OPINION: Political letters from our readers

OPINION: Political letters from our readers

Keep up the great work


Platt and Maloney High Schools have been reborn as state-of-the-art learning facilities, a tribute to Meriden’s commitment to educational excellence for our students. These ambitious projects were delivered on-time and under-budget. They won major state funding, bringing tax dollars sent by Meriden residents to Hartford back home. Our local Democratic officials championed these projects, scoring yet additional successes in their impressive track record. Thanks to Democrats’ vision and competence, we are witnessing exciting new development initiatives and genuine optimism about Meriden’s future. Let’s keep up the great work by voting Democratic.

Phil Mangiaracina, Meriden

Ambitious, positive agenda


Kevin Scarpati restored dignity to the office of mayor, rejecting the incivility that preceded him. Democratic council members have worked with him on an ambitious, positive agenda for Meriden. Republican and We The People councilors persisted in their incessant nay-saying. We now have the opportunity to return Mayor Scarpati, to re-elect Cathy Battista, Mike Cardona and Sonya Jelks to City Council, to cheer the return of Mike Rohde, and to welcome newcomers Krystle Blake and Nicole Tomassetti. Yvonne Jimenez will bring fresh energy to the City Clerk’s office. Please join me in voting for the Democratic slate on Election Day.

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Support for Cipriano


We are writing a letter of support for Missy Cipriano, Republican candidate for Southington Board of Education.  Cipriano is an ideal candidate for the Board of Education; she is a strident of education, incredibly involved in our community, and intimately aware of the needs of Southington families.  

Missy Cipriano has a unique ability to break down barriers and bring people together. Her experiences, both personal and professional, make her one of the most fair and compassionate persons we know.  

She will bring a fresh voice as well as a strong commitment to community and quality of excellence to this position. 

Kylle and Donna Ayer, Southington

A perfect candidate


As the former owner of a Wallingford business, I'm Special Learning Center, I understand the needs of Wallingford businesses. As a town resident since 1979, I also understand the desires of Wallingford residents. This being said, I am proud to support my daughter-in-law, Christina Tatta, as a candidate for Wallingford Town Council. Christina has a strong background in business. She is also dedicated to her town, volunteering tirelessly to contribute to her community. Christina is a loving aunt to her nieces and nephews. Christina Tatta has the perfect combination of business sense, compassion, and experience to represent Wallingford as a Town Councilor.

Judy Tatta, Wallingford

No one else qualifies


The City Clerk’s Office has been and continues to be one of the most important and busy offices in government. There is only one candidate who has the relevant experience to guarantee the excellent service to the public, Denise Grandy. The public does not know how many loose ends of city administration this office pulls together. Denise Grandy knows. She was elected City Clerk in 2015 and has a total of 12 years’ experience and knowledge of all aspects of the position. No one else qualifies. Vote November 5 for Denise Grandy to continue as Meriden City Clerk.

Anna P. Neumon, Meriden

Keep Meriden moving!


Let’s keep Meriden moving forward. The Democratic team has demonstrated the leadership we need to make our great city even better. We have so much going for us: wonderful residents engaged in our vibrant neighborhoods; local companies that are growing and new businesses arriving; a central location at the intersection of major highways; delightful parks, the Hanging Hills and the award-winning Meriden Green; and a downtown transit-oriented district that is bustling with new development. If we care about the future of Meriden, if we want to maintain this exciting momentum, let’s support the Democratic ticket on Election Day.

Diane Kubeck, Meriden