LETTERS: Political opinion from our readers

Time is here


Here it is four years later and is Connecticut really in that great shape? Lets face it, it isnt !  Crime is up, highways and roads and bridges are in lousy condition and yes we have a surplus! We were deep in the hole prior to pandemic money pouring in from the federal government. That is what bailed us out! Not the Democrats! Time is here. Vote Republican on November 8, 2022 !

Raymond Rys Sr., Wallingford

Wrong direction


We’re going the wrong direction. Democrats gave us crippling inflation and fuel costs, shortages and devastated retirement savings. Working people forced to pay others’ student debt. Defunding police and releasing criminals causing surges in violent crime. Uncontrolled open borders. Parents who oppose teaching kids extremist race and gender ideologies are labeled terrorists. We can turn this around. See ContractWithCT.com. Cut taxes and spending. Support police, victims rights, parents rights about their childrens healthcare and education. Ballot integrity. Vote Bob Stefanowski, George Logan, Leora Levy, Lou Arata, Joe Vollano. Dominic Rapini.

E. Barbour, Meriden 


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