LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Questions in Area 4


As a constituent of Area 4, I am concerned with Bob Williams running for an At Large seat while holding a seat in Area 4. Unless the WTP and Republicans are honest and transparent and announce who they would appoint, should Williams be elected, he neither deserves, nor should get, any votes from Area 4. Area 4 may end up with a councilman that they did not elect. Even worse, if the Republican candidate does not win the election, he very well could be appointed, against the wishes of the constituency. Regardless, I will NOT be voting Williams.

Margaret R. Hartman, Meriden


When voting this November for Town Council candidates, I urge you to consider Jaime Hine. Jaime is the ideal candidate that brings professionalism. We need members on the council that will help better the community not simply serve as the status quo police. Jaime Hine would be a councilor that will look into issues, take thoughtful stances that improve our town, and most importantly listen to citizens. 

I am honored to say that, “I will be voting for Jaime Hine for Council this November.” Please join me in supporting and vote for Jaime Hine, Wallingford Town Council candidate. 

Mike Glidden, Wallingford

Don’t be fooled


Voters: Do not fall victim to a shameful political trick. The We The People party is running Bob Williams for Councilman-at-Large. But he is already on City Council representing Area 4, in the middle of a 4-year term.

If he wins, the tiny WTP party will get to name his successor for his current seat. They want a two-fer! If Bob Williams is elected now, they get to SELECT another WTP member to also serve on Council.

That’s not how democracy is supposed to work. Vote for Democrats Mike Cardona and Mike Rohde for Councilmen-at-Large.

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Hire a busy man


I urge your Support for Chris Palmieri. Whenever something needs to be done it’s best to ask a busy person. Chris Palmieri is your go-to man.

Yes, he wears many hats and yes, he is a busy professional and yes, he manages each of those titles in a very professional and positive manner. There is not a question in my mind that he will continue to do an excellent job on the Town Council. Vote Chris Palmieri.

David DellaVecchia, Southington

Poulos for Town Council


I am writing in support of Chris Poulos’ re-election bid to Southington Town Council. I contacted Chris this past spring about supporting the increase of manpower to the Southington Fire Department and he listened and asked important questions. Chris supported this initiative to make Southington a safer place to live and work. Additionally Chris brings the knowledge and understanding of an exceptional educator to the Town Council. Chris looks to collaborate with the Board of Education for the betterment of the town as a whole. Chris is an objective and thoughtful public servant to residents of the Town of Southington.

Jeff Nattrass, Southington

Cordero for City Council


Richard Cordero would be a fine addition to City Council because he's active with the community everyday; constantly working with the people in Meriden. He cares about what's going on in local businesses and making sure he can assist them with any support possible. Finding people that's like that is a godsend, and seeing him make people's day better by simply making them laugh and smile. He has a good moral compass overall and a solid plan to bring Meriden into a booming and thriving city, that's why I believe he'll be a great addition to city council.

Kevin Cheng, Meriden

Jaime Hine for town council


I have known Jaime Hine now for 14 years. Jaime is thoughtful and thorough with an approachable demeanor, which makes him an excellent candidate for Town Council. He understands that our town needs to invest in itself now in order to have a successful future. Jaime is a lawyer, he has served as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and he is currently on the Planning and Zoning Commission. With that kind of experience, Jaime Hine is exactly the person we need representing us in Wallingford.

David Cella, Wallingford

Palmieri for re-election


Chris Palmieri’s leadership and initiatives he’s introduced as Town Council chair have brought our town in a positive, informative direction, to the benefit of residents. The monthly reports from department heads is a great way to stay informed of projects and town improvements.

His implementation of a property tax relief committee is an asset to senior citizens,  veterans and those with disabilities. The introduction of a bus line would be a benefit to many. Yet, one of Chris’ greatest attributes is his ability and willingness to work in a bipartisan manner with others, regardless of their party. Re-elect Christopher Palmeri.

Christine Shanley-Buck, Plantsville

Voting for Mike Rohde


I am voting for Mike Rohde Councilman at Large. Mike is a visionary who  served with distinction as our mayor at the beginning of our “rebirth” as a city. A vote for Mike is a vote for progress and good government. Support the Democratic Team and vote for Mike Rohde on November 5th.

Brian G. O’Neil, Meriden

New approach needed


As of July 1.2019  the city's debt is $154,375,000.00 [Notice no cents as this makes no sense.] No new projects such as the banquet facility or any other should  be taken on till we reduce our DEBT and yes, taxpayers (motor vehicles home owners and businesses) you need to address this. This is one of the many reasons I, Dan Zaborowski, ask for your VOTE in November to reject all projects. Our animal shelter pays rent why? They rely on donations and the rent is increasing to $300 a month. It's time for a NEW APPROACH directing city government.

Dan Zaborowski, Meriden

Let the voters decide


Vote Dan Zaborowski ! I have known Dan as a classmate as well as a friend for more than 50 years. He attends council meetings as well as being on committees for the betterment of Meriden.  Dan brings some of my questions to the attention of the council and gets the public’s input. Dan will be an excellent choice for the council running at large. He has a vast knowledge as he speaks. He will seek out and serve, we need Dan, he will bring to the city and all of its taxpayers transparency and accountability in referendums, which are what we need, so please let the voters decide.

Peter Mangiaracina , Meriden

Make your vote count


Don’t waste your vote! Even if you like Bob Williams, win or lose, he will still be on council. Williams currently represents Area 4 with two more years on his present four-year term. Now he is running for an at-large seat. He will still have the same single vote on council, but his small We The People party will be able to pick whomever they want to replace him. That is an undemocratic travesty. Two other at-large candidates have proven themselves more worthy with far better attendance records. Make your vote count with Mike Cardona and Mike Rohde.

Sydney Howard, Meriden

Vote for Mayor Dickinson


What I like about Mayor Dickinson is his clear-eyed judgment. His decisions, aided by the Town Council, are beneficial to Wallingford’s future. Open-space purchases have guaranteed that Wallingford has lots of natural beauty for generations to come. Financial policies have put our town in an enviable position — literally. He has a strong belief that government’s role is to provide quality, reliable, and affordable services and that government should not try to be or do everything for everybody.

Please vote for Mayor Dickinson and Town Councilors Cervoni, Laffin, Tatta, Marrone, Shortell and Fishbein on November 5.

Lois Doherty, Wallingford

Vote for Jared Liu


As a lifelong resident of Wallingford I have seen many changes in our wonderful town. It’s now time for a change of leadership and that change is Jared Liu. Jared has a vision for Wallingford, one that has us moving forward. Jared has fresh ideas and a detailed plan. Visit www.jaredliu.com to see it. A change in leadership that will take Wallingford out of pause mode and move our town forward! Everyone needs to VOTE on November 5th. Vote for a positive change! Vote for Jared Liu for mayor!  

Rich Benham Wallingford  

Please vote Democrat


Perhaps, like me, you grew up when politics and religion weren’t discussed, either at the dinner table or at a dinner party. For the sake of “civility” we ignored or trivialized our disagreements. In the process, it’s our very civility we’ve sacrificed. The consequence of silence is unavoidably evident, and I compel all of us to break the silence, and vote. Local elections matter.

Vote to restore the principles of “people over politics”:  humanity first, no one left behind, inclusive economics, integrity and transparency, and equity/accessibility for all. For the sake of our collective future, please vote Democrat November 5th.

Sharlene B. Kerelejza, Meriden