LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Leadership that cares


I'd like to publicly thank my representative, Liz Linehan, for working non-stop for everyone in town. She thoughtfully and thoroughly considers all aspects of her work, whether in legislation or problem-solving for her constituents. Most importantly, she explains her efforts, the day-to-day impact, expected results, and Plan B.  Focusing just on COVID 19, Liz Linehan has informed us and helped people get their unemployment, find health insurance, and helped those struggling to pay bills or find food.  She truly embodies intelligent, thoughtful leadership that cares. I'm once again casting my vote for my Representative, Liz Linehan.

Christine Norton, Cheshire

Democracy at stake


Our democracy is at stake. Trump thinks he can make up his own rules having to do with this election. He wants to stack the Supreme Court so he can try to steal another election. He is spinning more lies about mail-in voter fraud, same as he did about the Covid “hoax.” Well, over 200,000 people are dead and more are to come because of his A+ leadership. God help us!  Our country, our democracy, will not survive 4 more years of Trump craziness.

Susan Economopoulos, Wallingford

Re-elect Abrams, Santiago


The job of representatives is to represent. To represent effectively, one must be in touch with their constituents. I’d like to commend Senator Abrams and Representative Santiago for doing exactly that. I’ve reached out to them regarding education, safety, and healthcare — always getting a thoughtful response.

This hasn’t always been the case. When Senator Suzio was in office, I contacted him on similar issues. I never got a response. Perhaps it’s because he disagreed with my stance? If he can’t even acknowledge me, I have doubts about him representing me. Senator Abrams and Representative Santiago deserve to be re-elected.

Sarah Taylor, Meriden

Send Len to the Senate


Len Suzio is respected across the state for his expertise  and shrewd analysis of issues concerning state government. This ability is often misconstrued because his information and logic comes up with the truth in a situation.

Also, he can explain to ordinary citizens complicated legislation by breaking it down, which makes clear to us why he is voting up or down on the legislation. 

His vote is based on ethical and conservative principles such as the dignity of the human person, smaller government, and fewer taxes. 

Send Len to the Senate to do what he is very good at doing.

Nancy Ball, Meriden

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