LETTERS:  Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS:  Political endorsements from our readers

Making a choice


Elections are less than two months away, This election can be compared to a restaurant with only two items on the menu. One is Round-Up. the other is liverwurst. Though I never cared for liverwurst, it is good for you and has nutritional value. Round-Up, on the other hand.is poison and will kill everything it touches, as it has for the last three and a half years. For me, the choice is very clear, I'm picking the liverwurst. Round-Up is death and destruction.  

Roy Bellante, Cheshire

Vote for April Capone


April Capone was mayor of East Haven when Hurricane Irene hit the town in 2011. In response, she set up a recovery program to expedite permits and approvals for renovations to homes and businesses. People were able to set up one appointment to meet with every necessary town department at once.

Even Republican state Senator Len Fasano, whose business was damaged by the storm, praised Capone’s response: "For a business owner, it speaks highly to know that the mayor is behind you."

Capone has already demonstrated the qualities to lead Connecticut’s 34th District as our State Senator. Vote April Capone.

Tara Gorvine, Wallingford

Cicarella for state Senate


Election season in Wallingford is heating up, and to be honest, I was completely undecided on who I would vote for State Senate.  That was until Paul Cicarella knocked on my door a few days ago.  He took the time to listen to my concerns and understand issues that I had locally.  I quickly realized that this man is running for all the right reasons.  I hope everyone in Wallingford has the pleasure of talking with Paul one-on-one, you will not be disappointed!

Robert F. Parisi, Wallingford

Season of fright


It is not surprising, that every fall leading to Halloween, we are witness to signs that are more scary and frightful then in years past. This year is no exception. Fright, fear and being scared are some of the emotions experienced when seeing all those signs proclaiming: "Trump .. Make America Great Again." Orange pumpkins,orange hair" scares the hades out of me.

Ronald D. Roberts, Wallingford

Capone has been tested


Politicians are defined by crisis. Currently our president will be judged by a pandemic that has taken over 200,000 American lives and left millions jobless and without healthcare.

In 2011 Hurricane Irene devastated East Haven. The devastation included Senator Fasano’s property. He was quoted as feeling “paralyzed” and praised East Haven’s mayor for leadership.

That mayor was April Capone. She rose to the crisis when others faltered. Currently April Capone is running for State Senator. She has been tested and excelled, her opponent’s capability, untested.

The 34th deserves a leader who leads and delivers. That candidate is April Capone.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford

Absentee ballot assurance


If you use an absentee ballot for November’s election, you can track its processing via an online website. Just go to myvote.ct.gov/lookup and enter your name, date of birth, and town. In return, you will get information about the date your ballot application was received. After you return your actual absentee ballot, the date it was received will be added at that same web page. Other information shown includes political party affiliation and address of your voting location.

If you use an absentee ballot, be sure to sign, date, and seal the inner envelope. Then insert that into the outer envelope before returning it via mail or drop box.

This verification process has given me assurance that my vote will count, no matter where it is cast. If you are planning to vote with an absentee ballot, send in your application soon, so that your vote will count too.

Del Weston, Meriden

Please vote for Suzio


I am writing this letter in strong support of Len Suzio for state senator. I first met Mr. Suzio when my father was murdered in Meriden in June 2012. He helped my family heal from our emotional wounds and come together again

For 8 years he has persistently advocated to reform the notorious Early Release law that freed Frankie “The Razor” Resto from prison early, allowing him to murder my father. My entire family supports Mr. Suzio and we pray for his victory this year. Please vote Len Suzio Nov. 3!

Fapyo Ghazal, Stamford

Capone has a proven record


In these turbulent times where we are seeking leadership to take the reins, I endorse April Capone.  She is a woman with a proven record.  We know what we are getting when we cast our ballot for stability, empathy, energy, focus, and planning.  This has become a time, when some running for the highest office in the land, come to the table without a plan. April has a plan, can work a plan and articulate a plan. Enough is enough.  Let's go with a strong, unafraid woman to represent and lead us. We deserve that.

Joann Yulke, Wallingford

Gale stands with conviction


My State Representative, Gale Mastrofrancesco, has represented Wolcott and Southington well. If we had more legislators in Hartford like Gale our state would not be in the terrible condition it is in today. Gale has backbone, common sense and virtue; all of which are sadly needed in Hartford. Please get out and vote for someone who stands with conviction on the issues. We must stop the exodus of people and businesses leaving our state and Gale will do her best to stop it. Join me on November 3 and vote Gale Mastrofrancesco. 

Jim Muskatello, Southington

Winning team for Meriden


Truth, facts, integrity, science believers, and experience have all been highlights of this political season. Meriden Democrats have fielded a team that possesses all these factors. Their political experience and effective representation at the state Capitol have brought millions of dollars to Meriden for critical infrastructure projects, school funding, and other important initiatives. Their opponents offer empty promises and useless slogans. Vote for progress, experience, effectiveness, and integrity. Vote for the Democratic Team of Senator Mary Abrams, Representatives Cathy Abercrombie and Hilda Santiago, and candidate Michael Quinn. A winning team for Meriden.

Michael S. Rohde, Meriden

Environmental scorecard


Running in Wallingford for re-election this November are State Representatives Mary Mushinsky (D-85) and Craig Fishbein (R-90). They represent the very best and the very worst in protecting our environment. Connecticut League of Conservation Voters 2019 Environmental Scorecard rates Representative Mushinsky (D-85), along with twenty eight others of both parties, as 100%. Mushinsky was also honored as an “Environmental Champion”. Representative Fishbein (R-90) is rated as the third worst environmental record among all representatives. Party affiliation should not endanger the environment. Vote for Jim Jinks in the 90th and Mary Mushinsky in the 85th.

Jim Moran, Wallingford,


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