LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

No time for divisions


Connecticut works best when its people and representatives are willing to work together for the good of the community. In the past, the 90th District had such representation with Mary Fritz.

Democrat Jim Jinks currently serves in Cheshire’s Republican-controlled town government. As a town councilor, he has worked with all colleagues on Bike Cheshire, Sustainable Cheshire, and currently the school reorganization committee.

In a time of civil unrest, when citizens are demanding equal justice, he seeks constructive conversation and dismisses fearmongering. He builds bridges and unites when so many seek to divide.

Stand tall with Jim Jinks for the 90th.

Catherine Moran, Wallingford

Passionate public servants


Voters are fortunate that two Democratic candidates found compelling reasons to run for office. Jim Jinks’ decision to run for State Representative in the 90th district was made after George Floyd’s death, and after his opponent retweeted an incendiary racist meme. Jinks knew that constituents deserved better. An experienced crisis manager, April Capone, running for State Senate in the 34th district, served as East Haven’s Mayor when Hurricane Irene destroyed 45 homes in her community, and helped her police department model measures now incorporated into the Police Accountability Act.  If ever there was a time for passionate leaders, it’s now.

Lorraine S. Connelly, Wallingford

Voting for Mike Quinn


The Meriden Firefighters’ Local 1148 Union has endorsed Michael Quinn for State Representative. Michael is a pillar in the Meriden community. There is no doubt that he will continue to support public safety for the residents in his district as a State Representative.

Michael Quinn was a board member of Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis, the Meriden YMCA, and is a strong supporter of increased business opportunities in his district.

We know Michael Quinn as a hard-working individual and we look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in public office for the betterment of the citizens of Connecticut.

Brendan Noonan, Meriden

Time to Vote Blue


2020 presents an opportunity for the voters to reject the bullying, racism, and poisoning of our discussion on both the national and local level. Voting Blue offers our community a chance to have a seasoned, rational, proven team that represents and reflects the best of our community. Supporting Mary Mushinsky, Jim Jinks, April Capone, and Joe Biden sends a strong message that Wallingford stands against the Trump/Fishbein school of politics. We stand against crass, bullying politics. We stand against unrepresentative “Representatives” of the people. 

We stand for civil behavior, government transparency, and true representative leadership in our community.

Ray Palermo, Wallingford

Thank you, Mary Mushinsky


Rep. Mary Mushinsky, 85th District, is committed to the health and safety of Connecticut. A forward thinker, Mary saw the need 20 years ago for a science-based approach for a safe and secure water management system in the face of climate change. She committed to helping create one statewide plan that addresses the needs of all stakeholders. Working with colleagues, environmental agencies and business leaders, the Connecticut Water Plan was signed in June 2019. We now can better manage a water supply system using science-based information into our future.

Thank you, Mary, for your boundless energy for a healthy Connecticut.

Nancy Fabrizi-Miller, Wallingford

Experience matters


I am honored to support Cathy Abercrombie for state representative of the 83rd District. I have known her for over 10 years, and she has shown to be an effective and experienced legislator.  She is a thoughtful and compassionate person who listens to and advocates for us time and time again.

 Cathy is not afraid to face challenges head-on such as the ones we are facing during these unsettling times.  

She’s approachable, engaged, and genuinely committed to her constituents. Her experience is needed now, more than ever.  Vote for the Democratic team of Abercrombie, Santiago, Quinn and Abrams.

Cathy Battista, Meriden

Fights for the children


I fully endorse candidate and Meriden advocate Cathy Abercrombie.  Cathy is a life-long resident of Meriden and has been advocating for our city her entire political career.  Her love, passion, and tenacity for the betterment of our city and its residents are much needed in the time of shrinking federal and state budgets.  Cathy has fought and continues to fight for the children of our city whether it is advocating for kids with special needs, or for kids to have the opportunity to play sports.  I support Cathy and ask you to as well on November 3rd … Vote for Cathy Abercombie!

Larue Graham, Meriden

Abrams a leader on Covid


Mary Daugherty Abrams is a genuine hero in the life-and-death crusade to protect us from coronavirus. Len Suzio is a science denier as evidenced by his newspaper columns and Facebook posts. He has boarded the Trump train and is refusing to jump off as the death toll mounts. In just the latest of Senator Abrams’ exceptional contributions, she has been appointed to the Connecticut COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Group, in recognition of her leadership and expertise. We must oppose Suzio’s blind adherence to partisan politics and his rejection of expert medical knowledge. Please join me in re-electing Senator Mary Daugherty Abrams.

Gina Manning, Meriden

Vote for Sampson


"Challenger hit with elections complaint” (R-J, Oct. 9) addressed both sides of this complaint.  Jack Perry distorted opponent Senator Rob Sampson's (16th District) legislative voting record, having no record of his own, with blatant misuse of public campaign funding.

Perry’s misleading ads highlight his personal business, taking the "low road" campaigning. Sampson voted truthfully regarding Eversource, insulin prices and the pandemic, and doesn’t promote his personal career using campaign publicity.

Business ownership doesn't qualify anyone "to tackle tough problems facing the state." Perry "eats, sleeps and breathes" his business. How will he balance commitments to business, family and State of Connecticut?!  Vote Sampson!

Maryann & Gerry Comtois, Plantsville

Vote for Perry and Scalise


Every two years voters elect candidates who will represent them in Hartford. The key is to represent the constituents, not themselves. This year Southington has two dynamic candidates in Jack Perry and Dagmara Scalise. These individuals will unequivocally represent you, the constituent, and not themselves. This is a very important distinction. It is time that our representatives in Hartford represent us and not themselves. Southington needs representatives like Jack Perry and Dagmara Scalise to bring back true representation of Southington residents. On Election day, Tuesday November 3rd, join me in casting your vote for Jack and Dagmara.

John P. Moise, Southington

Re-elect Craig Fishbein


I am writing to express my support for Craig Fishbein in his re-election bid to continue representing the citizens of Wallingford and Cheshire at our State Capitol.

I know Craig both personally and professionally and honestly believe that there is no one who works harder than he does to represent the best interests of those who call Connecticut home. He stands his ground and has the highest integrity and principles.

Please join me in voting to send this hardworking man back to the State Capitol. We need him now more than ever!

Karen S. Harris, Wallingford

End one-party rule


With 2020 resembling the book “1984” I’ve been thinking about the actual 1984 when Ronald Reagan asked a simple question: “Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than four short years ago?”

Now, I ask “why would we ever want to continue the same failed policies that 30 years of one-party Democrat leadership have brought Connecticut?”

State Representative Craig Fishbein is the one elected official who always puts the people of our district and our state first, and the one who earned my vote with his record of leadership on important issues. Vote Fishbein!

Eric Moran, Wallingford

Progress, not promises


You can help fight COVID health and economic threats, improve healthcare and education, promote a better environment, and achieve social justice.  Submit your ballot now and confirm it was received by checking https://portaldir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx.

Democrats are moving us forward and need Your Vote. Get friends and family to Vote. Republicans promise safety and lower taxes, but they are reckless about COVID, and tax cuts went to the wealthy.  The privileges granted corporations and the wealthy are unfair and frustrating. Vote for Democrats and help create positive change.  Absentee Ballots remove all the hurdles.

Dave Rauch   Meriden

Vote for Lou Arata


I have known Lou Arata for six years. We are both members of the MRTC. He is a straight shooter. I have never detected an agenda from Lou. Except his wanting to do the right thing for the taxpayers of Connecticut. If anyone thinks the last 8 months have been trying (and they have been), wait till Cathy Abercrombie and her fellow Dems get back to Hartford. The masks they wear have another use: “Stick em up and send us more of your money.” Vote for Lou Arata.

Mike Juhase, Meriden 

Beware easy promises


Ethics should precede economy, not the opposite. Politicians and supporters who rail against taxes, tolls, and government revenue have it backwards. Their ethics follow their wallets. Everyone agrees society should promote justice, but not everyone believes the responsibility involves them. Voters should welcome debate on the cost of programs, but be wary of the low tax, free ride illusion promised by some. Cathy Abercrombie does the work of real governing; her opponent offers vague promises of less government. Mike Quinn has a notable history of professional and community service in Meriden. With Hilda Santiago, Cathy and Mike make a great team.

David James, Meriden

Let’s turn CT around


On November 3 I will be voting for Craig Fishbein for State Rep. Craig is one of few legislators who actually reads a bill and doesn’t just trust the title. He makes decisions based on sound fiscal principles, not just to appease party leaders. His no-nonsense style may not be popular with the swamp creatures but that’s all the more reason to support him. With more conscientious legislators like Craig in Hartford we can turn CT. around and regain our position as the best little state to live, work and raise a family. Join me.

R.P. Scelzo, Wallingford

The children’s advocate


In 2002, Meriden was rocked by the suicide of a 12-year-old boy who was a victim of constant bullying. The system that should have protected him had failed.

Concerned parents began meeting to share that this was not an isolated incident and that their children were at risk. State Representative Mushinsky attended one of those meetings and took up the cause.

The need for a law does not guarantee passage. It takes skill, negotiating, and determination. Mary Mushinsky used those skills to craft and pass Connecticut’s first anti-bullying legislation.

Mary Mushinsky is a one-of-a-kind legislator. Re-elect this tireless children’s advocate.

Frances LaFrance-Proscino, Wallingford


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