LETTERS: Help Southington’s Bread for Life; not a Krugman fan

LETTERS: Help Southington’s Bread for Life; not a Krugman fan

Help Bread for Life


Thirty-five years ago, Bread for Life served its very first meal. What began as lunch for 12 clients has grown into a soup kitchen, meal delivery to the homebound, group lunch for seniors living in subsidized housing, a children’s summer lunch program, a mobile food pantry, and a student snack program. 

It’s hard to believe that in our beautiful community there are people who just don’t have enough to eat. But there are many who have difficulty making ends meet. Last year we prepared and served nearly 35,000 meals to Southington’s most at-risk seniors, children, adults, and families. 

Hunger knows no ZIP code. No age. No race.  There is hunger and food insecurity right here in Southington. Bread for Life is here to help, but we wouldn’t be able to assist so many without the financial support of people in our community. 

Today, we ask you to help others by making a gift to Bread for Life.  Our annual appeal goal is $150,000, which will allow us to continue our critical services. Please connect with us on social media or visit our website to learn more about what Bread for Life is doing to meet the needs of those most in need. Your donation is vital to helping Bread for Life meet our mission to ensure no one is hungry in Southington.  

Mike Soltys, board chairman
Donna Ayer, executive director

Delusional poison


I look for ways to joyfully measure the shrinking remaining time Americans will have, to put up with the blindness of national Republican senators and representatives, who, through their current monumental delusion of seeing no impeachment evil in the control-less chaos, lawlessness and moral squalor of the Trump administration, are down to tightening their own collars of POTUS-fed “talking point” bluster.

Their — and POTUS’ — aim:  fulfill the hope to maintain power through oppression of the innocent. This pretense exists regardless of the outcome of the impeachment hearings, and of the 2020 election.

It’s no small coincidence — by the way — to read how fully the struggling leader of U.S. client state Israel now ratchets his self-defense stance on the indictments he faces, to the levels of POTUS-tested scorn and “just attack the...attackers” that serve only the speaker’s ego. That said, will leave this “coincidence” example of how the world is also now being POTUS-poisoned, with a wish:  that the never-ending crisis in Gaza, and other Israeli “settlement” areas outside Israel, will see resolution without the reversion to Arab citizen slaughter that has marked prior Israeli invasion events.

Back to the U.S.: To paraphrase author Thomas Pynchon, from his description of the sorry state of the mental health of a certain king (the title “king” is not outside POTUS’ ego realm):

“Neuropathists would recognize in him a desire to construct a self-consistent world to live inside, which allows him to continue the great damage he is inflicting on the world the rest of us must live in.”

Brian Smith, Meriden

For Paul Krugman


Mr. Krugman is quite the liberal Democrat troll. And quite the article. The dualism that we see for so long now of the parties vilifying each other is really fruitless and boring. If I may debunk just one of his contentions.  

Only Republican government officials leave government employment and cash in at the lobbyist feeding trough. Mr. Krugman refers to it as "wing nut welfare."  Despair not, Mr. Krugman, God loves Democrats too and has set aside for them CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and on and on and on including no doubt many lobbyist positions as well.  No counterpart?  Are you serious?  I suspect that the American public is going to reject the articles of impeachment and will let the Trump matter be settled at the voting booth. The economy is humming, Mr. Krugman. Good luck.      

Bob DeCarlo Wallingford

Positive relief


It is amazing and a great positive relief that, to a significant degree, gays of both sexes are beginning to achieve acceptance by many heterosexuals. We’re all human beings on this planet and under the same sun. I see this acceptance as a great positive advance for all mankind now and even more so as we advance into the future.

Phil Statlnder, Meriden