LETTERS: Senior citizens need property tax relief

Seniors need tax relief


I am a 73-year-old widow and a homeowner in Connecticut for the past 38 years.

My concern is property taxes. Some states in our country no long require seniors to pay property taxes, Texas, Hawaii and South Carolina are a few. Seniors in most cases no longer have children living with them. My town does not provide garbage removal. What, then, are my taxes paying for? Yes, we need police, fire and snow removal, but I don’t thhk they should be funded by senior taxpayers.

I, along with other elderly citizens, are struggling financially, especially now with inflation! I believe that Connecticut should let anyone over the age of 70 to be allowed to forgo paying property taxes, or at the very least lower them. I recall Gov. Lamont promising to lower our property taxes and he did not!

I have spoken with the Town of Wallingford and was told my only option would be, stop paying, but if I sell or expire my next of kin, my children, would have to pay my back taxes. This is outrageous!

Our government can send billions to foreign countries, and will readily give free medical, schooling, shelter and Social Security checks to illegal immigrants but will not take care of their own senior citizens. We are suffering! This is something that I feel can and should be done. No property taxes after 70!

I think we earned it! Thank you for your time and attention.

Susan Farrell, Wallingford


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