LETTERS: Political opinions from our readers

LETTERS: Political opinions from our readers

Give them a pink slip!


How do you like all the taxes passed only with Democratic votes in Hartford? Wake up, Meriden and stop re-electing Democrats who say they are on your side but are always increasing or adding new taxes. They had the gall to expand the tax on your groceries. Next will be the air you breathe. Mr. Scaife was fired by Democrats because he was getting too close to the turmoil in City Hall. When are you going to find out why he was fired? When is enough enough? Send the Democrats a message on Nov. 5, give them a pink slip!

Jean Hoffarth, Meriden

Wronski for school board


I unequivocally support the candidacy of Rebecca Lilienthal Wronski for the Meriden Board of Education. Her credentials as a teacher for 30 years qualify her professionally to sit on the Board. She has been a civic-minded participant for Maloney High School, for the Boy Scouts and her home parish of St. Faustina (St. Stanislaus.) I personally joined her on the Principal Search Committee at St. Stans where she made a valuable contribution with her educational background and professional competence. I enthusiastically urge Meriden citizens to vote for Rebecca Lilienthal Wronski on Election Day.

Ronald J. Stempien, Meriden

Vote for Mayor Dickinson


I am a retired Wallingford town employee who worked for every mayor since the first, William D. Bertini. Traveling and meeting politicians around the country only strengthens my belief that Wallingford is truly lucky that Mayor William Dickinson decided to continue to run as mayor and desires to continue the growth and financial success of Wallingford. We need unity, not divisiveness; financial soundness, not extravagance; common sense, not unrealistic dreams; steadiness, not socialism. I support Mayor Dickinson and the Republicans running for Town Council. Please vote for Mayor Dickinson and the Republican candidates. 

William Butka, Wallingford

Voting for Cipriano


Missy Cipriano, a candidate for the Southington Board of Education, has my vote on November 5. She has demonstrated her dedication and commitment to our youth and families with her selfless volunteer efforts to improve their education and quality of life. Her interpersonal skills, community leadership, focus, active listening skills and drive give me great confidence in her ability to work with parents, administration and board peers. Please join me in voting for Missy Cipriano for the Southington Board of Education.

Terry Gomez Lombardi, Southington

Capable and credentialed


Why would any voter choose to replace a proven experienced, capable and fully credentialed Meriden City Clerk with a “newbie” having no knowledge of running the office? Makes no sense!! Please do Meriden proud by re-electing Denise Grandy, Meriden City Clerk. VOTE B-10!

Lillian Soboleski, Meriden

Please vote for Rohde


It breaks my heart to know that if Mike Rohde had been on the City Council in July the expansion of the Meriden Public Library would now be underway.  In the 22 years I have lived in Meriden, Mike has come through again and again to vastly improve the city landscape and the quality of the residents' daily lives.  Please vote Rohde. 

Laura Van Wormer, Meriden

No more dirty tricks!


I hope we are not going to see a repeat of the Republican attempt to fool the voters that we witnessed in the last two elections: the misleading and untruthful document that was inserted in our weekly local papers prior to the election in 2018 and 2017, masquerading as the Official Guide to the Southington Election, or words to that effect, including the Town Seal prominently displayed. It was NOT the official guide to anything! The only candidates shown in this supposed guide were Republicans – as if they were the only candidates running!

Southington voters won’t fall for cheap tricks.

Deborah Brown, Southington