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LETTERS: It’s more than bending the truth

LETTERS: It’s more than bending the truth



 I am writing to you in reference to an opinion piece from Ross Douthat, a conservative columnist for the NY Times, on 05/27 titled “How Liberalism Loses.” It was an interesting article that pointed out that liberalism was losing favor in the US and Europe. However, he probably should have waited a week until after the European Union elections, where the biggest winner was the Green Party.

He basically stated that the reason that liberalism is losing favor was that it has lost focus and hasn’t been aggressive about defining its message in contrast to the far right, which has been finding increased favor here and in Europe. The far right is not a conservative movement but a hate based approach to blame anyone who is non-white, non-Christian and non-native born for the aggrieved parties’ economic woes.

What Ross Douthat did not identify was the real reason for the rise of the far right. The rise of the far right is a concerted effort by right wing media and the Republication party starting with Ronald Reagan, followed by Newt Gingrich and the creation of Fox News, the propaganda outlet for the Republican party, to push an agenda based on lies.  We have a president, an AG, a Cabinet, a White House staff and the Republican lackeys in Congress that have no problem lying about things that are readily refutable.

Politicians have always bent the truth, but this new blatant lying without any worry that the truth will readily challenge the lie is new. Like Trump they do not care about the truth and they operate on the basis that if a lie is repeated enough it will be accepted by some as truth.

The bottom line is that a vote for Republicans is to support lying to the American people.

William Miksitz, Meriden