LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

The record


Recently my opponent, Jack Perry, falsely described me as the "CHIEF DEFENDER OF EVERSOURCE IN THE LEGISLATURE,” implying that I am responsible for their failures. On the contrary, I have repeatedly called into question both Eversource and the state legislature's decision-making that have driven up electric rates and have a perfect record of voting against tax hikes and bills that would increase the cost of living — including our electric bills.

Purposely distorting an opponent's record represents the worst behavior in politics and should not go unnoticed by voters this election.

State Senator Rob Sampson, Wolcott

We gain with Len Suzio


Senator Len Suzio believes in the inalienable rights given to us by God and the U.S. Constitution.  Lamont and his health director allow soccer to be played without masks but football can not be played with face shields. Unlike Lamont, Suzio would not support such disparity. CT is rated one of the worst states to live in tax wise. Suzio has voted against tolls, a gas tax and high taxes. Eversource does not want Suzio in the Senate. Look at what we gain by voting for Suzio!

Tom Fitzgibbons, Meriden

A vote for Suzio


Len Suzio has worked hard for the people in his district. He has worked with “No Tolls CT” to help the hard working taxpayers of our state.  In 2018, he filed a complaint with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.  After it was confirmed, thousands of CT families were overcharged potentially millions of dollars in their utility bills.


Joanne Giddix, Meriden

Capone’s compassion


Citizens hope their representatives are compassionate. We expect sacrifice from them, and sometimes the sacrifice is beyond our expectations.

In 2010, Carlos Sanchez of East Haven posted on Facebook his desperate need for a kidney transplant. His mayor responded with more than recovery wishes: she offered one of her kidneys. When she matched, Mayor April Capone donated her kidney to Carlos.

Mr. Sanchez recovered, calling her his “angel.” Capone continued her public service, working at Yale’s Center for Living Organ Donors. 

Connecticut’s 34th Senate District would be well served by April Capone.  I support her with confidence and admiration.

Cindy Chelcun, Wallingford

Who should decide?


Who should make decisions about a woman’s body? Len Suzio thinks he should. Mr. Suzio has been an aggressive, unrelenting enemy of women’s reproductive freedom. Mary Abrams has been a steadfast defender of a woman’s right of choice.

As Donald Trump stacks the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the race here for State Senator becomes so much more important. If our state legislature falls into the control of misogynist, anti-choice politicians Connecticut will return to the time of back alley abortions. We need Mary Abrams more than ever!

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

Do it now


I received my absentee ballot Oct 5.  I immediately made my choices, put the ballot into the inner envelope, signed it and dated it, and put that into the outer envelope.  I went to City Hall and put the envelope in the drop box.  I urge everyone to vote for Joe Biden for President.  Fill out and deliver your ballots now. 

Paul Sikora, Meriden

Suzio is the very best


I’m voting for Len Suzio. Send him back to Hartford. He is very genuine when it comes to represent us. He always got back to me on my issues. He was a godsend when I needed help for my dad on some issues. Dad passed 5 years ago and I still remember all the compassion and help he gave me. He is the very best and trustworthy for us. He‘s not afraid to speak up for us. He is not a puppet on a string. He speaks his own mind.

Debra Belancik, Meriden

Cicarella for state senate


It was a difficult decision to retire as your state senator, but one made much easier seeing Paul Cicarella become a candidate to represent our great district in Hartford. Paul Cicarella has my full support in running for state senate. He is the most capable, hardworking and passionate candidate to represent our community. He is a father, small business owner, coach and community volunteer who has the energy and the vision we need to improve our state and make sure the needs of people in our district are heard loud and clear. He will be an unparalleled champion and voice for us all in Hartford.

Leonard Fasano, North Haven

Vote for Lou Arata


Does Representative Cathy Abercrombie do anything except raise taxes and spend your money? Here's a couple taxes she's raised on you, TAXES on food, alcohol, used car sales, and parking. Because of Cathy you have a lot less money to spend. I know she attends ribbon cuttings and social functions that benefit her, not you. Recently her party has been using the phrase “Reimagining Policing.” That's code for defunding the police. Are you comfortable with that? Does that make you feel safe?

Lou Arata has given his word. NO Taxes, No Tolls, and keep you safe and secure. 

Vote Lou Arata November 3rd.

Scott Veley, Berlin

Vote for Pam Salamone


In my opinion the problem in CT isn't Republican policy vs Democrat policy. It's that the same party has been in power for too long. The Democrats have been in power for most of the past 40 years. The legislature controls the purse strings, not governors. Democrats have partnered with state employee unions to provide state retirees with extravagant pensions and free health care!

I hope you are as upset as I am. Channel that righteous anger in a positive manner and vote for change. Vote for hope and revival. Vote to save Connecticut. Vote Republican. Vote for Pam Salamone.

Elliott Whitney, Cheshire

Vote for April Capone


April Capone deserves our support for state senate. As mayor, April led East Haven through Hurricane Irene. In fact, Senator Len Fasano praised April, stating: “You have done just an excellent job in stepping up leadership and making people feel comfortable in a time of need, and I can’t thank you enough.”  

Since then, April has worked in state government, started a small business and arranged medical services for living organ donors.

This is no time to take a chance on a candidate with no experience, no record and no plan. Please vote for April Capone for state senate.  

Jaime Hine, Wallingford

It’s your decision to make!

More of the same Connective State Government OR you can support Lou Arata the Republican Candidate for the 83rd House District. I have had the opportunity to work together with Lou for several years. Lou is a common sense, intelligent candidate who will support fiscally responsible government and public safety. His business experience tells him Connecticut needs a more business friendly environment to be competitive.

Meriden and the State need Lou’s energy, experience and pledge to not support any new taxes. You can make this happen with your vote for Lou Arata on November 3rd.

Lou will work for you!

Guy Beeman, Meriden

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