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Letters: Readers support candidates for office

Unique skills 


Melanie Rossacci, Board of Education candidate in Wallingford, is a one-of-a-kind candidate. Her entire career has been focused in childrens’ health, behavioral health, education, and justice. She is a collaborator, financial manager, and development and strategic coordinator. Melanie has worked with stakeholders in many domains, bringing them together for the betterment of childrens’ mental health and access to the community. These are truly unique skills that will complement her work on the Board of Education. She is a professional through and through, and is raising her own family here in our town. She has my vote!

Anne Varrone-Lederle,

Sparse resume


Wallingford is fortunate to have countless members of the public volunteering to serve on its boards, commissions and committees, as well as to serve on boards of numerous not-for-profits supporting our community. However, Riley O’Connell isn’t one of them.

Other than working for Susan Bysiewicz’s campaign for 6 months, O’Connell has had ample time to contribute to our community, instead he has spent this time campaigning to become mayor. Given O’Connell’s sparse resume, rather than ranting about his opponent, he should explain why he believes he has the background/experience to become Wallingford’s mayor.

Rocco Matarazzo, Wallingford

For our students  


I wanted you to know that since my last letter to you, my campaign to be a member of the Wallingford Board of Education has been going very well! I have knocked on over 500 doors, and have met many amazing people around town. A few years ago, you would never would’ve seen me walking up Ward Street Extension, in August’s 90-degree heat, asking for votes. But I did and will continue on meeting and talking to my future constituents. After all, it’s worth it … for our students!

I have learned that one of the things that many Wallingford residents are concerned about is the safety and structure of our schools. During my employment with the Department of Labor, I served as chief union steward, and addressed safety issues that needed mitigation. From dangerously high or low temperatures in buildings, to burst pipes that flooded restrooms, to parking lot safety and threat/violence prevention, I learned to be quick-footed and nimble, while also protecting the rights of my fellow employees. As, the wife and daughter-in-law of retired municipal police officers, safety concerns have always been table-talk in my household, and through those discussions, I learned to think broadly when it comes to security and safety matters.

I believe that my experiences would be a productive addition to the Wallingford Board of Education, and I look forward to being part of the team that works toward providing the best educational opportunities for our students, young and old(er). 

On Election Day, find me on the ballot in Box 11B. In the meantime, I’d love to connect! You can find me on Facebook “Caroline Raynis for BOE,” on Instagram @CarolineRaynisForBOE, or you can e-mail me at carolinerayniscares@gmail.com. With more door-knocking on my horizon, I hope to see you soon!

Caroline Raynis, Wallingford  



I have known Caroline Raynis for many years, through law school and on the board of Coram Deo Recovery, Inc. In the time that I have known Caroline, she has been an extremely dedicated mother, wife, and friend. I believed she would excel on the Board of Ed and is a phenomenal candidate for the position. 

Aimee Nicolich, Wallingford



I'm voting for Elain Cariati for City Council at large of Meriden. Elain is a business woman and understands how to read a balance sheet and that bothers the incumbent and the Democrats who've been in control of the City Council for decades. Enough of wasting taxpayer dollars. I'm voting for no-nonsense and Elain Cariati.

Ileanna Flores, Meriden 

Consensus-building mindset 


I’d like to thank all the residents of Meriden who’ve engaged me so far in conversations regarding their vision for the city. Listening to diverse perspectives is the foundation of my campaign to ensure that all residents’ voices are represented on the City Council. This consensus-building mindset is what has served me well in my history of proven community leadership. The proof lies in the facts: whether it's in my role advocating for Meriden's educators as an elected vice president of the teachers union or overseeing financial growth and expanded services at Girls, Inc. as board president, I make sure that every decision I make is rooted in what’s best for the greatest number of people. That foundation of my values guides the vision I hope to bring back to the council, and I humbly ask for your vote on November 7th. Please visit chadcardillo.com for more information about me and what I've done so far. 

Chad Cardillo, Meriden  

Continually impressed 


I encourage all Wallingford residents to vote for Town Councilor Christina Tatta. I got to know her very well over the past four years and I am continually impressed. She is as caring and thoughtful as she appears; She is incredibly intelligent and full of wisdom.  She listens not to just my concerns, but the concerns of others as well. Christina is genuine and real. And she will always stand up for what she believes in.

Anthony E. Parent, Wallingford

Democrats have vision 


My family, my neighbors and I all love Meriden. Yes, it’s an old factory town that had seen hard times. But our Democratic office-holders never gave up. They have been turning our city around — brick by brick, street by street, classroom by classroom, business by business. We can thank our Meriden Democrats for having the vision, skill and tenacity to chart a positive future course. This Election Day, please keep our beloved Meriden moving ahead by voting for the Democratic team. 

Diane Kubeck, Meriden

Dedicated to Meriden 


I am supporting the entire slate of Democratic endorsed candidates for 2023. Meriden has been on a positive, progressive trend under Democratic leadership for the past several years and I believe that will continue. Incumbents like Kevin Scarpati, Mike Rohde, Sonya Jelks, Krystle Blake and Mike Cardona have shown they are not influenced by special interests and represent all Meriden residents. They are dedicated to making Meriden a better place to live and work. Vote for the Democratic team this November.

Mark Kosnoff, Meriden

Community Advocacy


I am writing in support of Maria Scarlett’s candidacy for a seat on the Meriden Board of Education. I have known Maria since 2021 in an advisor/advisee capacity.  During these years, I had the unique opportunity to learn of Maria’s life and career goals. Her driving force is community advocacy, especially in the advancement of education and representation of marginalized populations. Maria is creative, holds several college degrees, written a series of short stories, and has a funny sense of humor.  She will be a strong addition to the BOE’s committee members.

Wanda Warshauer, New Britain

Concern for taxpayers


Meriden is fortunate that Krystle Blake is running for re-election to City Council. She has repeatedly demonstrated her love for Meriden, her concern for fellow taxpayers, and her wisdom to help chart a responsible course for the city. She has been a strong, effective proponent of public safety, business development, youth programs, and mental health services.

Krystle Blake is joined on the Democratic ticket by Mayor Kevin Scarpati, City Clerk candidate Mike Cardona, and Council candidates Chad Cardillo, Sonya Jelks, Kirsten Misner, and Mike Rohde. These candidates, with your votes, will continue to move Meriden ahead.

Mary Sutera, Meriden

Earned re-election


Krystle Blake has surely earned re-election to the Meriden City Council through her hard work, smart decisions, and responsiveness to her constituents. She has demonstrated skillful dedication as chair of the council’s Human Services Committee, vice-chair of the Public Safety Committee, and council liaison to the Board of Education.

A lifelong Meriden resident, Krystle also serves our community as the assistant executive director of the Boys and Girls Club and as a National Mental Health First Aid instructor. We can eagerly look forward to Krystle Blake continuing her exemplary work on the City Council.

Gina McEwen, Meriden

Lost credibility


Meriden’s Republican politicians have lost all credibility. They only complain and refuse to recognize anything good that has happened. Their campaign platform consists of one word: “No.” They apparently long for a return to the 1950s, but nostalgia is not a blueprint for the future.

Meriden’s Democratic candidates will continue to move Meriden forward. They will reject the negativism and build on the genuine progress we already have made under Democratic leadership. They will do the serious, hard work of governance. The difference is clear. Vote Democrat!

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Modernizing technology


Wallingford faces big issues in the next two years, including modernizing our community technology. The O’Connell for Mayor campaign masterfully uses technology, accessing low-cost resources such as a Q&A simulcast on WPAA-TV and Facebook, and email for outreach and communication. O’Connell continually reaches out to constituents, not just his party friends, to ensure input from young, old, families, new residents, long-time residents, renters, homeowners, business owners and more. He has built his campaign with systems that can do outreach, collect input, and integrate it rapidly. I’m confident he can apply these tools for Wallingford to shine brightly.

Amy Enders Walsh, Wallingford 



In all my years of paying taxes in Southington, I think the first time that my taxes have gone down was under Republican leadership and that is incredible! I would like to thank the Republican leadership for choosing members of the Board of Finance who have a background and understanding of the financial requirements of our town. I think that it is incumbent upon us, as taxpayers, to elect people for positions which they are qualified for. Republicans lowered our taxes initially and then kept them low while improving our roads, sewers and schools. Amazing!

Sue Zabohonski, Plantsville

Proud to be running


Throughout my 26 years of public service the thing that I am most proud of is my ability to work with a great number of people with diverse backgrounds to get important projects accomplished for Meriden. Projects such as our beautiful linear trails alongside the Quinnipiac River and Hanover pond, the badly needed library expansion, renovations of both Platt and Maloney resulted from a lot of hard work and collaboration. I have been fortunate to work on great community events such as Meriden’s Relay for Life, Puerto Rican Festival, Farmers Market and the Dr. Martin Luther King annual scholarship breakfast, to name a few.

One of the proudest bipartisan accomplishments was my work as co-founder of the Flood Control Commission along with the late Phil Ashton. It never mattered to either Phil or me that he was a Republican and I am a Democrat. We jointly set our sights squarely on the goal of alleviating the flooding problem that had plagued Meriden for more than a century. After many years of hard work, Phil and I and a great group of commission members and city staff, were very pleased to see that the fruits of our labor finally rectified 70% of the flooding problem. 

I am seeking re-election to continue my work on the city council and I am proud to be running with a great group of candidates on the Democratic team. There are a number of important projects and opportunities for Meriden that lay ahead. I am respectfully asking for your vote so that I can continue to contribute my efforts to improve Meriden. Thank you. 

Michael S. Rohde, Meriden


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