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Letters: The results of the Wallingford mayoral race, and a thank you to voters

Vigorous campaign


Riley O'Connell ran a vigorous campaign. Riley is dedicated, a quick learner, and most certainly paved a path for himself. He is a Wallingford resident, born and raised here, and a soldier. Many exclaimed that Riley O'Connell didn't have enough life experiences. I myself was very impressed with his resume, especially his go-for-it attitude, plus he has a vision for Wallingford, CT. He's achieved a stately amount for a man his age.  

The beauty of this country is that anyone can run for public office because it is "of the people, by the people" (Abraham Lincoln) and not just lawyers and the oligarchy. Riley ran two campaigns in 4 years. I must say, I haven't witnessed that much vitality in any of the local campaigns for as long as I've lived here. I felt Riley brought much to the table and shook up a lot of people who were stuck in a routine. The after-effects are still being felt. It's a wake-up call to those who are comfortable with the status quo.  His campaign made it clear that not everyone believes that everything is just fine here in Wallingford, CT. 

I didn't say I didn't like Vinny Cervoni, I was just ready for a more progressive change of pace. Change doesn't happen overnight. Taking it gradually, I now believe Vinny Cervoni will make an effective transitional elected official. 

Riley O'Connell recently sent out an email stating, while I can tell you that this is officially the last time I will run for mayor, I promise to never stop trying to make our community a better place; for our future, and for all of our futures.  I certainly hope in the years to come he will reconsider running for mayor of Wallingford, CT.

Ellen Paiva, Wallingford

Looking forward


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me in my campaign to be re-elected to the Southington Town Council. I am honored to have been elected to the Council in the past and am equally honored now.  I am very proud of my previous work and am committed to continuing to serve our town to the best of my ability.  I will proudly represent the people of Southington for the next two years and am looking forward to working together to address the challenges that lie ahead.  A special thanks to all the people who helped me throughout the campaign, including my family, friends, and democratic team.  I am very grateful for everyone’s support!

As always, any resident can call me at (860) 628-4115 or e-mail me at cpalmieri@southington.org with any town issue or concern. Thanks again!

Chris Palmieri, Southington


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