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Letters: Elected candidates thank voters

Wonderful progress 


I want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to vote in the election. I am very excited to announce that I was re-elected to the Board of Education. The past two years have been a wonderful (albeit time consuming and emotionally taxing) journey, and I am very grateful to have had a team of eight fantastic fellow board members to work alongside. We have made wonderful progress in many areas, including coming out of the pandemic, switching bus companies, and watching our adult education program grow.

As a first-term BOE member, I loved being able to serve on many different committees with the district. I look forward to continuing to advocate for the best interest of our students.

I want to take a moment especially to thank our two board members who did not seek re-election, Ms. Castelli and Ms. Raccio. They have both been wonderful mentors to me during my first term. Those will be big shoes to fill, but I trust that Ms. Raynis and Ms. Rossacci are the perfect individuals to be joining the board. A big congratulations to everyone who was elected. I look forward to working together with this amazing group. 

Rajan Doering, Wallingford

Opportunity missed


How disheartening to read Mr. Knight's commentary on Nov. 10, 3 days after the election. With the election over, and his friend Mr, Cervoni now mayor-elect, he had an opportunity to congratulate the winner and acknowledge the hard work of a young challenger, Mr. O'Connell, and his supporters.

Instead he chose to state, "Wallingford voters chose wisely" that  Mr. Cervoni was "far, far, far the only qualified candidate to lead Wallingford town government,” noting his preparation, experience and maturity. He then described everything he didn't like about the campaign, that had already been fully covered in the R-J  prior to the election. He then denigrated voters of Mr. O'Connell's generation as being uninvolved in the town, with no experience evaluating the best candidate etc.  before acknowledging that "hey, O'Connell did receive almost 7,000 votes." 

Apparently, it did not occur to Mr Knight that almost 7,000 voters did not agree with him and likely were of all ages. It is quite possible they did not consider their vote “unwise.” Like it or not, Mr. O'Connell deserves thanks for his hard work in running. With the election over, it is time to show maturity and let go of your anger, Mr. Knight. In Wallingford rather than Washington, a commentary about everyone uniting for a better Wallingford, to support the new mayor with perhaps a discussion of what he has to offer would have been much more positive. Opportunity missed.

Joan Moore, Wallingford


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