LETTERS: Readers write about the upcoming election

Tremendous experience


I’ve read support letters for both Birney and Barillaro. Great, honest, caring candidates with one defining difference. Birney oversaw some probate case years ago. Nicole Barillaro, has managed the Probate, Trusts, and Estate Planning practice at Gambardella, Cipriano, handling $27 million in estates, helping individuals, families, and business owners protect what matters most. Attorney Barillaro has tremendous experience handling a broad variety of cases in probate courts throughout Connecticut, making her the best person to serve as Wallingford’s probate judge. This November we have a choice between two nice people but only one with years of probate experience, Nicole Barillaro.

Lou Faiella, Wallingford

Vote for Arata


I wouldn’t want a biological male in my daughter’s locker room. There are stories, unfortunately true, about some preschool and K-12 curriculum items that have no business in the education of our children. Lou Arata and other Republicans, under The Families First Act, want to support parents, guardians, and caregivers by assisting Boards of Education to include ALL Pre-K-12 curriculum materials on their websites and allow public comment on ALL agendas. Lou Arata is a proponent of transparency in all phases of our government, including education. Vote for Lou Arata for state representative 83rd District on November 8, 2022.

Maryann Santos, Meriden

Best candidate


Anyone that knows Nicole Barillaro and her experience will tell you she is the best candidate for probate judge in Wallingford. I'm going to take that further and say she is the only choice. Her experience is unmatched as she currently runs the Probates, Trusts, and Estate Planning practice at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway. She is entrusted with handling over $27 million in estates.

In addition to being exceedingly qualified, Nicole has focused on running a clean, fair race. She has played by the rules and listened to the community. For me, there is no other choice on election day.

Rebecca Arther, Wallingford

Vote Fazzino


In a Facebook ad, Lou Arrata claims he will “make public school curriculums public!” People responded stating the obvious — they already are. Curriculum is available on district websites, and approved at public meetings by BOE members we voted for.

Either Mr. Arrata doesn’t value the work of educators, parents, and BOE members who participate in this process or he doesn’t understand the job he’s running for. Whichever the case, he isn’t ready to serve as state rep. Jack Fazzino speaks to education issues like mental health needs, school safety, and teacher retention. He has earned my support.

Sarah Taylor, Meriden

At risk


In recent news not covered by The Record Journal, state Rep. Fishbein is representing the CCDL in a legal challenge to overturn Connecticut's assault weapon ban.

Connecticut's assault weapon ban was passed in 2013 following the Sandy Hook tragedy where 20 children and 6 adults lost their lives to a shooter. Since that tragedy our country has suffered similar tragedies in Parkland, Uvalde, El Paso with the list growing. Assault weapons do not make communities safer. They put citizens at risk as well as law enforcement officers. Representative Fishbein needs to be defeated on all fronts. On November 8, elect Hyland.

Stephen Monroe Tomczak, Wallingford

Your freedoms


The president said the economy is “strong as hell.” I want to know what the economy is in hell. All kidding aside, vote for candidates who will let you keep your freedoms, your money and not control your life.

Don’t let anybody running for office lie about using your hard-earned income to support everybody else. Vote no on constitutional amendment to allow early voting. Are you better off now than you were two years ago? I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. Live free or die.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden


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