LETTERS: Political opinions from our readers

LETTERS: Political opinions from our readers

Voting for Jared Liu


For me, it’s easy to decide whom I want for mayor this next term. It’s Jared Liu of course. Wallingford needs new ideas to move forward and Jared has them. He’s not afraid to speak. He welcomes and encourages conversations so you can see what he’s all about. Jared Liu is a dedicated family man along with being a smart businessman. He will take Wallingford into the future with technology and finance.

The time is now for new leadership. Elect someone who believes in modernization. My choice, my mayor, Jared Liu 2019!!!

Maria M Gouveia, Wallingford

Raccio for school board


I support Tammy Raccio, candidate for the Wallingford Board of Education. I have known Tammy all my life and she is the most competent, organized, caring, and hard-working person I know. Tammy gives 110% to every project. Personally and professionally, Tammy is the one you want in your corner! I can think of no other person who would put Wallingford’s children’s needs first like Tammy would. She will fight for programs and continue to educate herself to better serve the town, all the while allowing herself to be available to all parents and administrators. VOTE for TAMMY, Wallingford’s children deserve the best!!

Christi Papa, Wallingford

Jared Liu for mayor


This is my first time writing regarding any candidate. Because I love Wallingford, and especially owe everything I’ve accomplished in life to its public school system, I can’t remain silent. It’s time to bring Wallingford back to the future. Only one mayoral candidate whose vision, policies, passion, and “can do attitude” is capable of doing that.

Jared Liu’s willingness to openly speak with citizens regarding issues, obstacles, has shown that he is ready to meet the challenge. He does not have a monopoly on ideas. What Jared has is the ability to listen, research, formulate the plans and act.

Peter Gouveia, Wallingford

Vote Bob Salka for ZBA


I have known Bob Salka for many years from serving with him on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Bob has proven himself to be an informed, logical, and reasonable person. Bob is well versed in how the zoning regulations affect the people and our taxes. The experience he brings to the position from working on several boards and commissions show his commitment to the town. His understanding of the intricacies and legality of zoning make him an excellent candidate for the Planning and Zoning Board. I encourage everyone to do your research and support Bob Salka in the upcoming election.

Joe Pugliese, Plantsville

Tatta for Town Council


Christina Tatta will make a very positive addition to the Wallingford Town Council. I am very pleased that she has chosen to run. She has a very good educational background, experience in our local government as a ZBA Commissioner, and is an asset to every organization to which she contributes. What I admire most is that Christina doesn’t just belong to an organization; she works hard to make it better. Please join me and vote for this very intelligent young woman to office on November 5th.

Larry Zabrowski, Wallingford

Repeating same mistake


Quoting Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Voters complain about high property taxes, high mill rates, go to polls and vote Democrat over and over again. Here is a news nugget to ponder, Connecticut: The Tax Foundation listed Connecticut as second highest in state, local taxes per capita. Democrat D.N.A. is this, inability to rein in spending, fund any project regardless of cost to taxpayers, and raise taxes. Blame yourselves when mill rates go up again, by voting Democrat, you guaranteed it to happen.

Henry J. Krupa Jr., Meriden

A vision for the future


After graduating Sheehan in 2018, I am running for Board of Education. My experience includes: Sheehan Student Council President and liaison to the Board; Five district leadership committees; State-wide student council with State Board of Education; Three nonprofit boards, church food pantry leader, and grant allocator.

If elected on Nov. 5, I will seek to maintain a positive relationship with teachers and parents that unites us in a vision to use our budget and facilities to prepare our students, starting with our youngest learners, for the future.

Contact info: 203 208 8534, doeringforboard@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/doeringforboard, www.twitter.com/doeringforboard

Rajan Doering, Wallingford

City needs Denise Grandy


Denise Grandy should be re-elected to the position of CITY CLERK. She has the experience and has proven herself by taking over when Irene Masse retired. There was no interruption in service in that office. She has the experience and the personality that this city needs for the position of City Clerk. I recommend, without reservation, Denise Grandy for City Clerk

Robert Amantea, Meriden

Vote for Democratic team


Helping teachers help students succeed. Increasing graduation rates while decreasing chronic absenteeism. Improving communication with parents and caregivers. Giving every child a chance to excel. That’s why I’m running for the Meriden Board of Education, and why I strongly support Giana Gleeson, Sheri Amechi, Parrish Holloman and the rest of our Democratic team.

Mike Reynolds, Meriden

Re-elect Denise Grandy


I am voting for Denise Grandy to stay as Meriden’s City Clerk. It is no mistake that everyone who goes to that office to get a birth certificate, register a dog, check a land record or get an absentee ballot has a smooth experience. Denise Grandy has the experience and leadership qualities that make the City Clerk’s Office operate as it should. Replacing her with an inexperienced person would be foolhardy. Vote to re-elect Denise Grandy as Meriden City Clerk.

Ellen Pronovost, Meriden

Keep Grandy as City Clerk


City Clerk Denise Grandy is a certified City Clerk educated in the many laws and procedures entrusted to that very important department. And when she was elected four years ago, she had already worked for the longtime head of that office, Irene Masse. Denise has done an outstanding job in a very demanding position. Replacing her at all should be unthinkable. Replacing her with a completely inexperienced person would be beyond ridiculous. Vote to keep Denise Granby as Meriden City Clerk.

Joanne Giddix, Meriden

New approach needed


Dear Meriden: When homeowners need a contractor, they typically shop around for the best offer. That should be the same plan for Meriden. Unfortunately, in planning for the library for example, only three plans were presented by the building committee. I believe the Democrat controlled City Council should have requested more for a project of that size. Meriden needs a more business approach to spending. Meriden Voters need to vote ROW B to help make that happen. This extra effort in the bidding process has the potential to reduce costs for major projects and ultimately our taxes. Vote Republican.

Collin Dubord, Meriden

Vote for the ‘R’ team


Wallingford is a great community to live in with low taxes, low electric rates, a vibrant downtown and excellent schools. Wallingford is a model of ethical government led by Mayor Dickinson and the Republican majority on the Town Council. The common good of our community trumps political theater and gain with our current administration. It is too bad our state government, run by Democrats, doesn’t study the efficiencies and ethics of Wallingford. I love this town and urge Wallingford voters to vote for the Republican team on November 5th.

Bob Swick, Wallingford

A great little city


I have lived in Meriden for over 25 years, previously living in Farmington, Waterbury and Naugatuck. Meriden gave me a warm welcome and it is now my home. I have never been happier than I am here. I am always telling others what a great little city it is, and that is why I am disgusted by politicians who try to win votes by exaggerating our problems. We may not be perfect but every day we get better. For that, I thank the leadership of Mayor Scarpati and our Democratic city councilors.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

A message to Trump


The world is watching. Does Donald Trump truly represent America? This municipal election is our opportunity — along with voters in every town across the country — to proclaim in a loud, unambiguous statement that we reject Trump and the local politicians who continue to support him. Let’s make it clear where we stand: for the true American values of honesty, justice and opportunity. Please turn out on November 5th to support the Democratic candidates. It’s our chance to send a powerful message.

Jane Johnson, Meriden