Letters: Wallingford ceremony, Highway tolls, Yalesville Fife and Drum

Letters: Wallingford ceremony, Highway tolls, Yalesville Fife and Drum

Thank you, Wallingford


I would like to extend a big thank you to the hundreds of patriotic Wallingford residents that came out on Nov. 11, to honor our veterans. There were only a few empty seats in the Dag Auditorium as young and old waved flags in appreciation of all those men and women that served to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

Beautiful music was provided by Lisa Zolkiewicz Ives, Daisy Lopez, members of the Junior Performance Academy and Fire Dept. bagpiper David Gade.

The Pledge of Allegiance was performed by World War II veteran Oyanna Tate and Legion baseball player Owen St. Amant. Boy Scouts and baseball players passed out programs and flags, while Legion Post 73 Auxiliary served coffee and donuts provided by local firms. 

Rev. Warburton provided spiritual inspiration while Air Force Sgt. Doug Newell spoke of his Air Force duties and his continuing efforts to assist hospitalized veterans. An excellent speech showing humor, compassion, and dedication. 

Mayor Dickinson and service officer Major George Messier presented service banners to six sets of parents of Wallingford young men and women currently in the military.

The ceremony was also attended by several council and board of education members. Color guards from the Legion posts, Boy Scouts and Police and Fire departments, showed their support. The Police Rifle Squad provided the volley following Taps by Natalie DiDominico and Aiden Barookey. Sgt. Zolkiewicz provided sound equipment and verbal commands. 

It was a  great coming together of many residents to put this program together to honor our veterans. A special thank you should also go out to the Veterans Memorial Committee for their efforts planning and coordinating this touching event.

I am honored to have been able to serve as Master of Ceremonies. Thank you, Wallingford.

David Gessert, Legion Post 187

 The ‘Tax Me’ state


Here we go again, more talk about tolls. The Democrats want to place tolls on highways. Don’t  we pay enough in this state? Lamont says it’s only for trucks, yah right. Once they get their foot in the door for tolls watch out motorists they will put tolls on all vehicles. Remember Gov. Weicker put in the state income tax, it was only supposed to be temporary, well, how did that work out for us?. We are still paying out on this tax. They must stay up all night and dream of how to tax us on something else. Lamont made promises before elected, once he got elected his promises went in the toilet. His campaign promises mean nothing. They should be trying  to make Connecticut more affordable. As it stands now people are leaving for lower-tax states. I can’t blame them. Retired folks are moving out. Remember who voted for the tolls next election then vote them out. Our state should be called Connecticut the Tax Me State, that should be on the welcome signs on the borders.

Debra Belancik, Meriden

Editor’s note: Lowell P. Weicker Jr., a former Republican, became governor of Connecticut on the A Connecticut Party ticket.

Yay Yalesville!


I enjoyed your recent article highlighting the Yalesville section of Wallingford. But this portion of our hometown also includes one more unique organization that continues to prosper, and is worthy of recognition. Many people across both the town and the state can identify the location of Yalesville as the home of the Yalesville Fife and Drum Corps. 

The original Yalesville Fife and Drum Corps was organized in 1883, originally as a modern corps. The group thrived for many years as a senior ancient corps, from 1903 to 1961, and as a  junior corps for over 30 years in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The current Yalesville Senior Corps was re-organized by several junior alumni in 1975. This still active group celebrated the 100th anniversary of Yalesville Ancients in 2017!

Many residents of Wallingford and Yalesville have performed over the years with the drum corps, and won numerous awards in playing and corps marching and appearance. Yalesville's traditional songs of the Revolutionary and Civil War periods can still be heard echoing through the village on Friday rehearsal nights.

Yalesville Fife and Drum performs in parades and events from April through October annually.  We proudly participate in the Masonicare Grand Master's Day each year, and will carry on the tradition of marching in the upcoming 350th anniversary parade in Wallingford on June 20, much the same as we did as juniors in the town's 300th anniversary parade.  

Yay Yalesville!

Bernie Lindauer, director, Berlin