LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Vote for Lou Arata


(Cathy) Abercrombie is a deeply entrenched partisan who has proven her interests lie with helping her party, special interest groups and herself; last year alone voting with her party 99% of the time.

How many of those votes were to lower your taxes? None.

Vote for the smart choice on your absentee ballot for Lou Arata or in person. Lou will work for you!

Sean McDonald, Meriden

The writer is chairman of the Meriden
Republican Town Committee.

Voting for Rep. Hayes


In 2018 I voted to send Jahana Hayes to Washington as our representative from the 5th Congressional District. She has real-world personal and professional experience and brings a fresh perspective to the challenges facing our state and our nation.

In Washington she has demonstrated a positive, can-do attitude combined with a thoughtful, pragmatic approach towards finding inclusive solutions to address the issues and concerns of the people she represents.

In her new role as a citizen-politician over the past two years, she has worked hard to earn our respect and the privilege to continue to be our representative.

Kenneth Steller, Cheshire

Supporting Rep. Yaccarino


On behalf of Connecticut REALTORS®, which represents 17,000 members involved in all aspects of real estate in Connecticut, we are pleased to relay that our Association has voted to endorse Rep. Dave Yaccarino’s candidacy for Connecticut’s State House District 87.

The Association carefully evaluates candidates in determining who may best ensure there is a positive environment for living in or transferring property in Connecticut.  Real estate is essential to economic recovery and stability in the state and helps to build communities.

We thank him for his commitment to serve, and we wish him all the best in the election.

Sincerely, Joanne Breen and James Heckman, Esq.

The writers are, respectively, president and general counsel of Connecticut REALTORS®.

Elections affect our lives


Government actions improve — or damage — our economy, environment, schools, health and more.  Positive progress in Meriden and with fighting Covid19 demonstrate the difference good government makes.   

Some politicians amplify and exploit fears and frustrations - dwelling on the negative to win elections and distract from real opportunities.  Democrats respond to society’s challenges with ideas and actions including Take Back Our Grid, and initiatives for our economy, environment, equality and more.

Registering and Voting Absentee are easy and important.  Find links at www.MeridenDems.com.  Act now.

Cate Rauch, Meriden

Skelps for small businesses


Mike Skelps fights for small businesses! In 2015, after his own successful business was threatened by a patent troll, Mike worked with federal lawmakers to draft bills to stop abusive trolls. This law protects thousands of businesses not just in Connecticut, but across the country.

This is the mark of a true leader. Mike is not a politician or attorney, but he got through to lawmakers on a vital bill to protect owners of small businesses. Owners who put their heart, soul and wallets into their businesses.

Mike Skelps has my vote on November 3 because he has demonstrated great leadership for us!

Luis Cruz, Southington

Advice for Mr. Trump


Mr. Trump called the Covid 19 pandemic a hoax. He told us to dismiss the advice of medical professionals. He mocks people who wear masks. He says it will just disappear. Our country has 4% of the world’s population and yet we have 20% of the world’s covid deaths. When grading his personal response to the virus, he gave himself an A+. Is that the same grading system he used at his failed Trump University? He should resign so Pence can pardon him. That way he can spend his final days at Mar a Lago instead of Otisville, N. Y. 

Susan and Nick Economopoulos

Our environment matters


Consideration of policy during national elections is a civic duty. With self-examination, despite uncertainty, we choose, the nation chooses. Hopefully results reflect the choice of voters, but because of voter restrictions and an Electoral College giving power to states over individuals, there’s no guarantee.

Values tell me behavior matters. Enough said. Our environment matters. Again, enough said. Studying science and candidate positions shows Democrats more supportive of sustainable conservation than Republicans. This is clearly evident in the votes cast, and the editorial series on climate change penned by Len Suzio (R-J 7/21/ 2019 to 8/8/2019).  I’ll support Mary Abrams.

David James, Meriden

Thanks, Rep. Santiago


Veterans lost and without access to healthcare facilities during Covid-19 gave me great worry, knowing the difficulties the VA faces when caring for veterans. House Representative Hilda Santiago of the 84th District, was a Co-Sponsor of H.B. No. 6001, an Act concerning Telehealth. This enabled veterans like me to gain access to our healthcare providers, thus taking away the worry of getting help when needed. My experience with Telehealth was incredible.  My needs were met, and all my questions answered. With leadership like House Representative Hilda Santiago we can rest assured her constituent’s needs are being met as well.  

Moises Elias Ortega, Norwalk

No end of taxes


Hello, I’m a younger resident of Meriden and I’m sick of all the high taxes. I feel like everywhere I look there’s a new tax on everyday products and services. It’s not uncommon to hear about some new tax they’ve created in Hartford. Every year when they release the state budget they create, other folks and I always see spending increases. The bottom line is spending increases means tax increases. I know that when it comes time to vote I’m going to vote for Mike Skelps of Middlefield, he will fight to stop the increased spending and taxes. 

Steven Cossette, Meriden

Proud of Linehan


I am writing this letter in support of our State Rep. Liz Linehan. I have never experienced a politician who so deeply and genuinely engages the community they represent. Whether someone is seeking direction on unemployment assistance or in need of help with the cost of their prescription, Ms. Linehan actively seeks to answer her constituents’ questions and address their problems. Liz Linehan engages those who disagree with her with a respect and grace that amazes me. I feel profoundly grateful to have such an accessible, empathetic, tireless, and determined advocate for our community.

Mitchell Forlenza, Cheshire

Support for Jinks


Many people will have heard that two Connecticut residents recently sued the Connecticut Department of Education over the school mask mandate, claiming that it places “an unconstitutional burden and restriction on the Plaintiffs’ fundamental right to an education, and is a denial of their right to equal protection of the law.”

What’s so appalling about this, beyond the fact that it’s nonsense, is that the plaintiffs are represented by Craig Fishbein, the Republican state rep for the 90th district.

Anyone who reads the paper or listens to the news knows that states with mask-wearing requirements saw their COVID-19 cases and deaths drop. The widespread use of masks is the reason why Connecticut has so few cases now. Nevertheless, Craig Fishbein was quoted as saying that there is no scientific proof that wearing a mask has any benefit (The Ridgefield Press, 8/22).

If he had his way, the entire population of Connecticut would once again be at high risk, starting with teachers, children, and their families. Going to school — already a fraught situation for many — would become downright terrifying.

Not only is Craig Fishbein dangerously ignorant, he is also failing in his duty by wasting taxpayer money.

Residents of Wallingford and Cheshire deserve better. They deserve someone who believes in science. They deserve a representative who takes their best interests to heart, spends their taxes wisely, and advocates for laws that keep them safe — not to mention alive.

Fortunately, they have another choice. Jim Jinks, the Democratic candidate running for the 90th district seat believes in science and advocates for the health of the entire community. He lives in the real world, where our choices have consequences not just for ourselves but for our community.

Tara Gorvine, Wallingford

Editor’s note: Some letters were submitted before the word limit for political letters went into effect.

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