LETTERS: A retirement congratulations, an ‘impenetrable’ complaint



Our family would like to wish Julie W. (Woytowich) a very happy retirement from the Wallingford Library. We will miss her smiling face.

Congratulations Julie!

Tony Curcio & daughters Marie Wild
& Donna Condon, Wallingford



Ordinarily, I would address my letters to the editor to Glenn Richter, or the current poetry editor at the Record-Journal.

I hope that I am not breaching some sort of ethics that have crept in while I have been dozing, for the past fifty-plus years of readership. But I must, finally, screw-up my courage and complain about the columns featuring the impenetrable musings of Ross Douthat.

And while I ruefully admit at being at fault for repeatedly picking up the column with his byline, I plead senility for my reason for returning. Sixty-plus years ago, I knew a fellow classmate at St. Louis University that I respected and admired. His sir-name was also, Douthat.

He was student at the engineering school, and he carried, and knew how to operate, a slide rule. I was smitten. And so, sixty-plus years later, is it any wonder that I attempted to sneak-a-peek at the Douthat bloodline, by reading Ross Douthat’s stuff.


I tried it again, today, or maybe it was yesterday — my mind had been completely blown by his use of the “New English” phrasings, such as WOKE, ORTHODOXY etc., etc. 

What about giving your readership a little of the Old School English, and less of the Urban Dictionary's.

Lawrence Singer, Wallingford

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