LETTERS: Supporting Hochadel, supporting Democrats, supporting Arata

Attracting attention


If his weekly podcast remarks are to be believed, two-time loser Joe Vollano, (Congress-2006, Council-2015), will find my letter “hilarious.” Good. He’ll skip to the conclusion and ignore the details anyway. His 756 Facebook friends and the citizens who in their “tens” regularly seek out his YouTube postings will undoubtedly do the same. That, like many of Joe’s podcasts, though annoying, is not important.

But Joe is now running for state Senate. Other than attracting attention, what does he hope to achieve?  More importantly, what values would we empower by electing him?  Oddly, the answers were hard to find. His policy statements in this newspaper have been rather vague, except that he is in favor of lower taxes, (he can govern cheaper), and against the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools.  (As a designer of new state curriculum standards for middle and high school civics, I can assure him that nobody outside of UConn Law School is doing that.)  It’s really easy to rail against nonexistent threats.

So rather than rely on my beloved R-J, I turned to Joe’s website, his podcast, and the policy statements from his other attempts at elected office to get a clue. Here’s a sample… 

For:  Massive increases in military and police spending, especially weapons procurement. Return to a strong-mayor system in Meriden. Prohibiting public funding of abortions.  Repealing the estate tax. Ending affirmative action programs.  Concealed carry of firearms.  English as the official national language.

Against:  Restricting gun purchases. Funding scientific research. Expanding public assistance programs. Renewable energy.     

In essence, Joe wants a Connecticut that will not help you, but will punish people Joe doesn’t like. We’ve lived through this before — an amateur authoritarian whose public cruelty was tempered only by his incompetence and inexperience.  Never again.  I’m supporting Jan Hochadel.

Mike Reynolds, Meriden

Marriage equality


The US House just voted on marriage equality, to codify it into law. 157 republicans just voted against it. Against it. How could anyone be against marriage equality? How could anyone vote for a Republican. Look at any elementary school, a group of 4th graders, and look at the girls. Now imagine one of them pregnant. Raped. And tell her she has to carry that product of conception to term. Risking fistulas from a pelvis too small to give birth to a baby too large, resulting in urinary or fecal incontinence for life, because of YOUR misguided religious beliefs. A 10-year-old girl you do not know. This is what Republicans want for our 10-year-old daughters. Vote for Democrats. They care about our daughters, they care about marriage equality.

Kim Morris, Meriden

Support Arata


What struck me about Lou Arata is his common-sense vision for a more affordable Connecticut. Our state has potential, where families can afford to raise their children. There’s hope for good paying jobs with an economy where retirees can and want to stay. Lou Arata’s vision of lower taxation, less economic burden and improved affordability, where college graduates would want to remain in CT and even draw new Nutmegger’s to our state. Lou Arata is what CT needs. Vote for Lou on November 8, 2022.

Andra Lou Millerd, Kensington

The answer?


With so much pressure to purchase solar panels and electric vehicles, I would like to chime in with my take. First of all, what city, state or federal agency uses electric vehicles? Secondly, where are the solar panels on government buildings?

When the government starts to comply with their demands for an end to fossil fuels, I'll consider it. I think spending money on an electric car is a waste of money and time. In addition, what is the plan for all the cars powered by fossil fuels?  What is the plan, turn them in and crush them? Raise prices on fuel so no one can buy it or maybe shut down all oil production worldwide.

Well, what's the answer?

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford