LETTERS: ‘Profound respect’ for a retiring physician in Southington

Profound respect


My doctor, Andrew Guest, has just retired after many years of service to his patients in Southington.

I first met Dr. Guest about forty years ago, and have been his patient ever since. I felt comfortable from the second I met him. He was soft-spoken and kind, and really never changed from that day forward.

He dedicated himself to his patients. Always kind and energetic, Dr. Guest gave himself and always was available no matter what. If you were sick, he would see you. After seeing you, he would call even on a Sunday to check up on you. Yes, my friend, that was who Doctor Guest was no-holds-barred.

One time I experienced chest pains. I was on the other side of the state. Dr. Guest said go immediately to a hospital. I said “no.” He simply then told me to come in and kept his office open after hours to see me. He was always kind, considerate, and demanded the same from his staff. They, too, were nothing but the very best at all times.

I cannot say or express how much I appreciate his kindness and dedication. Dr. Guest, my physician for over forty years, is now retiring. I just wanted to express my profound respect and love for his many years of hard work to keep me healthy. Unfortunately, there are simply no doctors quite like him. When God made Dr. Guest, He definitely threw out the mold. God Bless You and Thank You. All of your many, many patients, including myself, are forever, in your debt.

Frank P. Cannatelli, Wallingford

Let’s shake that up!


Ever wonder how candidates in our town, state, and federal elections end up on the ballot? 

There are two town committees — a Democratic Town Committee (DTC) and a Republican Town Committee (RTC) — made up of members elected from respective party voters, who are responsible for endorsing candidates in their party. The party town committees are where it all begins; interested candidates make their case to their party’s town committees, whether running town-wide, state-wide or nationally.

Every two years The DTC and RTC hold their caucuses in early January to elect their members, and any party-registered voter can ask to be put on their party's ballot. 

Unfortunately, most years the only people who show up to vote are the ones who want to be elected. Let’s shake that up! Come out and vote for the people who are so intimately involved with choosing our candidates. It’s essential if you want to make a difference in local politics. Come join, volunteer, or simply vote in the caucuses. Your party represents you the same way the candidates do, and your voice is important!

The Democratic Town Committee’s caucus will be held at 6:30, January 5th at Dag Hammarskjold Middle School. Contact the DTC at chair@wlfddems.org for more information. We welcome engagement and participation. Democracy needs no less in order to survive.

Tara Gorvine, DTC communications chair, Wallingford


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