LETTERS: A few observations and kudos to Peter Polack

LETTERS: A few observations and kudos to Peter Polack

A few observations


Congratulations Rob Kosienski on your elevation to head the BOE. With Rebecca Wronski and Ray Ouelette we can make some positive progress.

Good Luck to the Landmark Diner. Downtown is a dead horse. We have rehabilitated it several times since the 60s with no luck. How can you populate downtown with people supported by government? Ex: Affordable Housing.

Quote 17 Dec. 19 R-J Mr. Baillageon: “Meriden knocked down the Mall and planted some grass but will continue to struggle as the decision makers at 142 E. Main St. cannot get beyond a laughable and phony self boosterism that makes Meriden an island of despair surrounded by towns that are doing quite well.”

I travel around Meriden, it is filthy everywhere, no real business will locate here. City-owned lots grow like weeds. How many are there? History repeats itself and it often rhymes.

Lunch Box closed, Kays and Kogut Florist empty. Vacant propertries for sale. Look at the award-winning store building at Broad and East Main. We need more tattoo and piercing shops to complement package stores, pizza shops, pharmacies, pawn stores, convenience stores and tax-free mini churches.

We chased out a firearms business to Wallingford and it’s doing quite well.

Thank you RJ for common sense of Chris Powell and Len Suzio.

My state senator and representative are researching tolls and new taxes. You know what that means. Lowell (Weicker) said we need a state income tax for a few years to get back on our feet. Right. Stop the spending not for me but my children and grandchildren. Vote for tolls, Lose at the polls.

I am the NRA I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross. Give me liberty or give me death.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

A great example


A thousand kudos to Meriden resident Peter Polack for self-handedly cleaning up Hubbard Park. His selflessness provides a great example to children and adults of all ages. 

I knew Mr. Polack when we were students at St. Stanislaus School. I can’t say whether or parochial school education made me and Peter enviromentalists, but those priests and nuns did something right. The city council should commed Peter for his courageous efforts. 

Once again thank you Peter!

Let’s keep ALL of our parks clean!

Joseph Zaborowski, Meriden