LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Every vote matters


I attended the Meriden state Senate and House debate. Republican Lou Arata announced, “Meriden isn’t cutting it,” and Republican Joe Vollano denied that Trump incited January 6th. The differences between the Democratic and Republican candidates could not be starker, including on a woman’s right to choose, reducing taxes, supporting diversity, and Meriden’s bright path forward spearheaded by Democrats (new high schools and athletic fields, linear trails, downtown green, renovated library and airport, Mills demolition, flood control). Every state and federal elected office matters, every vote matters. Please join me in voting for the entire Democratic ticket on November 8th!

Brian P. Daniels, Meriden

Nobody is perfect


Nobody is perfect. I know that I am not. In Hartford, I am guided by the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens.

I have actively worked on bills regarding child safety, domestic violence prevention, opioid abuse, equal protection for all citizens, gun safety measures, protections in the workplace, juvenile crime and public safety reforms.

You may not agree with every position I have taken, however if you too favor those principles, I just ask that you (and voters in Middlefield and Wallingford too!) consider supporting my re-election campaign.

State Rep. Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford

Clear choice


In today’s world, women do it all. They’ve broken down barriers and shattered glass ceilings, yet, there are some candidates on the ballot this year that feel women are not capable of making their own healthcare decisions.  This election, the choice is clear. I support Jan Hochadel and Jack Fazzino because they’ve committed to unequivocally protecting a woman’s right to choose. Over the past four years, Republicans in CT have proposed 30 pieces of legislation restricting a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare. The nationwide ban on women’s rights can happen here in CT.  Vote Democrat on Nov 8th.

Millie Torres-Ferguson, Meriden 

Support Hochadel


Support Jan Hochadel, who is running for state Senate in the 13th District. During walk-abouts in Meriden, Cheshire Middlefield, and Middletown, she talks to workers every day about their hardships and what the state can do to make their lives a little bit easier. Jan has an impressive resume, with a degree in mechanical engineering and careers at Pfizer and in Education.  She was the president of the American Federation of Teachers CT and she knows how to deliver results for families across the district. 

Mary Wolak, Rockfall

Dedicated representation


I would be proud to have Chris Robertson and Chris Poulos represent our town of Southington. I read this from the four Republican state candidates on the front page of the Southington Citizen on 10/21/22: “Proven conservative leadership to defend America and rebuild Connecticut.”  Clearly, they are not interested in representing Southington and have no problem telling you. We need dedicated local representation for Southington. Chris Poulos and Chris Robertson will listen and vote for our best interests. Time for a change to take care of Southington and its residents. Vote Poulos and Robertson on Election Day!

Effie Moutogiannis, Southington



As the election comes to the end please don’t be fooled by misinformation you will see that paints a candidate in a negative light. Don’t let the last minute negative

mailer or text influence your decision. The candidates have put their contact information: Web page, Facebook, emails and phone numbers on their mailers. Far too often, these negative tactics work. Ask yourself one question, the campaign has gone on for months, why send a negative message with misinformation a couple of days before election? The answer is simple, the opponent does not have time to respond. Please vote Nov. 8th.

Nathan Wilson, Southington 

Proud of my record


Serving our community has been the honor and joy of my life. People come to me with their problems, and I love being a problem-solver. A mother needs services for her special needs child; a veteran seeks to secure his rightful benefits; a small business must survive the pandemic. That is why I am here for you.

Then there is my work as a lawmaker. I am proud of my record delivering tax cuts to our families, winning funds for Meriden, supporting our schools, expanding healthcare, safeguarding our democracy, and much more. I humbly ask for your vote.

State Rep. Hilda Santiago, Meriden


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