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OPINION: Political letters from our readers

OPINION: Political letters from our readers

Outstanding progress


It has been so satisfying to see the outstanding progress and positive change that Meriden has made over the last number of years. It is important that this growth continue. That is why I will support the full Democratic slate. Councilors Battista, Cardona and Jelks along with Mayor Scarpati have worked tirelessly to move Meriden forward. Mike Rohde will continue his proven commitment to Meriden as a Councilor-at-Large. The newcomers to the slate, Krystle Blake and Nicole Tomassetti, will maintain that forward direction and work for all Meriden. Vote the entire team.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

For Meriden’s future


Talk is cheap. Governing takes real work. The Republican and We The People parties complain and accomplish nothing. The Democrats have championed the re-building of Meriden: beautifully renovated high schools; vital flood control; a celebrated green; a downtown renaissance. I urge your vote for the candidates who have proven that they can get the job done for Meriden taxpayers. Vote for Meriden’s future. Vote for the Democratic team.

Ellen Montemurro, Meriden

Rohde fo City Council


I have known Mike Rohde for many years and cannot think of a better candidate for Meriden City Council. I work with the Y’s Men of Meriden and the Meriden Farmers Market, both currently chaired by Mike who shows solid and productive leadership of each. Among many other city activities, he has quarterbacked much of the extensive work to create our city’s award-winning Meriden Green and his love of this city and desire to make it better for all its residents is apparent. With his past experience as Mayor and City Councilor, he’s got my vote.

Peter Burch, Meriden

Bringing Meriden back

Average Americans have a right to be angry and so do the people of Meriden. Our standard of living has stagnated for two generations. Factories with good-paying jobs closed down. Shamefully, Republican and We The People candidates try to win votes by stoking that anger. But anger without answers is not enough to win my vote. The Democrats in Meriden have proven their commitment to struggling families.  They are bringing Meriden back — not by blaming others and dividing us — but by taking real action to rebuild our city. That is why I’m voting for the Democratic ticket.

Luke Ford, Meriden

Keep Meriden moving


Meriden residents can take great pride in our city. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in our community, from private capital sources as well as federal and state grants (bringing our tax dollars back home). These investments have resulted in the like-new renovations of Maloney and Platt high schools, the new downtown park and flood control project, the new transit center, and the demolition of the deteriorated Mills public housing project. Our Meriden Democrats have made this happen. Vote Democratic in November to keep us moving ahead.

Dennis Johnson, Meriden

Look at history


I’m proud to be a Democrat. Look at history: The Democrats gave us the minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans opposed progress, instead caring more about the super-rich and big business at the expense of the rest of us. Look at today: Here in Meriden, our Democratic officials work tirelessly to protect working families and to move our city forward. They are doing the strenuous work of re-building Meriden. The other parties play their traditional role of standing in the way of progress. That’s why I will be supporting the Democratic slate in November.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

Re-elect Chris Poulos


I am supporting Chris Poulos as candidate for re-election to Southington Town Council. 

I have worked alongside Chris on the Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Committee.  During his service, Chris has shared many ideas for recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters. Chris has collaborated with career and volunteer firefighters, commissioners, and administration to bring this diverse group to consensus on what is best for the SFD.

In addition, during the recent budget process, Chris supported the addition of two career firefighters to the SFD. 

As a retired volunteer firefighter, I can attest to Chris Poulos’ commitment to public safety and fully support his re-election.

Al Urso, Southington

Distinguished public servants


Voters, please bring back Mike Rohde and Mike Reynolds to office this November. 

Mike Rohde served with distinction as a city councilor and mayor for many years and remains a strong Meriden booster through his involvement with the Farmer's Market, the Y’s Men of Meriden and strong supporter of downtown revitalization. He deserves to be elected as a councilor-at-large.

Mike Reynolds, too, is a positive force in Meriden, a professional educator who teaches in an urban setting and once served on Meriden's Board of Education. Please give him your vote in November for another term on the Board of Education. 

Steve Volpini, Meriden

Re-elect Bill Dickinson


An old song by Aaron Tippin says: “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

Mayor Bill Dickinson stands for integrity. For principles. For issues, not personal attacks or disparagement of others. For courage to make decisions that may be unpopular, willing to risk criticism when the answer must be “no”. For unfailing, steadfast attention to the well being of Wallingford and its residents.

I ask voters not to fall for lofty promises and false characterizations. Please stand for continuing the excellent leadership Wallingford has known and trusted for years. Re-elect Mayor Bill Dickinson.

Patricia J. Kohl, Wallingford

Re-elect Chris Poulos


Chris Poulos deserves re-election to the Southington Town Council.  In his two years on the Council Chris has worked effectively to ensure that taxes remain stable and that quality services are rendered to Southington residents. As a member of the Self Insurance Committee and the Tax Relief Committee, Chris has worked to keep the cost of health insurance affordable for the town and its employees and looked to expand tax relief to those of our senior, veteran and disabled citizens who most need and deserve our help and thanks.

Support Chris Poulos on November 5. 

Bill Lutz, Plantsville

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