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Letters: Readers and candidates offer opinions

High admiration 


Why Vinny Cervoni for mayor?

I ask you to vote for Vinny Cervoni to be Mayor of Wallingford. I have known this man for many years and hold him in high admiration for his keen, analytical mind and calm, kind demeanor.

He is also well known in Wallingford for integrity and honesty. Being the mayor of Wallingford means representing Wallingford throughout the state. I cannot think of anyone more prepared to do this important work. Wallingford needs this man as chief executive officer of our municipality. Through years as Town Council chairman, he has gained my confidence in his abilities.  

Jeanne DiGenova, Wallingford

Ideal choice 


Kristi Doerr embodies the qualities our town requires. With more than 20 years of experience as a CPA, she has adeptly overseen audits and budgets throughout her career, consistently upholding integrity and independence. Her role as treasurer for various town organizations has solidified her status as a trusted resource. At a moment when some current councilors are entangled in ethics accusations, I wholeheartedly endorse and cast my vote for Kristi Doerr – a candidate I have full confidence in.

Kristen Bourgault, Wallingford 



My name is Michael Votto, an incumbent of the Wallingford Board of Education. I am seeking your vote to continue my 22-year tenure on the Board of Education. I have used my 50 years as an educator to make important decisions affecting all children in our district. I have held all leadership roles of the Board and have been part of the many committees such as policy, facilities, school calendar, teacher evaluation, negotiator for the nine unions of the Board, etc.

I have made it my objective to closely follow the achievement of our students with their educational growth. The Board must make an effort to work in collaboration with families in order for our children to progress in all areas academically and socially.  The Board will continue to review throughout the year individual schools; improvement plans that address reading and math scores. While we have seen growth in scores, the Board needs to continue its efforts in determining why there is a disconnect between the growth recognized and the actual scores on the standardized tests. I feel a committee of the Board, Central Office, and teachers needs to be created as a beginning in investigating present instructional strategies and techniques and their alignment with state standards. I am a keen proponent of appropriate professional development to assist our professionals with various teaching strategies and methodologies but also with identifying and finding productive solutions for all the social issues that arise within our student population.

I am especially interested in overseeing all new and revised curriculum, teacher and administration evaluation, district climate, updating our Strategic Plan and continue to advocate for our children with special needs and their parents. I look forward to continuing my commitment to the children of Wallingford and hope for your vote on November 7th.

Mike Votto, Wallingford  



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