LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Vote for Lou Arata


Lou Arata will bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stale legislature. We cannot keep voting for the same people who continue to increase our taxes and make it so difficult to get ahead in this state. Cathy Abercrombie has voted for nearly every tax increase since she’s been in office, including being in favor of TOLLS. By definition, she is a career politician. If you want your children and grandchildren to grow up, live and work in Connecticut, you need to vote for Lou Arata. This year, the future truly is in our hands.

Manny Santos, Meriden



Lou Arata is a great candidate that will help bring the much needed checks and balances to Hartford.

Lou will be a supporter for law enforcement and first responders along with keeping the state affordable for hard working families. He will bring a common sense approach unencumbered by special interests.

As a member of the Public Utilities Commission Lou has shown his commitment to the taxpayers. It’s time to move out State Representatives that continually vote to generate more revenue from the taxpayers and realize it’s a spending problem. Vote for Lou Arata. 

Dan Brunet, Meriden

No COVID-19 leadership


Although not a Trump supporter, I do believe that if Trump had made the tough decisions, he would be on his way to re-election. He would be hailed for his leadership. He took the easy way and chose to spread lies and attack the people and agencies who work to protect us. And the Republicans fell in lock step, at all levels. We expect 250,000 deaths by the end of the year. While Trump failed our country, not a peep from local Republicans, too afraid to be seen as disloyal. Vote for pro-science candidates. Vote Abrams, Quinn, Santiago and Abercrombie.

Peter Hargett, Meriden

Vote for April Capone


April Capone is the right person to be the state senator of the 34th District representing Wallingford, East Haven, North Haven and Durham. Her experience as former mayor and at OPM serving as liaison between state and local governments proves she can lead at all levels.

Her current job in the YNHH’s Center for Living Organ Donors supporting the long-term health of living donors proves that she is a caring professional who would be responsive to all her constituents in the district. She is intelligent and hard-working — characteristics needed in a great public servant! Vote for April Capone on November 3rd!!

Susan Pierson, Wallingford

Working on your behalf


Dear Friends, November 3rd is Election day. I am asking for your vote. During this pandemic I have been working on your behalf. I have been helping many of you with unemployment issues, visitation issues with your love ones in nursing homes, issues with health care.

I believe my experience has been a benefit to you and we all know we are not through this pandemic. Therefore on November 3rd, election day, vote for me, Cathy Abercrombie! 

Cathy Abercrombie, Meriden

The writer is the State Representative for the 83rd District.

We win with Quinn!


I want Michael Quinn to represent me, my neighbors, and my community. As a lawyer, Quinn fights for people who have been hurt on the job. As Corporation Counsel, Quinn protects local taxpayers’ interests in lawsuits, leases and contracts. As a community volunteer, Quinn advocates for public safety workers, serving as the president of the Meriden Firefighters Benevolent Society. As  a defender of battered women, Quinn was recognized by the Connecticut coalition against Domestic Violence as a male leader who makes a difference in this cause. His proven record of accomplishment goes on and on. We win with Quinn!

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Vote for Hilda Santiago


Representative Santiago works hard, day and night, for our community. She wants everyone to be treated fairly and have access to the same opportunities. She does a great job making sure every Meriden resident has a voice in Hartford. 

I thank Hilda Santiago for her hard work. I wish I were old enough to vote for her but since I can't, I write to ask everyone in her district to vote for her. When you see Hilda's name on Row A, fill the bubble out next to her name. She’s earned your vote and deserves to be re-elected.

Caleb Ferguson, Meriden

Safeguarding our rights


Like so many others, I mourn the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a trailblazer and fierce protector of our fundamental rights. Trump and Senate Republicans will hypocritically fill the Supreme Court vacancy. At stake are health care, reproductive freedom, voting rights, environmental protection, workers’ rights, public education, and more. 

Our only safeguards will be in Connecticut law. We need Democratic legislators who will protect our freedoms.  If you are not registered you can register online at www.sots.ct.gov . Whether you vote in person or by mail, remember to vote Row A for Abrams, Abercrombie, Santiago and Quinn.

Mildred Torres-Ferguson, Meriden

The writer is Meriden’s Democratic Town Chairwoman.

Lou will work for you


New representation and leadership are needed now, more than ever, in Connecticut. Lou Arata is not your father’s politician. Lou will work for you! He will fight against any tax increase, and No Tolls! Lou will not vote to defund our police and will fully support our first responders. Lou Arata signed the Meriden budget referendum and his opponent did not. Lou is a friend to all taxpayers. Vote for Lou with me on your Absentee Ballot or in person on November 3rd. 

Siobhan Bazinet, Meriden

Thank you, Rep. Abercrombie


We write to thank Representative Cathy Abercrombie for her genuine concern and continued hard work on behalf of her constituents in the 83rd House District. Her efforts in sponsoring two bills, one that expands access to diabetes supplies and lowers the excessive cost of insulin; and one that broadens telehealth services until March 2021, crucial to increasing access to healthcare for all, including veterans during this pandemic. 

Ms. Abercrombie is quick to respond and intervene where appropriate and offers helpful solutions. We are grateful for her hard work and her concern. We urge you to support her in her re-election bid.

Michael and Melanie DeVito, Meriden

Working for all of us


We have the opportunity to elect legislators who will work for fairness, dignity and respect — for all of us.

Sen. Mary Daugherty Abrams, Reps. Hilda Santiago and Cathy Abercrombie, and candidate Mike Quinn have proven they care about our community and its people.

They have worked for better jobs and pay, quality affordable health care and safeguards for our seniors and those in need. They all want the wealthy to pay their fair share, and stop the burden on working families. Please support real leaders: Mary, Hilda, Cathy, Mike, Congresswoman Hayes and Joe Biden in November.

Chris Donovan, Meriden

We need Len Suzio


We need Len Suzio in office. He is the only person I know that puts his heart into representing us in Hartford. He fought against higher taxes and tolls for Connecticut highways. He is for the betterment of Connecticut. When he was in office he answered every one of my letters on issues that I was concerned about. He followed up with a phone call. I’m going to vote for Len Suzio. Let’s send him back to Hartford to represent us once again. Please vote for Len Suzio.

Benjamin Belancik Sr., Meriden

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