LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Fiscal responsibility


Do candidate Liu and town Democrats understand the devastating impact of the Moody’s downgrade and raiding the rainy-day fund? That means increasing borrowing costs, exploding property-tax rates and limiting the town’s ability to fund necessary projects. Better to use those funds to take on an unpredictable problem, such as a major storm/flood or the loss of a major employer.

Democrats at the state level have placed a strain on families with increased taxes and fees and punished financially responsible communities with less municipal aid while redistributing wealth to irresponsible, deficit-run cities.

Let’s not send working families to the poor house.

Sean Patrick Reynolds, Wallingford

Let them eat cake?


Recent comments by Councilor Battista really sum up exactly what the Democrats thought of last year's referendum, which was overwhelmingly supported by taxpayers. For those who did not see the recent R-J article on Area 4 Council candidates, her quote was as follows: "The referendum didn't accomplish anything, except for having a referendum.” That quote speaks volumes about what she, and the Democrats think of the taxpayers.This attitude is reminiscent of another quote, which rings the same tone: "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" — "Let them eat cake". Time for more Republican and We The People Council members!

Tom Pannone, Meriden

Vote for Denise Grandy


Please join me in voting to re-elect Denise Grandy as Meriden City Clerk. Irene Masse knew what she was doing when she groomed Denise for that position. Denise Grandy was able to hit the ground running when she was sworn in four years ago. Since then, she furthered her education by earning her City Clerk certification. If the Democrats cared about Meriden, they would have cross-endorsed Denise Grandy instead of nominating someone completely inexperienced. Vote for Meriden. Vote for Denise Grandy. 

JoAnn Amantea, Meriden

Support Mike Rohde


I urge all Meriden residents to support Mike Rohde for City Council. Mike truly shares the concerns of Meriden’s citizens regardless of their background and embraces the diversity of the city. Mike also has the experience and knowledge to get things done, having worked on or led numerous initiatives over the years. Finally, Mike is a great visionary. He is not content with the status quo but always looks for ways to make things better. I have seen firsthand his appreciation of Meriden and its people, his ability to get things accomplished and the foresight to make improvements.

Mark Kosnoff, Meriden

Vote for Wallingford’s future


Jared Liu is ready to lead Wallingford. His professional qualifications provide him with the experience to analyze and manage our town’s complexities. His plans build on Wallingford’s strengths, while identifying improvement opportunities in economic development, services, technology, and education. For example, on his website Jared explains his economic plans to address how the tax burden shouldered by Wallingford residents has increased because commercial and industrial tax contributions have steadily declined. Jared has walked the length and breadth of Wallingford, listening to residents and conducting a positive campaign focused on growth. On November 5, vote for Wallingford’s future — Jared Liu.  

Susan Douglas Gomes, Wallingford

Vote to re-elect Grandy


Being the City Clerk in a city the size of Meriden is not for the inexperienced. The Democratic candidate has no political experience and, more importantly,  no experience working in the City Clerk’s Office. Current City Clerk Denise Grandy had worked in that office for years before she was elected.  She then worked and earned her professional certification as a City Clerk. Think about what Meriden would lose if she is not re-elected!  A vote to re-elect Denise Grandy as City Clerk is a vote for the good of our city. 

Irene G. Masse

The writer is the former Meriden City Clerk.

Vote for smaller government


Nobody is perfect.  I know that I am not.  While on the Town Council, I have sought smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. You may not agree with every position I have taken, but if you too believe in these fundamental principles, all I ask is that you give me the kind consideration of your vote. (Please see www.fishbeinforcouncil.com for more information.)  If, on the other hand, you believe in bigger government, higher taxes, and government intrusion into all facets of your life, perhaps there are others that you should consider.

Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford

Voices of reason


As Minority Leader of Meriden’s City Council, I've begrudgingly agreed to extensive improvements to the library, hangars and banquet facilities — but Democrats keep insisting on spending more along with more borrowing for everything. Meriden needs councilors with more common sense and fewer special interests. 

Please vote Bob Williams, Joe Vollano, Mike Carabetta, Dave Grodzicki, Geetha Kittrell and Dan Zaborowski to City Council as the desperately needed voices of reason that will protect our tax dollars, extensive borrowing and the city's future.

Dan Brunet, Meriden

Questions in Area 4


As a constituent of Area 4, I am concerned with Bob Williams running for an At Large seat while holding a seat in Area 4. Unless the WTP and Republicans are honest and transparent and announce who they would appoint, should Williams be elected, he neither deserves, nor should get, any votes from Area 4. Area 4 may end up with a councilman that they did not elect. Even worse, if the Republican candidate does not win the election, he very well could be appointed, against the wishes of the constituency. Regardless, I will NOT be voting Williams.

Margaret R. Hartman, Meriden