LETTERS: Saying no to the pot shop proposal in Meriden

Unfair image


I am pleased that the Meriden BOE has stated their opposition to this end run to open a pot store downtown. The consensus I'm hearing is a hard “no” to it also. In this day and age of trying to discourage youths from smoking and vaping the decision is even wiser.

In 2017, over the objections of Councilor  Walter Shamock and others, the property owner was given permission to purchase a strip of land to include a back door for a restaurant and or brewery which never came to be. There was much discussion due about a lawsuit that had been filed. A restaurant/brewery would have been great.

I doubt the veracity of the statement that present business owners support this proposal. Businesses already suffer from lack of parking, a traffic study would prove it would only add to the issue.

If the City goes forward bringing back two-way traffic, which I hope it does, parking will be next to impossible during construction.  

There are plenty of areas on the west side that have ample dedicated parking.

It would put those that use the Senior Center in peril with lack of parking already a problem. To suggest that the seniors would be customers smacks of ageism.   

There would be no way to stop consumers from chewing a gummy, etc., on the sidewalks, becoming high. This is not the image the City of Meriden should ever have.

We already fight an unfair image, let’s not add to it. This link my cousin, originally from Meriden, sent me shows the nightmare happening at another location in MA where he lives.

Don’t let it happen here.


Loretta Edson Parisi, South Meriden

Let’s do what we need to do


The police in general deal in part with split-second decisions with an element in society, on a regular basis, that the average person hopefully never sees or is involved in within their lifetime. Not all were taught as youth, “Be careful whom you associate with because you/we can become to be as those we associate with. It’s easy to fall in with, difficult to maintain individual standards”. Like any profession or business, some are better at it than others, as some are more gifted in that area than others. As professionals the police are (hopefully) properly trained and have hundreds of years of experience and knowledge available to them in their profession to guide them, as we have to ours. As we (non-police) have internal and external standards and means of clarification, evaluation, correction in our professions, they have the same in theirs. Every person is a fool in another person's occupation. But every person has the right and ability to ask questions and be given answers in response to them in the manner in which the request was made. There is a difference… and ultimately in the free society that we have here in the U.S.A, we all answer to the general public! Let’s do what we need to do to be safe out there people!

Lauren Humpage, Meriden

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