LETTERS: No need for a maintenance comimittee in Wallingford



I am opposed to the Town Council appointing this committee to do walk around maintenance of building and grounds, as Autumn Allison said that is the council’s charge and they should be responsible to go check things and bring them up to the mayor or responsible departments for review. It appears that there are certain individuals that run around town and pick things out and put them on Facebook as being the inspectors of building and grounds. If you or I are a resident and find something that needs repair we report it to the town councilors, the mayor or responsible departments! One day I was at Doolittle Park and spotted a defective piece of play equipment, so I reported it to public works and the next day it was looked at and repairs took place within a week! I didn’t need to go before the Town Council because I am aware of what departments take care of town-owned property!

Lets not take away the Town Council’s job, and put them to work for you as you elected them to be your representative. Call them when there is a problem and don’t wait for Town Council meetings to be on TV complaining.

  Raymond J Rys Sr., Wallingford

Brain function


According to a article in this paper by Jeffery Kurz (“The brain benefits of gaming,” 12/4/22),  gaming by kids for more than three hours per day improves brain function, eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and attention, multitasking, working memory, vision and exercising cognitive ability. I might be inclined to buy President Biden the latest version of PlayStation.

Frank Milano Jr.., Meriden



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