LETTERS: Political endorsements from ou readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from ou readers

Just insults and lies


Donald Trumpty sat on a wall.

Donald Trumpty had a great fall.

All of his party and all of his friends couldn't put Trumpty together again.

Before I turned on the debate I wondered what Trump would do to make this a hot mess. I didn't have to wait long because he was rude, crude and inconsiderate.

Nothing positive came out of his mouth. Just insults and the usual lies. Do we want four more years of this?

If not then get out and vote and we can borrow a phrase from the Donald's TV show, The Apprentice: "You're Fired!"

Kevin Coane, Wallingford

End ‘blank check’ spending


My name is Mike Skelps and I am running for the 82nd House District as the endorsed Republican candidate.

For those who do not know me, I am a local small business manager, member of the Middlefield Board of Finance and active Lions Club member.

As your State Representative, I’ll work to stop the “blank check” mentality and ever-increasing taxes at our Capitol. I will be a champion of economic development and good paying jobs. I ask for your vote and support as we make 2021 a stronger year for Connecticut.

Please vote for Michael Skelps on Nov. 3.

Mike Skelps, Middlefield

Vote for Jinks


Craig Fishbein tried to explain his “no” vote on the “Insulin Bill.” The final tally was 142-4. He took on a mother of a child with type one diabetes and offended another group. which includes me. The current retail price of my insulin is $412 per vial; in 2001 this was $35. 

Fishbein’s position is laughable, not laudable.  

Jim Jinks provides a strong alternative. He will be a voice for his constituents, not a punchline. I am confident he would not waste time retweeting a racist meme, unlike Fishbein.

On November 3rd “stand up, stand tall,” and vote for Jim Jinks! 

Jonathan R. Chappell, Wallingford

For all the people


CT is fortunate to have Senator Rob Sampson (R) 16th Senate District fighting for ALL of us. No identity politics! Senator Sampson always considers what is best for everyone in CT, not specific groups that the Democrats have been lumping people into for decades. Senator Sampson does not see us as his black, brown, white constituents or his Catholic, Jewish or other denomination constituents, his gay or straight constituents, his young or old constituents. Instead, he sees us as people. Vote for Rob Sampson on November 3rd, 2020 to represent and fight for all the people of CT. 

Brenda Martin, Prospect

Help save our state


I am supporting Pam Salamone for State Representative in Southington and Cheshire. Pam will join a growing number of true conservatives that have a vision of fiscal restraint and common sense legislation. Pam will support our local police and oppose any future bills that are detrimental to our police. She is a leader who will put the needs, safety and best interests of our community as her first priority. Help save our state by voting for Pam Salamone on November 3. 

Charlie Dudac, Plantsville

Arata will cut waste


According to Yankee Institute, Connecticut employees earn 28% more than private sector employees, costing taxpayers $3.7 BILLION annually!

Those salaries are only made possible by taking taxes from working families, first. Any taxes paid by government employees are paid with YOUR money!

Let’s do better. Entrenched legislators that continue the tax and spend mentality must be voted out. This isn’t a “my party vs. your party” thing. It’s a survival thing that transcends all parties. CUT OUT THE WASTE.

Vote for Lou Arata and support law enforcement and a leaner, smarter government. Lou Arata will work for you!

Kris Bellemare, Meriden

An experienced leader


The CT economy was a disaster even before Covid19. The pandemic has pushed us into an environment we only read about. Eventually we will get the pandemic under control and will have to face the combined financial disaster. It will take an experienced leader to guide us to a new CT. A leader that understands budgets, stands up to politicians and is not afraid to make hard decisions. That leader is Len Suzio. Len has been an advocate for the citizens, protecting us from outlandish taxes, tolls and novel gas taxes. Vote for Len Suzio to get us on track.

L.J. Johnson, Meriden

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