LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Exemplary character


Because character matters we will vote for Senator Sampson. Unlike Democrat Perry,  Sampson will never twist his opponent’s record to win an election. He will never disrespect anyone including our police officers, discriminate against someone based on race/religion or other identifying factors, vote to increase our taxes/utility rates and won't advocate for policy that divides us unequally.

Sampson will fight for our freedoms and won't delve into the garbage of dirty politicking — the honorable way of an elected official.

Sampson's exemplary character is needed during times of nationwide division. Democrats like Perry add animosity, which doesn't unite us. 

Susan Zabohonski, Plantsville

Dems support women


It is likely that women will decide the November election. Democrats favor policies and actions that support women. They stand for an increase in minimum wage, access to critical health services, equal pay for equal work, access to quality child care, and coverage for pre-existing conditions to name a few.

That’s why I am voting for the entire Democratic team on November 3. I can count on them. 

Nancy Rohde, Meriden 

Support the Dem team


As a retired teacher and nurse, I know the importance of education and medical science. That’s why I am voting for the Meriden Democratic candidates for office. They stand up for average Americans, not the rich and privileged. They stand up for my values. Please join me in supporting the Democratic Team on Election Day.

Rhudean Raye, Meriden

Keep our families safe


Mary Abrams is a leader in the CT State Senate. As chair of Public Health, she has helped enact policies during the pandemic to  make CT a leader in the country in safety and economic support to residents and businesses. We are  now enjoying more flexibility in our activities precisely because CT controlled the rampant virus relatively quickly. Mary has also worked to protect access to affordable healthcare through caps in insulin costs and coverage for telehealth. Please support Mary and the Meriden Democratic team to help us continue effective management of the pandemic and keep our families safe.

Niki Donovan, Meriden

We need Paul Cicarella.


I urge all undecided voters to deeply consider Paul Cicarella for State Senate in the 34th District. He understands the challenges facing working-class families in Connecticut and will fight for us. We cannot continue to send the same people to Hartford and expect new outcomes. We need a fresh way of thinking that represents the middle class. We need Paul Cicarella.

Joan Ives-Parisi, Wallingford

Quinn will make us proud


Michael Quinn is running for State Representative in the 82nd district. He is a well-known and respected attorney who grew up in Meriden and has deep family roots in our city. Michael understands Meriden and is keenly aware of Meriden's needs and challenges. He will not only bring his vast legal and municipal experience to Hartford as our legislator, he will make all Meriden residents proud that he is our representative. Please join me in voting for Michael Quinn to serve us. He will get the job done and make us proud.

Mark Kosnoff, Meriden

Voting is so important


Your Vote Matters!   This election will have a lasting effect on the balance of the Supreme Court, which will have a very lasting effect on our personal rights.  Please encourage your friends and family to vote.  If you think that you can skip voting, remember 2016 and the resulting conditions we have been suffering through the past four years. Democrats are working hard on economy, education, healthcare, environment, and justice to improve our lives.  Vote for Democrats. Search online or MeridenDems.com for any information you need.

Cate Rauch, Meriden

Keep Meriden moving


I voted in person for this year’s primary, and I plan on voting in person again on November 3rd for the entire Democratic ticket.  With all the mail-in ballots, the line for in-person voting was extremely short!  By whichever means you vote, please join me in voting for the “Positively Meriden” Democratic party – Senator Mary Abrams, Representative Hilda Santiago, Representative Cathy Abercrombie, and our future Representative Michael Quinn. They are the team we need to keep Meriden moving in the right direction.

Brian P. Daniels, Meriden

This decisive election


I just voted Democratic in the decisive election of my lifetime. I stand with Biden and Harris, Mary Abrams, Hilda Santiago, and Jahana Hayes in working for racial and gender justice. We side with science over conspiracy theory; empathy over division; aspiration over fear; opportunity and access for all people, over patriarchy and white privilege. The current regime has gutted many of our nation’s institutions, yet I still hold hope that Americans — enough to counteract suppression, gerrymandering, and Russian meddling — will vote to end the poison spreading from the White House, and restore to the U.S. its promise for all.

Lois Lake Church, Meriden

Cathy Abercrombie cares


This spring, a family member was laid off due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He immediately filed for unemployment benefits, but weeks later had received nothing. He reached out to his own state rep,  but received only a pre-generated reply.

After months without benefits, he contacted State Representative Cathy Abercrombie, and within a day was contacted by the DOL, who investigated and quickly thereafter resolved the issue.

Cathy Abercrombie cares about ALL people, not just her own constituents.  Cathy’s experience and leadership in the legislature are what Connecticut needs during these challenging times. Vote to re-elect Cathy Abercrombie on November 3rd.

Ed Barillaro, Cheshire

No time for divisions


Connecticut works best when its people and representatives are willing to work together for the good of the community. In the past, the 90th District had such representation with Mary Fritz.

Democrat Jim Jinks currently serves in Cheshire’s Republican-controlled town government. As a town councilor, he has worked with all colleagues on Bike Cheshire, Sustainable Cheshire, and currently the school reorganization committee.

In a time of civil unrest, when citizens are demanding equal justice, he seeks constructive conversation and dismisses fearmongering. He builds bridges and unites when so many seek to divide.

Stand tall with Jim Jinks for the 90th.

Catherine Moran, Wallingford


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