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Letters: Candidates receive support from voters



It’s all about dedication: dedication to people, the community, and government service. I am a lifelong Southington resident. I attended the Southington school system K-12. After marrying my wife, Susan Uznanski Zoni, we purchased our first home here in 1976, raised two now-adult sons here, and started a business here.

I entered public service more than 20 years ago following an issue that affected myself and my neighbors. I loved the people I met and the process of working within local government to find needed solutions. In 2005, I was elected to the Southington Town Council and served for four years. In 2012, I was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly representing Southington’s 81st District and served four years as a state representative.

I believe in government and helping others to solve the problems we face as a community. I always intensively study the issues before me, ask the questions that need to be asked of all stakeholders, and process that information with care and diligence, to ensure my decisions are the best for the citizens I represent. My integrity is without question; I have never recoiled from the difficult decisions that I have made in the past or will make in the future.

I am engaged in the community through my public service as a member of Southington Rotary and Unico, co-chairman of the Southington Italian-American Festival and the Drive-In Committee, and the SoCCA board of directors. I am a past board member of the Chamber of Commerce and United Way and participate in and support many other local volunteer organizations.

In past elections you have supported me. I’m asking you to support me once again. I believe my experience and knowledge will represent you fully and fairly in a bi-partisan fashion as a representative on the Southington Town Council.

David Zoni, Southington 

Inspire changes 


This is your candidate Enileika López-Riddle. As we are closing into election I encourage you all to go out and vote, get involved. It is important that we move forward within Meriden education and I'm sure if elected I can help inspire changes for the better of the students, teachers and personnel. My intentions are to serve, to listen and most importantly take action. 

Let me help to be the voice, advocate and support that is needed within the board. In collaboration and partnership with fellow colleagues I am sure we can continue to do what is best for ALL children! I look forward to becoming your next Board of Education member!!

Enileika López-Riddle, Meriden

Skill set 


It is with pleasure to offer my recommendation to Nickimmy Hayes for the Meriden school board. I have known Nickimmy for over 5 years.  Nickimmy and I have served on the NAACP board together, where she is the VP and the education chair. 

She is passionate about the student’s education, their well-being, and educators as well.  Nickimmy has vast experience in education which will help her excel in this position.

I am confident that with Nickimmy’s passion and skillset she will be an asset to the Meriden BOE. 

Jennifer Williams, Meriden 



I proudly endorse my wife Isabel Rosa-Kaiser. She works at Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute. Proud mother of 3 children and grandmother of one. While not working, she does a lot of community service projects like Relay for Life, collecting equipment for veterans that medical insurance doesn't cover, volunteers at the Senior Center and school events. Most important are her skills and determination to help others in need, being bilingual will only further help in her Area.  

Please join me in supporting Isabel Rosa-Kaiser for City Council Area 1.

Robert Kaiser, Meriden

Maintaining assets


Riley O’Connell recognizes the importance of protecting and maintaining our town’s assets. In business terms, our assets are our competitive advantage. 

Community Pool was once one of our town’s greatest assets, a reason for people to move here. Now, it is decaying. Spending money is not bad. Spending money with no purpose or goal is bad. Investments require money, and investments are essential to innovation. 

Riley understands how to make targeted, intelligent investments designed to achieve a specific objective that will further advance the best interests of Wallingford. This is one key reason why I am voting for Riley O’Connell.

David Rooney, Wallingford

Not concerned 


As someone who ran against our mayor, losing  by 26 votes in 1987,  I’m impressed with Riley and asking my friends to join me in voting for him. Speaking with Riley, and reading his plans for Wallingford, I’m not concerned by his age. He’s worked for the DOJ in DC, now the Army Reserves, he’s intelligent, well spoken, right attitude for the job while attuned to the people’s needs.

Previously I voted for Republicans, what really mattered then, was the individual’s policy/vision instead of today’s divisiveness.  His opponent shows no leadership and aligns with the current mayor while opposing the people’s wishes.  

                      Peter Gouveia, Wallingford

Firm grasp


As the campaign season draws to a close, I am left thinking how great Wallingford and its citizens are! Having had the opportunity to speak with many residents, I believe that I have a firm grasp on what is plaguing them with respect to our town's school system. I believe I will be a great addition to the Board of Ed, and dedicated to making appropriate changes happen, while acknowledging what has worked well, in the past.

I have a proven track-record of getting the job done through my employment and educational backgrounds. I have an expansive repertoire for knowing how to listen, assess, and take action. For instance, in 2015, when the state suggested closing many DOL office locations, including two in my district, as chief regional union steward, I sprang into action.

The statistics showed that local offices were very important for the communities that they served. Centralizing offices to Hartford, and not having New Britain and Meriden offices would create devastation for the unemployed, mass transportation issues, and unnecessary wait times.

I testified in Hartford and brought suggestions and solutions to inter-departmental heads and commissioners. The problems that resulted when they decided to in fact close many of the DOL local offices were avoidable. This parallels much of what I am seeing with the idea to merge the two high schools — not to mention the biggest mass layoff that ensued bumping rights into multiple other state agencies.

Surpassing proper process, creating transportation problems, and not acknowledging program limitations, seem to be the concerns of the citizens when approaching the decision on the high school merger. Wallingford can do better! Much better! If elected to the Board of Education, I will work hard to make sure that Wallingford schools are the best that they can be.

Caroline Raynis, Wallingford 

Logical choice


Isabel Rosa-Kaiser is the logical choice for the people in Area 1. She is a lifelong resident who has dedicated herself to helping people through her profession and philanthropic endeavors.  She was the team Leader for our Relay for Life team and through her  leadership, hard work and motivation we not only reached our goal but doubled it.  This is the type of person who will work for the citizens in her area and not only hear their needs but make every effort to see they are met.  Meriden needs change, vote for strong leadership. 

Linda DeWolfe, Meriden

More efficient


I am proud to live with my family here in Wallingford for all of my life. I am voting for Vincent Cervoni because he understands how the town’s government works, and I think his pledges will help make the town government more efficient.

David Barberino, Wallingford

Passionate about pickleball


Thank you for the front page article and the editorial about Meriden's emerging pickleball players and courts. We are an ever growing and passionate group who love the game of pickleball. 

We encourage anyone interested in the game to contact us via the App "TeamReach" and become a member of Meriden's Pickleball Group by joining via the TeamReach app and the group "WPPBMer."

I just reviewed an article in the Record Journal dated April 20, 2020 writing about the intent to revitalize Meriden's oldest park Brookside Park. YES Meriden's Oldest Park. (abouthttps://www.myrecordjournal.com/News/Meriden/Meriden-News/Beech-trees-planted-at-Brookside-Park-in-celebration-of-Arbor-Day.html#gallery-1).

Haven't seen or heard much about the revitalization of the park. How about putting in 6-8 or more pickleball courts much like surrounding towns? What a great setting. 

The Linear Trail will be going through the park linking everyone to Brookside Park and maybe pickleball courts. Also linking the pickleballers to places such as the Dawg House, Violis, downtown, The Meriden Green and on and on. In addition to driving to Brookside Park's pickleball courts you could walk, bike or meander to and from the park via the Linear Trail.

I grew up on Britannia St. and later Orchard St in the 50s and 60s. My time at Brookside park was dawn to dusk all year long from spending time in the wading pool during the summer to playing basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, catching crayfish in Harbor Brook, summer park's programs at the park and walking the paths all year long.

Brookside Park needs that revitalization stimulus and pickleball courts could be the incentive to get it done.

David Grodzicki, Meriden

Amazing teachers 


I grew up never believing I was good enough. I was one of five children with parents who barely spoke English and were busy working odd jobs to bring food to the table. On a good day we had delicious rice and beans with chicken and on a bad day we had powdered milk and cornflakes we got from the food pantry. Needless to say barely making it through day to day under undesirable circumstances I struggled with school.

What then changed my didactic from feeling like a failure to a success. My amazing teachers. My 8th grade chemistry teacher and Mrs. Drauss my health teacher in HS. They both showed me I can  do anything I set my heart to. They never let me settle for less. They believed I could,  and if they said I could then it had to be true.

For years I held that standard of thought. I persued my nursing career at 17 and completed an associate degree by 19. I continued to pursue my bachelor, then masters, and am currently working on my doctorate.

The fact that I pursued my dreams, it opened doors for my family to do the same. Two of my other sisters are also nurses. I have seen first hand how education can shape lives,  break generational curses , and build communities. I know in Meriden I am not the only one with this story. So many have overcome so much.. What  is  the key to this success? Education.

When elected for BOE I will ensure that as a board member  we continue to meet the needs of Meriden children and educators.  I will work tirelessly to ensure that all children regardless of their background are given that chance to thrive. Every child deserve the opportunity to a great education.

Diadette Hernandez, Meriden

Unique community 


Many of our elected officials and their supporters seem to have forgotten why we’re here. We’re here to make Wallingford the very best it can be. An elected official should have one question in mind: Is what I’m deciding in the best interest of our town and its people? Full stop. I’m running unaffiliated for Town Council because I believe our town is on the precipice of a true renaissance. Forty years of the same leadership, whether you approve or disapprove of the results, makes us a unique community.

As a byproduct, it has also given us this singular opportunity to be reborn, redesigned and re-established into whatever we want our community to be. The future awaits, and it would be my honor to be on the front lines of our ever closer tomorrow. 

During the mayoral debate, hosted on the 25th, the lack of common decency and decorum which slowly permeated through the chamber hit its crescendo at the very end of the evening. It left the majority of the attending crowd, who were for the most part behaving in a manner that befit the event, with feelings of disbelief and discomfort. I was certainly one of them. Post debate, I overheard a couple stating Wallingford is broken beyond repair. I disagree. The quilt of our town may be tattered and torn but it can be mended. I won’t close with “please vote for me.” Instead, I will ask one thing: when headed to the polls don’t think in terms of Republican or Democrat, think of the candidate — are they willing to work with others regardless of party?

Choose the seamstresses and tailors who have the ability to mend the quilt. Only then can we move forward toward the future we deserve. 

Jason Michael, Wallingford 



This letter is being written on behalf of Caleb Cowles, Democratic candidate for election to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

As a co-worker and friend for over a decade, I am proud to list Caleb’s achievements:  a registered supervising sanitarian with the City of New Britain Health Department; a past president of the Connecticut Association of Housing Code Officials; a recipient of the Elks Lodge Citizen of the Year; and a volunteer at his son’s sports teams’ events.

Caleb will be an asset moving beyond his alternate role to become a full voting member of the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Donna Boga, Southington

New party 


The date was July 9th 2015. The day my mother breathed her last breath. A day later as my father grieved a fellow Democrat came to the door looking for my father's backing as he looked to be elected to her seat. Fast forward to today in Wallingford. It appears my Democratic party that I knew and parents loved has breathed its last breath.

What happened to supporting local businesses? What happened to cordial campaigns where honor, integrity and conducting oneself with character in addressing another candidate. Today's Democratic party would be unrecognizable to my parents. Hopefully, change occurs and order is restored. 

David Fritz, Wallingford 


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