedication. I also want to thank everyone who ran for office for their desire to serve the town.

Rajan Doering, Wallingford



I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me in my campaign to be re-elected to the Southington Town Council. I am honored to have been elected to the council in the past and am equally honored now. I am very proud of my previous work and am committed to continuing to serve our town to the best of my ability. I will proudly represent the people of Southington for the next two years and am looking forward to working together to address the challenges that lie ahead. A special thanks to all the people who helped me throughout the campaign, including my Democratic team. I am very grateful for everyone’s support!  As always, any resident can call me at (860) 628-4115 or e-mail me at cpalmieri@southington.org with any town issue or concern. 

Thanks again!

Chris Palmieri, Southington



As you ramble on through life, brother, remember to  keep your eye on the donut not upon the hole. Became an octogenarian. Here’s a few comments on life.

2nd Amendment: When you apply for a pistol permit it requires a background check. Any criminal possessing a cartridge or weapon is a federal mandatory 10-year sentence. 

Global warming: A big HOAX on destroying American wealth. Weather is always changing. Big government is going to punish you with a carbon tax. No sane person can prove government spends our money better than we can.

Immigration: My father and his generation are turning over in their graves. He played by the rules and made it in America. Today government gives people freebies and they will depend on it forever. Example, LBJ's great society. Wasted trillions. Canadian border still closed. Southern border wide open. Biden invited everybody.

Covid 19: Got both shots, still contracted Covid and survived.

Bridge to nowhere: Couldn't cross Pratt St. to reach the bridge. Owned a diner on Pratt St. 1947 to 1962 always had the same problem. We are spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money on downtown Meriden. You can’t revive a dead horse. They answer you with word salad. “Oh it’s federal money, state money.” Wake up, it’s our money.

Three questions: Who is paying for all illegal border crossers? Why aren't the parents of children 18 and under being held responsible for their activities? What’s my fair share?

I am the NRA. I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. Give me liberty or give me death.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

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