LETTERS: Southington’s Bread for Life needs donations

No secret


It’s no secret that life hasn’t gotten back to “normal.”  And for those served by Bread for Life, whose “normal” was already troublesome, life’s burdens have only increased. Even here in Southington, food insecurity is a reality that has only gotten worse over the past year. 

■Each week Bread for Life prepares, delivers, and serves 470 meals to those in need in Southington.■We served 52% more meals to guests at the kitchen than we did at the end of 2019.■We experienced a staggering 195% increase in grocery bag requests.■We spent an additional $1.72 per lunch to cover individual containers, plastic bags, plastic ware, etc.

Bread for Life receives no town, state, or federal funding for the work we do to serve Southington citizens who experience food insecurity on a chronic basis. All funding comes directly from the generosity of our community. 

During these challenging times, the need has never been greater for support that allows us to do our work.   

As 2021 comes to a close, please consider making a donation to Bread for Life. Donations can be made online at SouthingtonBreadforLife.org or through the mail to PO Box 925, Southington, CT 06489. 

You will be directly impacting the lives of your neighbors who face the pain of food insecurity every day. 

Mike Soltys, Bread for Life chairperson

Donna Ayer, executive director

Three questions


Did the 300 Afghan refugees who just came to live in CT:

1. Show proof of a covid vaccination?

2. Show proof of a negative covid test?

3. Quarantine for 14 days upon arrival here?

Maryann Berluti, Southington

Voters should remember


Unfortunately, the Meriden Democratic machine cranked out more winning City Council candidates; some good, some bad.

There needs to be at least some change in council politics in the Silver City — but when?

My dependable cousin, Dan Zaborowski, ran for City Council at-large, but was predictably rebuffed by a mostly Democratic electorate.

Meriden voters should always remember that Dan served his country during the Vietnam war-era. A task not meant for the faint of heart. And he spent many years working for the United States Postal Service; also, an often thankless job.

If Dan runs again for City Council, will a brainwashed electorate give him the attention he so rightly deserves?

Joseph Alan Zaborowski


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