LETTERS: Political opinions from our readers

LETTERS: Political opinions from our readers

Competent and certified


Elections in Meriden are only a few weeks away, and I think that it is important to recommend to our citizens that Denise Grandy, our current City Clerk, should be re-elected to her second term-of-office.

She has done an excellent job over the past few years. She is very competent, has worked hard to be a “certified” City Clerk, and has the excellent background of having served in the Office of the City Clerk for several years.

She’s worked hard for it, and deserves to continue serving in this important elected office. All citizens, regardless of their party affiliation, should vote for her.

Roger L. Kemp, Meriden

The writer is a forme
Meriden City Manager

A dedicated individual


Cathy Battista is just about the most dedicated council person ever to hold that office.  She has spearheaded so many projects to help not only her area but all of Meriden. She plays no games to get elected.

None! Just hard work on a daily basis. Her way of getting things done is honesty, commitment and total dedication.

Every project and cause Cathy works for gets her whole heart and soul. Cathy is second to no one in caring, working for and loving Meriden.

Vote for Cathy Battista and the whole Democratic team.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

Warehouse opponents


High Hill residents, here’s information on Town Council candidates who supported us against mega-warehouses. Kohan and Hine (PZC Commissioners) voted against the warehouses. Testa (Facebook) and Laffin (Citizen Mike) made helpful comments. 

After BMS met with (unhelpful) Dickinson about the Chinese School, the EDC went to the PZC to change zoning regulations, preventing the sale. Liu made suggestions at EDC meetings and has ideas for controlling the property.

While it’s quiet now, Calare still owns the property. We need candidates in office who support us. High Hill residents wanting further information may join the Wallingford Mega Warehouse Opposition Facebook page.

Jen Frechette, Wallingford

Behind the times


I've seen a decline in the condition of our roads and sidewalks. Little effort is taken to improve these conditions and what gets done takes an unreasonably long time to complete. 

It’s 2019, yet the current administration runs Wallingford like it’s 1960. It’s impossible to communicate with our town leadership and town departments via emails or other electronic means.

We live in a high-tech society and if we don’t participate we are forcing our current and future generations to find that society elsewhere.

It’s time for a change in Wallingford! That change is Jared Liu for Mayor.

John Dirzius, Wallingford

Vote for Sonya Jelks


As a high school student, I understand how important it is for young people to have worthy role models, to inspire us to make the right choices in life. I have found mine: Councilwoman Sonya Jelks.

I have watched and admired her dedication to our community and her incredible work ethic. Most of all, I respect that she has the courage of her convictions, that she will fight for what is right whether or not it is convenient or popular.

I won’t be old enough to vote until the next election; so for me, please vote for Sonya Jelks.

Eugene Zachary Bertrand, Meriden